Do Maine Coon Cats Scratch Furniture? If Yes, How To Stop It?

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular domesticated cats globally, and it is one of the most well-behaved cats.

However, it does not mean that they are not like any other cats.

Cats like to scratch on surfaces for various reasons, and it often turns problematic for the cat owners to watch their beloved furniture torn into rugs.

Scratching is an exercise technique or a way of marking their territory.

Hence, like any cat, Maine Coon cats scratch furniture or carpet to shun their claws, stretch their muscles, and protect their area.

In this article, we will discuss the scratching behavior of Maine Coon cats, how you can reduce this destructive behavior, and answer a few frequently asked questions regarding the scratching issues.

Let’s start by identifying the reasons behind this behavior.

Do Maine Coon Cats Scratch Furniture?

Maine Coon cats might be one of the most loving & friendly cat breeds globally, but they still possess some of the irritating traits of cats.

In their innate nature to scratch surfaces, Maine Coon cats are not an exception either. Maine Coon cats might scratch the surfaces for various reasons, which we will discuss later in the article.

Once you remove these probable causes and provide alternate scratching methods, you will get rid of this problem in no time.

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Ways to Stop Maine Coons from Scratching Your Valuable Furniture:

No cat owner would like to see their valuable chattels in turmoil, and saving the furniture from the cat’s claws becomes a vital job for any cat owner.

Declawing becomes one of the most obvious choices to stop this behavior. However, you cannot succumb to the idea of declawing your Maine Coon. Claws serve several purposes, and defense is one of them.

You might leave the cat vulnerable to attacks, and they develop anxiety issues. You can avoid reward and punishment procedures as it will not correct this innate behavior.

So, we have given you a list of ways by which you can reduce this destructive behavior in your Maine Coons.

1. Cat Tree or Scratching Posts:

Using cat trees or scratching posts is the best solution to all scratching related problems. You can observe the places where your cat likes to scratch and put a scratching post there.

You can sprinkle some catnip on it to make them use the scratching post. A cat tree is also a similar solution, but it is much more costly than a regular scratching post.

Also, learn how often should you change a scratching post here.

2. Have a Sufficient Playtime:

Cats often turn to destructive behavior when they aren’t getting the amount of affection they need. The scratching problem might be the effect of their boredom.

Maine Coon cats love to play with their humans, and it is one of the demands of any Maine Coons. Hence, you can start spending some time with the cat and play as much as you can.

3. Aluminum Foil:

Cats do not like stepping on Aluminium foil because of the sticky texture. Hence, you can cover the chattels or walls with aluminum foil to make them unattractive to the cats.

Maine Coons will not try to scratch the furniture if you are keeping it covered. The downside of this technique is that aluminum foil makes it look hideous.

4. Double-Sided Tape:

The double-sided tape is another object that the cats dislike. The sticky nature of the strip repels the Maine Coons away from the furniture.

You can stick the double-sided tapes to the sides and bottom parts. There are several videos on Youtube that can help you find the best way of using this technique.

5. Citrus Based Fragrance:

This technique serves two purposes at the same time. Citrus based fragrances will repel the cats away from the furniture, and it will give a soothing scent to your living room.

You can choose any citrus-based smell to deal with the problem. However, it is a temporary solution, and you need to find a permanent one while using it.

6. Cat Repellent Spray:

Apart from using citrus-based sprays or products, you can purchase many types of cat repellent sprays as well. As there are many products in the market, you have to be careful of buying them. It is best if you purchase a product instead of making it at your home. Homemade sprays can be quite irritating for humans as well.

So, it is best to test it before buying one or having good customer feedback on the product. If you are going for this option, buy some cotton balls as well. Instead of applying it to the furniture directly, apply it on cotton balls and keep it hidden in the furniture. It will work just fine.

7. Horizontal Scratching Surface:

Horizontal scratching surfaces or cat trees can also be a great investment for stopping your cat from scratching furniture. It works like other scratching posts out there but better. Cat trees have multiple surfaces where the cat can rest and exercise.

If you can place it near a window, then the cat will stay on it for hours without batting an eye to anything else. Not only does it keep the Maine Coon distracted, but it also provides scratching surfaces to deal with their need for scratching.

However, it is quite an expensive solution to this problem. You can build one, but the process takes some time to learn. It is a much cheaper alternative to buying a brand new cat tree every year.

8. Use Noisy Objects:

Pasting noisy objects on the scratching surfaces of the furniture should also work in this case. You can stick bubble wrap or any other noisy object on the surface where the cat is most likely to scratch. Maine Coons have a sharp hearing sense, and they do not like exposure to loud noises.

