Do Cats Know What Kisses Are? [ The Answer Is Here ]

Cats have a cool, independent, and detached public image. However, all cat lovers will agree that cats are super affectionate, sweet, and cuddly living beings.

You love your feline friend and want to show affection, but should you kiss your kitten? Through kisses is a way of affection towards cats. But do cats understand kisses?

Some cats may understand and like the gesture, while others will simply not. Cats can also not kiss you back, but they show some other signals to show affection. Read till the end to get all your queries answered.

Do cats know what kisses are?

Cats may not always understand the traditional gesture of kissing. But they understand that you are showing them love, care, and affection. After all, this is the purpose of kissing. 

Cats go a long way with human touches. Their grouchy expressions might make you think that they are rude or angry.

But this is not the case at all. Instead, they adore love and attention. Your kitten will probably lap up all the positive attention you have given her, kissing her head, stroking her back, or kissing her head. 

Cats express their love and affection in a way very different from us humans. Since they have different ways, they do not understand the meaning of our actions. One can not be sure to what extent they understand getting kissed.

The liking and disliking of being kissed can vary depending on individual cats.

You can judge your feline friend by her response. If she too shows positive gestures on being kissed by you, she loves it, else not. Also, know if your cat welcomes your lips on their face or fur. 

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Do cats like kisses?

A cat may or may not like getting kissed. It is not surprising that just like humans, cats too include individuality. They have different preferences as to how they want to receive affection.

Since you love your cat, it is significant to know if they like getting kissed or not because unwanted kisses can make them unhappy. It is honestly not difficult to figure this out.

While kissing your feline friend, pay attention to their body language, actions, and demeanor. If your cat is relaxed and content while you are kissing her, she is probably liking your actions.

Other features are purring, rubbing against you, kneading, head-bonking, licking, and leaning into you.

Whereas, if you notice her doing things like swishing her tail, pinning her ears back, hissing, growling, turning away when you try to kiss, then she does not like your gesture. If she runs away from you, she indicates that your little friend is uncomfortable.

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Do cats know when they are loved?

Yes, cats know when they are getting loved. Cats understand affection just like any other animal. Your pet cat might see you as real-life mommies and daddies.

Some studies also claim that cats behave the same with their owners as they behave with their biological parents. Also, they continue to show this attitude once they reach adulthood.

Domestic cats are so vocal. They usually reserve their meowing behavior to their parents. They also have some specific series of meows just for their pet parents. An adult cat meows at you because she trusts you and knows you love her. 

Cats will show their love to you by meowing, kneading their paws on us, bunting, and sitting on our laps. They like to rub their cheeks against the person they love the most.

These acts are a way of claiming us as their own. You can not show your affection in the same way. However, there are many other things that you can do. 

1. Giving your cat attention

Cats are great attention seekers. Giving cats attention is next to giving in to their subtle manipulations. But you have to do so to show love. Simple acts like sharing a bed with them at night and letting them cuddle in your lap can work.

Regard them in some way or the other. Try to understand the way your cat communicates with you.

Knowing those subtle nuances is not easy, but it is not hard either. Try to know when she wants food, water, to be petted, or to be outside. If you have owned a cat for a long time, you will know what they want. 

2. Giving your cat treats

Cats love treats now and then. Even if you own a domestic cat who can go outside to fetch food, give them treats often.

They eat their regular food, but treats are a way of showing love to them. Give them cat treats, catnip, or table scarp occasionally. You will make your feline friend super happy if you combine treats with a toy. 

3. Keeping them stimulated 

Keeping them stimulated is more important than you think. Although the cats like to sleep, they get bored sitting in rooms all day long. Some ways to entertain them are playing puzzles, giving treats with toys, and letting them jump after a bundle of feathers.

Simple things like a rolled paper ball and woolen ball can keep them happy. These activities will prove your cats are fun to be around. 

Adopt any way, keep your cat happy. Cats are not stupid and know what is happening around them.

It does not matter what you do and how you do it. Know what your kitty likes and play with her more often. Sometimes small casual acts can make them.

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Is it ok to kiss your cat?

Yes, it is ok to kiss your cat. Kissing is a way of showing affection, and loving someone can never be wrong. Just make sure that your cat loves the act of being kissed.

If she runs away from you when you try to kiss her, do not force. Your cat must be comfortable with this level of contact with you. After all, what you want is her happiness.

Another thing to take care of is that you and your cat are healthy. If either of you two is not well, diseases can pass, and you should avoid this close level contact. 

When you kiss your cat for the very first time, she may not like a sudden invasion of her privacy. Give her time to accept and respond nicely to this. To maintain hygiene, never kiss directly on the lips.

Also, many cats do not like to get touched on their tummies.

So avoid kissing there too. A quick kiss will be better as cats prefer brief interactions only. They greet others by touching their noses. Present your face to them so that they can sniff. 

Respect your cat’s wishes. If your cat is telling you that they do not like kisses, refrain from doing so. It can be hard to resist kissing your pussy cat, but if you do something she does not like, it will spoil your bond. 

Final Thoughts

How cats communicate is different from humans, but they understand the gestures of love and affection like kisses. They will also respond to kind actions in their way.

Whether or not a cat likes getting kissed depends on her individuality, as every cat is different. Notice how she responds to your actions, how she meows at you, and how she tries to communicate.

These things might seem difficult in the initial stage, but honestly, they are not. Spend time with your kitty to know what she likes and how she likes to be loved. There are many ways to show her your love.

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