Do Cats Shed More When Stressed? [ Interesting Facts ]

When you discover your cat is shedding a lot, you might be worrying about what went wrong. If you find random clumps of your cat’s hair everywhere in your abode, you should pay attention to it as it might be an indication of underlying problems.

Though multiple reasons are responsible for the cat shedding problem, one of the crucial reasons is stress. It is so because kittens tend to shed in excess when stressed. When they are afraid, they also shed a lot.

Though it is a normal physiological response, you should look at the issues and do everything to solve them. After all, it is imperative to keep your lovable cat healthy.

So, to help you with the shedding issue, we have discussed some crucial points regarding why cats shed excessively out of stress.

Not only this, but we will discuss when you should look at the problem seriously to avoid further health complications. So, read the article and explore more.

Do cats shed more when stressed?

Shedding is a natural phenomenon from the cat’s perspective. Shedding happens when under a lot of stress. The hairs that shed are known as telogen hairs.

These telogen hairs are shed because they are in the resting phase of the growing cycle. Due to this, when your cat rubs its body against something or scratches itself, some hair automatically sheds.

But some cats shed more stress. According to many cat experts, kittens have arrector pili muscles.

The hair follicles attached to these muscles come in contact, and your cat gets stressed, eventually leading to hair fall. Shedding happens when all the telogen hairs get loose.

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When should you worry about shedding?

As you might understand, each kitten has its shedding cycles. In the process, some sheds excessively and some in tiny amounts.

It happens not only because of stress but due to the below external factors. However, if you notice your cat continues to shed and the coat becomes thin, you should take it as a problem and consult a vet.

Excessive shedding

When your cat not only sheds a lot of hair but also continuously grooms itself by scratching its hair, you should provide proper attention as it might be due to underlying allergies. As a result of allergies, cats shed, and therefore, you need to take the correct action to solve the issue and prevent hair falling.

Wet hair clumps

If you locate random hair clumps everywhere, it might be due to gastrointestinal problems. The wet clumps might be due to constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.


Cats shed a lot when they feel anxiety. If you notice inappropriate and aggressive behavior and excessive hair fall, it could be a reason for stress. It happens when kittens feel unsafe, and as a result, it requires something to exhibit aggressive behavior.

Urinary infections

Cats also shed excessively due to urinary issues. You might often see your fur baby’s hairs around its genitals will fall off. It happens as it scratches that area to reduce pain. Therefore, urinary infections, bladder stones, and diabetes are also responsible for shedding.


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What are the signs that your cat is stressed?

So, as you have learned from the above segments, stress is a vital aspect, among other issues related to shedding. The anxiety associated with stress influences cats just like it affects humans.

That is why you should teach your fur baby how to avoid stress. But before that, you might be wondering what the indications that your cat is stressed are.

Well, we have penned down some indications that will help you to determine whether your kitten is under stress or not. So, look at the below reasons to comprehend this.

Reluctant to eat

As a cat lover, you might know cats never go on diets or fasts. Therefore, if you see your fur baby losing interest in food and stop eating, you should consult your vet without wasting time. It could be from stress. Hence, it is one of the indications you need to look at.

Limitless grooming

As discussed before, cats love to groom themselves.

However, there is a subtle distinction between careful grooming and licking a spot raw or bald. The first one is good, but the latter clearly indicates stress. So, if you notice your kitten grooms itself excessively, consider it as a sign and visit a vet to get suggestions.

Aggressive behavior

Aggressive activities might be a sign of a stressed or sick cat. If you see your cat suddenly getting irritated and aggressive, you need to consult your veterinarian before the issue gets worse.

Urinating outside

If your fur baby is urinating outside the litter box, you need to understand that it wants to tell you something. As cats cannot talk, they communicate in such a manner.

This unusual behavior might be the reason for stress. Your kitten might be under stress because of loud noises, rearranged furniture, an untidy litter box, and other factors.

Other signs

  • Hiding more than usual
  • Excessive meowing
  • Overeating
  • Hissing or growling
  • Scratching the furniture
  • Looking tense
  • Vomiting or diarrhea

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, you can see that cats shed a lot in stressful situations. Though many people consider it a normal psychological response, you should give proper attention to solving the issue.

Hence, look at the above signs to determine whether your coveted cat is under stress or not. If you find anything derogatory, consult your vet as early as possible to solve the issue and offer your kitten a healthy life and growth.

Hence, if your cat sheds, you do not need to worry. It is so because once your fur baby calms down, the shedding will automatically stop.

But many cat owners say that it is wise to give cats positive reinforcement training and teach them to not get stressed. This practice helps them to avoid the hair fall issue significantly.

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