Do Huskies Like To Swim? [ Here’s The Exact Truth ]

Huskies are highly athletic when it comes to physical activities. As swimming is one of the best outdoor activities in summer, you would also want to know whether your husky can join you in fun.

While we may have seen dogs in pools or other bodies, we might have a preconceived idea that the Huskies would be inclined as well.

So, do huskies like to swim? The reason goes back to their origin in cold tundras. While experienced or trained huskies would have no problem in swimming under comfortable conditions, inexperienced Huskies would reject the idea of swimming entirely.

So, in this article, we will explore why Huskies generally do not like water bodies and how you can train them for swimming. It will cover everything you need to know about their swimming activity.

So, let us start with the topic.

Do Huskies Like To Swim?

In general, huskies do not like to swim. Huskies are afraid of any water body. Siberian huskies belong to the cold tundras of Siberia, where they didn’t need to deal with any pond or large water bodies. So, they never got to learn the importance of swimming.

However, if you train the Husky to swim slowly, they will behave like any other dog. So, if you want the company of your Husky in a pool, you have to train them.

Huskies love to splash water and play in shallow paddling pools. It helps them in staying cool in the summers. But you will not see them jumping into a pond and go for a swim. However, if you wonder whether they like to play in the water, they do so with all the enthusiasm.

It brings us to the next section. We will discuss whether you can train your Husky to play around in the water as well. Later we will be going over the steps of training them to get comfortable in the water.


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Can You Teach A Husky To Swim?

You have to remember that Huskies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. It is one of the primary reasons why it is challenging to train new things Huskies.

However, once you get the hang of dealing with your husky, they will adapt to your wishes earlier than any other dog breeds out there. When it comes to teaching them how to swim, you can, of course, do that.

It might be quite odd for you to realize that a dog can be afraid of water, but they were not exposed to large bodies of water back in the nomadic days. So, it is really like training your dog to do something foreign to their ancestors.

So, you have to be extremely patient with your husky when teaching them how to swim. It will not be a one-day success with your husky, and that is why you have to be careful with the teaching process.

We have given an extensive step-by-step process with some precautions that you need to take while teaching your husky to swim. So, let us see how you can do this in the most efficient way possible.


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Ways To Teach Your Husky To Swim:

It is a fact that all huskies inherently hate going into the water for a dip. However, it is not impossible to teach them how to swim, and we will guide you to do just that. Before we go over the few simple steps to teach your Husky to swim, it is best to go over some of the basics of swimming training that would help you understand the procedure better.

Make Your Dog Comfortable With Water First:

Dealing with water for the first time is always uncomfortable for Huskies. So, making them comfortable is the first and foremost step of swimming lessons.

You can do it easily by using a paddling pool for your Huskies. Although they are primarily for children, they cannot get any better for huskies. They will be okay with the feeling of water under their feet.

When you fill the paddling pool, always make sure that you choose a hot weather condition. Apart from that, the water should also be room temperature or slightly warm.

There are various ways you can call your Husky into the paddling pool, and we will go over them later. But let us consider the possibility of not having the paddling pool. You can train your husky to be comfortable with water in that case as well.

The procedure can be tedious, but it goes like this:

First, bring a bowl of slightly warm water with you when it is time to play with your Husky. Let the husky get comfortable with the idea of having water around them.

After that, pour a little water on their rear side. You husky might freak out, but that is okay. However, be gentle with your Husky, and reward them enough for their inconvenience. So, they will also know that they will get a treat after it happens. Soon, they will be comfortable with water.

Watching Other Dogs:

Watching other dogs play in the water is one of the best motivators of learning to swim. You will observe that the Husky’s eyes are focusing on other swimming dogs.

It creates a longing for swimming as they want to join other dogs in the activity as well. So, when you are trying to teach, the Husky will take part in a more conducive manner.

Using Sticks:

It is another motivator while teaching swimming. Your husky must be well acquainted with play fetch, and it will be excited to play with you due to its playful nature.

When you are confident that your Husky is not afraid of shallow water anymore, throw the stick into the water, and wait for the husky to bring it back to you.

Remember to always stick to shallow water at this point, and don’t make the Husky go into deep water by mistake. Every time you practice this maneuver, you can throw a bit further so that the Husky stays in the water for a longer time.

Once the Husky is comfortable with it, you can stop using sticks as they are comfortable with water. It is a great way to make your husky comfortable with water initially.

Go in water with your Husky:

It is another great motivator for your husky to go in the water. When you are going into the water first, the huskies will know that it is a safe place for them as well.

If your Husky tends to follow you around, this process will work like a charm. However, you have to make sure you do this process correctly.

You cannot forcefully pull your Husky into the water, as you might hurt them, and they can associate water with a bad experience. That is the last thing you want to do when you are teaching your husky how to swim.

So, it is better to call them calmly or give them treats or play with them in water. You have to make sure that they associate good memories when they are in the water.

Going into the water first makes them more comfortable in the water, and your husky will stay calmer when you are already in it.

Lots Of Treats:

It would help if you gave them treats when the session is complete. When there is positive reinforcement with memory, they will tend to remember it better.

As a result, the progression of the task will be faster and effective in this way. Another factor is that you have to finish the session when the Husky is still very active and does not show exhaustion, hunger, or thirst.

Otherwise, they might remember the session as exhausting for them, and they will not take part next time.

Now that we are over with the basics of training them to swim, we can continue with a few simple steps. Those are as follows:

  1. The first step is to get your husky comfortable with shallow water. You can use the previously mentioned methods to achieve this feat.
  2. After that, you should purchase a dog life jacket, which is readily available online, and start making it comfortable with it. Just wearing them will be enough to make that possible.
  3. When these two steps are complete, slowly bring your dog to shallow water while still wearing the life jacket. This step needs to be very calm and unforceful. They need to follow you willfully.
  4. Slowly bring your husky to slightly deep water. At this point, the Husky might splash water. However, be calm with your dog, hold them beneath their chest, and hold the life jacket firmly.
  5. You have to make sure that the Husky is using all the legs properly. If you notice that the dog is not using any one or two legs, touch them gently to trigger the movement.
  6. Always end the session before they are exhausted, and reward them with treats after each session.
  7. Practice the last few steps as much as possible till the Husky is comfortable enough.


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Why Do Some Huskies Hate Water?

You might get the impression that your Husky probably hates water. While hate might not be the most appropriate word, huskies certainly do not like water in general.

The reason lies in their origin. As the Huskies originally belong to the cold Tundras, they did not have prior experience with large bodies of water. The permafrost regions never got them the chance to interact with water at all.

As a result, they never learned to swim or interact with water at all. That is why the huskies do not like water in general.

Things You Should Be Taking Care Of While Teaching Your Husky To Swim:

Few things might take a closer look when you are teaching your husky to swim. Those are:

  • Always make sure that the day is not too cold and the water is at room temperature. Preferably it should be slightly warm.
  • Keep the swimming sessions short and effective.
  • Make sure that the Husky is not too tired when you get them out of water.
  • Never leave them in water without supervision.
  • Always go into the water first.
  • Calm and slow is the way to go.


If you think that you might miss this opportunity as a husky owner, you are wrong. Swimming is one of the best activities for any dog and its owners. You can very well train your Husky to swim, and you can have all the fun in the water once you follow the steps we have mentioned.