Do Maine Coon Cats Like To Cuddle? Here’s The Perfect Answer

If you own a Maine Coon cat or planning to own one, I am sure you asked this question at least once –
“Do Maine Coon Cats Like to Cuddle?”

In today’s article, we will share if a Maine Coon cat likes to be cuddled or not and give you some tips that will help you care for them more.

Maine Coon cats are famous in the cat world because of their loving nature and affectionate behavior. These giant cats have giant hearts as well.

They are remarkably calm, amiable, and gentle to anyone around them. Maine Coon cats are marvelous companions to humans, kids, other cats, or dogs in the household.

That is why we regard them as the ‘gentle giants’. They also have a very dog-like behavior. Maine Coon cats love to cuddle, play fetch, and respond to your every call.

These are some of the reasons why we call them ‘dogs of the cat world’.

So, we will shed more light on the affectionate behavior of our beloved Maine Coon cats. Apart from that, we will also look at the reasons behind this cuddle loving nature of Maine Coons.

Do Maine Coon cats like to Cuddle?

Yes, Maine coon cats are an affectionate breed, and they like to cuddle with you. A Maine Coon will let you know when the cat needs your attention, as they are vocal cats as well.

If you pick it up, it will always comply with you and let you cuddle with it. They don’t make an astounding lap cat because of their size and weight.

However, they will sit near you or lie down beside you for your affection.

Why do Maine Coons Cuddle?

Every cat has a different personality, and you cannot predict how a cat will respond to your love.

However, the Maine Coon cats are generally a loving breed, and they will reciprocate your affection by affectionate purring, rubbing their head on your legs, or yowling near you.

There are some general traits of Maine Coon cats that are probably responsible for their cuddle loving behavior. We are going to discuss some of the possible reasons behind this affectionate behavior.

1. Warmth:

Warmth is one of the most significant reasons behind this cuddling behavior. After birth, kittens depend on their mother for warmth.

However, the mother cat leaves her kittens when the weaning process is complete.

In the catteries, the owners take care of the kittens, and they make sure that the kittens do not feel cold.

After adoption, it is the respective cat owners’ responsibility to take care of the Maine Coons. Maine Coon cats have thick coats that protect them from cold climates.

If the cat trusts its owner entirely, it will go near one and ask for cuddles.

As humans regulate their temperature naturally, cats prefer the warmth of your body. Cats know that their owner will keep them warm on cold nights.

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2. Affectionate Breed:

We can classify Maine Coons as an affectionate breed without even thinking. They are cordial with anyone in their vicinity.

They are also extremely vocal when they need your attention. Maine Coon cats often follow their owners around the house and bid goodbye by leaving them till the door.

You can also find them roaming near the door expecting your arrival. They will show their affection for you in several ways. Maine Coon cats always love a calming cuddle, and they will never let you feel alone.

3. Desire to be Held:

If you go near a Maine Coon cat and pick it up, it will not object to your touch. Cats can identify a person by their smell, and trust is a significant part of a cat’s life.

If you are kind to the cat in the past, it will always crave your love. Holding these giant furballs is soothing for you as well. You will always find their presence charming and loving.

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4. Desire to be Picked Up:

Maine Coon cats are primarily purebred, and they get human touch since they were 4 or 5 weeks old. So, they are comfortable with humans picking them up and cuddling them.

If the cat does not have any bad experience, it will always be acceptable to you. If you sense that your cat is recoiling at your touch, you should visit a behaviorist and wait for it to adjust to your loving home.

5. Sense of Security:

If your cat comes to you just before you are going to sleep, it will probably take shelter under the sense of security.

Cats feel vulnerable when they sleep. It is one of their primal fears that they have inherited from the wild cats.

They expect some sense of protection from their owner, and your cat is probably sticking to your sides when you are sleeping for that reason only.

How Do Maine Coons Show Affection?

As we probably already know, Maine Coons are extremely affectionate. So, it is quite obvious to ask how they show affection as well. Sometimes, it may not seem like much, but Maine Coons show affection in the most natural ways. Here is a list of ways Maine Coons show affection:

Following You Around:

Maine Coons are the most affectionate cat breed in the world. If you are walking in your room, a Maine Coon will tag along. Even if you don’t go anywhere, in particular, it will try to stay close to you. It might not seem much, but it is their sweet way of showing affection.


Cuddling is probably the most obvious way of showing that the Maine Coon loves you. It can squeeze into your lap and stay there as much as it can. Maine Coons generally don’t object when you pet them, and they love cuddling. It shows the comfort and love in your presence. You should be extremely happy if your cat does that.

Eye Contact:

When a Maine Coon is comfortable around you, it will maintain eye contact with you. On the bright side, slow blinking means that the cat is incredibly loved, and it loves you too. At this moment, you should return the gesture and slowly blink at them.

Showing Its Belly:

When a Maine Coon shows its belly while rolling on its back, know that the cat is showing you the ultimate trust. They know that the belly is their most vulnerable part of the body, and exposing it to you shows their trust in you.

However, remember that you cannot touch that part of the cat’s body as they are very insecure about it. It is just for show if you would like to believe.


Headbutting is another way of showing affection in general. Cats have pheromone glands on their forehead, and they are transferring some of their pheromones to you as well. It is a sweet gesture to show their love to you. It just means that you are a part of the clan, or they probably own you.


Hugging is a rare way of showing their affection. Maine Coons can come to your shoulder and put their legs on them in the form of hugging. Although it is a way of subduing their prey, they can even show love in the same manner. 

Maine Coons loves cuddling. They will sit in your lap and spend hours without batting an eye. However, Maine Coons are not exactly lap cats. As you know, Maine Coons can be extremely large and heavy in comparison to other cat breeds. So, it makes them unsuitable for being lab cats.

However, if you ask for its essence, then Maine Coon can become lapcats if you are okay with their weight and size.

Are Maine Coons Cuddly Cats?

Maine Coon cats are extremely affectionate. They can spend hours on your lap or bed and cuddle with you. When it comes to their cuddly behavior, they don’t like anything more than a good cuddle. As a result, we can say that Maine Coons are extremely cuddly cats.

Do Maine Coons Like To Be Picked Up?

Maine Coons are completely okay when picking them up as long as you follow the proper method. While many cat breeds do not like to be constrained when holding them, Maine Coons do not mind. Their need for affection is too great in general. So, if you are picking them properly, I don’t see any reason for them to retaliate.

Are Male or Female Maine Coon Cats More Affectionate?

The comparison of the affectionate levels of male and female Maine Coon cats is quite a long debate. There is no right or wrong answer because all cats are different, and you cannot predict the cat based on their gender.

However, Male Maine Coons are more affectionate if we come to the statistics. Male Maine Coons are more outgoing and cuddly. Whereas female Maine Coons are laid back and like to stay on their own.

It is why you often hear that male Maine Coons are more affectionate than female Maine Coons. But there are quite a lot of exceptions out there.


By now, you should be reasonably comfortable with the idea that Maine Coon cats are excellent cuddle buddies, and you are not wrong at all.

These ‘gentle giants’ will fill your home with positive energy. You should consider yourself extremely lucky that your cat is comfortable with you and loves you a lot.

Maine Coons might need a lot of attention, but who doesn’t like to hold such a furball and cuddle with it.

Ensure that your cat is well, and you will get all the attention you need from a Maine Coon cat.

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