Do Cats Prefer Small Or Large Carriers? Here’s The Answer

If you are a cat owner, carriers are essential items you will need to travel with your furry friend. These carriers come in a lot of different sizes, and other brands offer you additional features.

You might wonder if your cat prefers a large carrier or a small one to travel in. Let us find out what kind of cat carriers are selected by your pet:

Do cats prefer small or large carriers?

The preferable size of carriers for cats depends entirely on the size of the cat. You should choose different sized carriers for other breeds of cats.

Instead of selecting a very small or very big carrier for them, it is advised to buy one that fits the cat perfectly.

The carrier should have enough space for the cat to move certain body parts or turn around. It should not make the cat feel suffocated, and the cat needs to stand up properly inside the carrier.

It should simply give them comfort and prevent them from stressing out during your trip. Since they do not need to stay inside the carrier for an extended period, choosing a huge cat for the cat is unnecessary.

What is the right size for your cat carrier?

The size of your cat can determine the right size for your cat carrier. The right carrier size is not universal as it depends on the breed and your cat’s health.

If you have a thin and small-sized cat, you might need a smaller carrier than an owner with a chubby and big cat.

It also depends on the personal preference of your cat. Some small cats might also feel more comfortable in larger-size carriers, whereas some big kitties might feel comfortable in small carriers that barely fit their bodies.

It needs to be big enough to fit the cat perfectly. The cat needs to have enough room to turn around or move its paws and tail.

It should also give enough space to stand and sit comfortably. However, it is not recommended to opt for very big carriers as more chances of the cat tumbling from one side to the other while traveling.

This could stress out your cat and might injure them as well. You need to choose a carrier that your cat feels most comfortable in.

You might also need to change your carrier size over time. A young cat needs a comparatively smaller carrier. As they grow up, their body size also increases.

They might not be able to fit into the carrier you brought when they were a kitten.

Do not force your cat to use the same carrier all their life as their body tends to change over time, and they might develop different preferences. So you need to choose a cost-effective carrier, as you will probably have to replace it in the future.

Do cats prefer hard or soft carriers?

Both hard and soft carriers are made for different purposes and suit the cats’ varied needs. Neither of the two options is better than the other, as both have their pros and cons.

Whether your cat prefers hard carriers or soft carriers also depends on their personality. Just like human beings, cats also have varied opinions and different preferences.

You need to choose your carrier based on what your cat likes and not based on majority opinions. Each cat is unique, and its choice of carrier to travel reflects this.

Hard carriers are usually made up of plastic and are quite durable. Such carriers are ideal for short distances and long-term use.

But, if you have to take your cat on a long journey, these types of carriers might cause some discomfort to your cat.

You will need to put a pet bed or a soft towel at the carrier’s bottom to increase the comfort inside the carrier.

However, hard plastic carriers are very well ventilated and often help an anxious cat relax while traveling. They are available in different sizes and a lot of added specifications and benefits.

Soft carriers are very comfortable to the cat as they are made of soft fabrics like nylon, mesh, etc. These carriers do not have a sturdy shape and tend to stretch with the weight of the cat.

Soft carriers are ideal for you if you have a small-sized cat. Cats that do not have any stress and anxiety issues and usually maintain a calm attitude will surely love these kinds of carriers.

They are also easy to store and carry around. Most of these carriers are also washable. But, if you have an enormous cat, these carriers might not be suitable for you.

Your cat’s weight will stretch a lot, which might make the cat uncomfortable. It might also break due to excess weight and movement.

It should only be used if you are traveling in a vehicle with a good spot for the carrier or traveling by airplane and following their guidelines.


Cats are choosy creatures, and it is not advisable to rush into choosing an ideal carrier for your cat. You need to understand their personality first and find out about their likes and dislikes.

You also need to be aware of their health conditions like anxiety, claustrophobia, etc. while choosing a carrier.

Attention to your cat’s needs and preferences will help you choose the perfect carrier that you will love and your cat.


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