Do Maine Coon Cats Love Water?

We are well aware of cats’ general reactions towards the water. Cats, in general, do not like water. So, cat owners have a difficult time bathing their cats. But, this generalization does not hold for a few cats. If you have seen how a Maine Coon cat behaves around water, you already know about this. So, it is quite natural to ask: Do Maine Coon cats love water?

Yes. Maine coon cats love water. In fact, they are one of those who likes to play with water. Sometimes Maine coon cats become so obsessed with water that you need to take them out of water for a time being.

Now, that we know they like water, we will also look at a few possible reasons and information about dealing with the water-obsessed Maine Coon cat.

Why Do Maine Coons love water?

Most of the cat owners struggle with bathing the cat they have.

So, it is a common question for every prospective cat owner to ask whether their favorite cat breed likes water or not. ‘Like’ is an understatement for the Maine Coon’s behavior towards the water.

Maine Coon cats love everything about the water.

If you have ever owned a Maine Coon previously, you have probably seen how they splash their water bowl, jump in the sink, and play in the water during the bath. Hence, we can say for sure that Maine Coon cats love water very much.

This section of the article will explore the possible reasons behind this immense love for the water.

It’s incredibly fascinating to watch a Maine Coon splash water around as it is rare to see a cat enjoy being in the water.

Their love for water is so much that they can even accompany you into a running shower if you let them. Keep your door locked if you don’t want the Maine Coon with you in showers.

But why do Maine Coons love the feel of water so much? Let’s start by discussing their possible lineages.

An Interesting History:

Maine Coons have a significantly speculated history of its own. It is not only that we do not know the exact lineage of the Maine Coons; we do not even know which cats gave rise to the Maine Coon as we know it.

However, there is no end to speculation when it comes to the origin of Maine Coons. This section will explore three such myths that can potentially explain the love for the water.

Racoon’s Descendants?

It is probably the most unlikely myth on our list. However, the sheer similarities between Racoons and Maine Coons can make anyone doubt their knowledge.

The extreme size of these two animals is similar; they also can have similar tabby coloring. One of the most striking similarities is their love of water.

You cannot imagine the behavior that both of them have when it comes to water. This improbable behavior makes many people believe that Maine Coons are descendants of the Racoon family.

When it is interesting to associate an origin story to the Maine Coons, this story can be nothing but a myth.

While it is scientifically impossible for a Racoon and a cat to mate, scientists have disregarded this story completely.

However, this myth has been successful in the test of time because of the uncanny similarities.

Vikings Brought Norwegian Forest Cats to Maine?

One of the most exciting aspects of this myth is that it is associated with the Vikings. They were the voyagers of the sea, and Vikings used to travel long distances overseas.

They used to keep Norwegian Forest Cats keep their pest outbreak in control due to their long journey. So, it is safe to assume that some of the cats also got to travel all over the world.

Norwegian cats also have a lot of similarities with the Maine Coons. One of the most recognizing similarities is their sheer size. But they also do have some differences that you can find here.

Apart from the Ragdolls, only the Norwegian Forest Cats will compete with the Maine Coons. Also, the love of water is there for both Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats.

Norwegian Forest Cats tend to hunt down fishes in the river. And we all know how Maine Coons behave in water.

It is a widespread belief that Vikings traveled to Maine at some point in time, and some of them mated with the American Shorthair cats.

It somehow explains the similarities that they have, and the myth is beautiful because of the accuracy.

The French Dynasties?

It is a well-received myth that Maine Coons were probably related to Marie Antoinette, France’s queen, during the french revolution. The story proceeds in the following way.

The queen of France was a cat lover, and she possessed six Turkish Angora cats. During the French revolution, she was fearing for her life and decided to move to the United States.

She managed to get her cats to the ship before her departure. However, she got caught and executed in 1793.

The ship captain kept his word and brought the cats to the town of Wiscasset, Maine.

He left these cats in the wild, and it is a widespread belief that the Turkish Angora cats bred with the local shorthair cats to enrise the Maine Coon breed.

You might be wondering how it is related to the love of water. It is a fact that Turkish Angora is one of the very few cat breeds in the world that likes water.

Apart from their love for the water, they also possess several other similarities.

It is one of the main reasons this myth stood the test of time, and we all would like to believe that our beloved Maine Coon was part of the french dynasties at some point in time.

A Source of Freshwater:


All cats possess their quirks, and they never stop us from feeling amazed. If you have owned a Maine Coon previously, you might have seen that the Maine Coon is patting the water before drinking.