In this manner, they will not scratch those surfaces as it is attached to an unwanted experience. However, these objects also make the furniture almost unusable. So, you can use this method when you are transitioning the cat to scratching posts or cat trees.

Limit Access:

If you observe that the cat is scratching one of the furniture in a particular room, you can restrict the cat from scratching when you are in the house. However, it might not work when you leave your house. The cat can leave the furniture in an unusable condition.

So, you can restrict access to the furniture when you are going out. In this manner, at least there is an assurance that it will not destroy the furniture by the time you return home.

It not only makes sure that the cat does not scratch the surface, but the Maine Coon will also stay safe if it has limited access to your house.

Best Maine Coon Scratching Posts:

Shopping for scratching posts for a Maine Coon cat is quite different from other cat breeds. One of the primary criteria of a Maine Coon’s scratching posts is height. As Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds globally, this cat breed is almost two or three feet tall when standing on its hind legs.

Scratching works best if the cat can stretch completely on it. So, buying a long scratching post is a must for a Maine Coon cat. Keeping this in mind, let us see two of the best scratching posts for Maine Coon cats. We will also discuss the pros and cons of both of these products for your easy decision.

New Cat Condos 110215 Large Cat Play Perch:

This scratching post comes with one large base and two top shelves for the Maine Coon to rest. Due to three supports, it is very stable, and your large Maine Coon cat won’t be able to topple it. The base of the scratching post is quite large and spans a 400 square inches area. The height of the scratching post is 32 inches, and it is sufficient for a Maine Coon cat.

The scratching post is even suitable if you have two large Maine Coon cats. As there are two large shelves on the cat tree, the Maine Coons can stretch, sleep, play, and spend a long time.

Let us go through the pros and cons of the purchase:


  • The scratching post is very stable due to the triple support.
  • It does not require any assembly. It will be easily available anywhere in the USA.
  • You have access to multiple color options.
  • The scratching post is heavy, and it is not easy to topple.
  • It has sisal rope wrapped on the higher portions of the supports.


  • It lies on the higher price range for scratching posts.
  • Due to the large base, it needs quite a large area. So, it might not be suitable for apartment dwellers.
  • There could be staples on the carpet, and you need to make sure all are covered before you give it to the Maine Coons.

Smartcat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post:

When it comes to the scratching surface quality and durability, it does not go any better than Smartcat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post. The height of the scratching post is also perfect for a large Maine Coon cat and smaller ones. It is because there is a sisal rope wrapping on the entire 32 inches length. There is also a square base to have the maximum support possible. As the main scratching post is quite wide, it can even support multiple Maine Coon cat scratching at the same time.

Now, let us see some of the pros and cons of the scratching post at the question.


  • The best quality scratching material that a Maine Coon could want
  • It is very durable.
  • It has an aesthetic look to it due to its unique structure.
  • Perfect for Maine Coon of any size and age.


  • It will not come assembled. You have to do it yourself. However, it is quite easy to put it up.
  • Some customers have reported a chemical smell that should go away within a few days.

The fabric might be too tough for some cats.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Maine Coon Cats Destructive?

Maine Coon cats are one of the most loving breeds in the world. However, they have the habit of scratching surfaces like any other cat in the world.

If you have not taken any precautionary measures against it, the Maine Coon can end up damaging your precious furniture.

Although you can consider this behavior to be destructive, you can entirely avoid these circumstances if you follow the previously stated procedure. In that case, Maine Coon cats will not destroy anything.

Why Do Maine Coons Scratch Furniture?

While we can never know why a cat is doing something it usually does, we can always point out a few probable causes of a particular behavior.

When we are talking about Maine Coon cats’ scratching behavior, there are a few reasons that might be responsible for it.

Firstly, claws are an integral part of survival in the wild, and house cats also feel the need to keep it healthy and sharp to ensure their safety.

Cats scratch on surfaces to keep the claws in shape. Secondly, cats have glands on their paws that secrete a pheromone, helping them mark their territory.

If you introduce another cat in the household, the scratching behavior might increase for the same reason.

Thirdly, your Maine Coon can be suffering from boredom, and scratching is probably a way of coping with it.

It serves as relaxation for many cats. Lastly, scratching might be the effect of their lack of exercise. They stretch their muscles while scratching furniture or walls.


As you have probably understood, scratching is an innate trait of any cat. You cannot stop this behavior by declawing, hitting, yelling, or squirting water at it.

You need to be patient and give an alternate means of scratching. Every cat has a different personality, and there can be several reasons for this behavior.

You can go by the solutions one by one and find out the one that works the best.

No matter what, you should always love your Maine Coon, and you can avoid this circumstance entirely with the solutions that we have mentioned in the article.

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