Do husky shed A Lot? [ The Answer ] & How To Deal With It?

Huskies have an immaculate double-layered coat that protects them from any harsh weather. The beautiful coat also needs quite a bit of work from your end.

So, we come across many confused husky owners asking about the shedding of a Husky. If you are wondering the same, you have come to the right place. So, do huskies shed?

Like any other dogs, Huskies shed their fur as well. A significant portion of the shedding sticks to the seasonal changes.

In other words, huskies have different types of coats in different seasons. It is pretty interesting to understand what happens with your husky as you go from winter to summer or vice versa.

This article will deal with that information thoroughly, along with many more.

We will also talk about the necessary steps you need to take when the Husky is going through the shedding phase. These are a must for a husky owner to know.

Do Huskies Shed?

Yes! Husky does shed just like any other dog. Shedding is common for huskies. However, they only tend to shed once or twice every year. The shedding schedule depends on the season change. Generally, a husky might take 3-5 weeks to shed their undercoat. Experts refer to this process as “blowing.”


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Let us start with the question of “why?”

Why Do Huskies Shed?

Shedding is a natural process for a Husky.

However, there are two instances where the shedding becomes rampant and sometimes out of control. To understand what causes such shedding, you have to understand the importance of a double coat.

Siberian Huskies belong to a place that sees one of the harshest climates in the world. The cold tundras of Siberia were the home of your beloved huskies in the 19th century.

Eventually, they had to cope up with the cold temperatures. So, they evolved to have double coats.

Their double coat comprises a thick undercoat that helps them maintain the body temperature and a long, light topcoat. Lighter top coats keep the effects of air, water, dust at bay.

So, you might understand the importance of having such a dense undercoat during the winter. However, during the summers, the need to maintain body temperature is not that crucial.

A relatively lighter undercoat can keep their body temperature low. As a result, they lose their thick undercoat when the season changes from winter to summer.

As the season change goes by, the Husky comes back to its usual rate of shedding.

When Do Huskies Shed?

The answer might differ concerning the way you have raised your Husky. Many owners keep Huskies outside, but most of the owners pamper them to become indoor dogs.

If you have a Husky which stays outside, your husky will only undergo one or two major shedding phases every year. The shedding will mostly peak up when it’s spring.

However, if you have a Husky that mostly stays inside, you should expect a constant shedding throughout the year. You can keep the shedding in control if you are following certain tricks.

How Much Do Huskies Shed?

Many Husky owners have confirmed that Huskies do shed a lot. Although the shedding becomes rampant once or twice over a year, Huskies shed somewhat throughout the year.

They have a thick undercoat to protect them from the harsh cold weather.

When the season changes to warmer conditions, they start to shed their undercoat. It is the time when you find excessive shedding.

You have to groom your Husky daily to keep it from covering all the furniture with fur. The Husky will have the usual amount of fur.

But, during the season change, the shedding becomes so excessive that you can make the entire shape with it. It says a lot about the amount of shedding.

Do Huskies Shed Throughout The Year?

Huskies have two peaks when it comes to shedding. However, it can vary from one husky to another. Generally, we see a trend that indoor huskies tend to shed throughout the year.

It happens because these huskies do not feel the effects of seasonal changes inside the house. So, they maintain a steady volume of undercoats and topcoats.

You might see your husky shed throughout the year if you keep them indoors. However, it might differ if you keep the Husky outdoors.

How Bad Is Husky Shedding?

A Husky might indeed shed more than the other dog breeds. But you can easily keep the shedding under control.

If you follow certain tips, you can significantly reduce the extent of shedding or stop the Husky from ruining all your furniture. The following section will be highly crucial for you as you will know to keep this situation at bay.

How Do I Stop My Husky From Shedding?

Shedding is not unnatural for any dog breed. Huskies do shed more than the usual dog breeds, but you cannot stop them from shedding completely.

However, you can keep the situation under control by following a few simple tricks. We will give you a few general pieces of advice that can help you a lot when dealing with a Husky.

Regular Brushing:

Brushing sessions help a lot in removing the dead hair from the fur. Huskies continue to shed, and the deal hair sticks to the topcoat; it can irritate the Husky, and a regular brushing routine can solve this problem quickly.

Generally, dogs do not have much problem with brushing. Most of the time, it feels soothing to their skin.

If you are wondering how you can introduce it to the Husky, you can start making it comfortable when the brush is around.

You can try by keeping the brush around while playing with your Husky. Then start brushing for a short time and give treats when you finish with it. Eventually, they will be comfortable with long sessions as well.

You need to brush the Husky 5-8 times every week. Be gentle with the Husky at all times. Otherwise, it can cause skin problems. This routine will be beneficial in keeping your furniture or pillows hair-free.


Bathing is also an option for removing dead hair from the fur. However, you cannot bathe your Husky too often as it can make the skin dry and remove essential oils.

Sticking to a single bathing session in 3 to 4 months might be a wise choice unless the Husky comes back after playing in the mud.

There are several dog shampoos available on the market.

We recommend that you can use natural dog shampoos over de-shedding ones. It will be excellent for the Husky skin and remove all the unwanted particles from the coat.

If you keep your Husky outside, you might want to bathe your beloved dog once before the shedding season starts. Buying a brush for wet fur can also be helpful in this regard.

Healthy Diet:

Diet is an essential part of the proper growth of any dog. It holds for Huskies as well. Huskies can shed significantly during the season change, but they can also shed due to some problems.

Most of the time, the unnatural shedding is due to the lack of proper nutrients. So, having a healthy food diet is going to be helpful for the overall health of the dog.

Omega-3 fatty acids are of significant importance in having healthy coats. Including them in their diet is a must for any husky.

Also, you have to make sure that you do not feed anything that causes allergies. Huskies are prone to allergy-related problems, and you have to take proper care of that.


Exercise does not affect the shedding process directly. But it surely helps you in keeping the Husky healthy.

We can often see that the health of the Husky affects the shedding process. So, we recommend that you keep a regular exercise session for the Husky.


Huskies are beautiful creatures, and their coat is a significant part of their charm. They are fantastic to have at home, but their shedding can make it messy for everyone.

So, having a Husky might need you to take extra care to keep your furniture free from hair.

We have given you four simple tricks that will keep this problem at bay and maintain a healthy Husky at the same time. If you see that the Husky is shedding correctly, you can conclude that you are taking good care of it.