It’s an old habit in the cat family to check whether the water is fresh or not.

No matter you pour the water in front of it, the Maine Coon will always go forward with its habit. So, we can say that it is an instinct lying deep inside their minds.

Maine Coons, like any other cat, prefers freshwater. But it is only Maine Coons who like to test this. Hence, you might say that their love for water can be out of necessity as well.

Also, you should expect a wet floor every time you pour water into the bowl.

Hence, you might be interested in buying a fountain for your Maine Coon. When they see that it is a source of running water, they won’t splash the water all over the floor.


Maine Coon’s genuine curiosity is probably one of the most desirable characteristics of Maine Coon cats. They are naturally curious breeds, and the love of water may probably be out of curiosity.

If that is the case for your Maine Coon cat, you have to be extremely careful with open water sources. Your Maine Coon will not stop itself from splashing any sole water source.

The Magnificent Fur:

Maine Coon cats have a double-layered coat, and they help these cats be warm in the coldest of winters. Another feature that fascinates us is their water repellant nature.

If you observe the fur closely, you will realize the water-proof nature of the coat. They cannot feel the water on their skin, which is why they like the feeling so much.

Maine Coons Aren’t The Only Ones:

If you wonder that the Maine Coons are the only cats who prefer the water, you are wrong.

You already know about two cat breeds who love water for one of the reasons we have mentioned. Here is a list of other cat breeds who prefer water:

  1. Japanese Bobtail
  2. American Bobtail
  3. American Shorthair
  4. Turking Van
  5. Manx
  6. Bengal Cats

So, it is possible that Maine Coons are just naturally in love with water, and you can accept the Maine Coon as it is.

Ways To Tell If Your Maine Coon Loves Water:

It is effortless to determine whether your Maine Coon loves the water or not.

Most of the time, you don’t even have to do anything separately to determine this feature. Keep a lookout for the following signs to determine that your Maine Coon loves water:

  • Maine Coon will make a mess around the water bowl.
  • It will love bathing sessions.
  • The cat is going to accompany you into the shower.
  • It can pat on any water source.
  • It will not be afraid of wet floors.
  • Maine Coon can jump into any water source on your walks
  • It will not bother you when you are cleaning the Maine Coon with lukewarm water.
  • If you are not careful, the Maine Coon can even play with the water in your toilet.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Your Maine Coon’s Water Obsession:

There are a few benefits and drawbacks associated with the Maine Coon’s water obsession. We will briefly go through them in this section. We can think of the following advantages:

  • You will not find it difficult to bathe your Maine Coon.
  • Maine Coons will not leave your side even when you are showering.
  • You can make bathing sessions fun using different techniques.
  • You will not struggle with taking care of Maine Coon’s fur.

There are also a few disadvantages if your Maine Coon is obsessed with water.

  • The Maine Coon can make a mess with the water bowl.
  • It can topple anything that contains water, and they play in a mess.
  • It can drink water from the toilet if you keep it open.
  • It would be best if you were prepared to find wet floors because of the Maine Coon.

What Should You Do If Your Maine Coon Is Too Obsessed With Water?

Maine Coons are highly active and playful cats. If you are not careful about its behavior when it comes to playing with water, it can become a problem for the house.

The best way you can avoid this situation is to be careful when the cat is growing up. If you restrict its access to open water and drive its energy to other activities, you will not be in a future problem.

However, if you have an adult Maine Coon, and you are struggling with the water obsession, you have to encourage the Maine Coon to play with toys and make the activities tiring.

If you are dealing with the curious mind and keep the Maine Coon busy with other activities, it will stop making an unnecessary mess with water.

Can Maine Coons Swim?

Maine Coons love swimming, and it is probably one of their most fascinating characteristics.

Their double-layered coat makes it extremely easy to stay afloat.

If you are on a walk with your Maine Coon, and it sees a pond, it is highly likely that the Maine Coon will jump into the water and go for a soothing swim.

Do Maine Coons Drink A Lot of Water?

Maine Coons are an active cat breed, and they need a lot of water to stay active.

Provided they have a source of fresh water, they will drink continuously throughout the day. It is one of the most desirable qualities of a Maine Coon.


You should be entirely convinced by now that the Maine Coons love for water is unlike most of the cat breeds out there.

Their unique feature is a boon in many cases, but be prepared to find a mess of water every time you keep an open water source. No matter what, their love of water is adorable and fun to watch.