Do Bengal Cats Sleep With You? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Bengal cats have a tendency to build very strong connections with their human parents. Since felines sleep more than 12 hours in a day, most of their time is consumed sleeping in a place where they find comfort. For a Bengal cat to fall asleep, it must surely be the feeling that it is safe and sound and that there is no possibility for predators to notice it.

In the future, if you want to bring a Bengal cat to your home, you will also like to know how it behaves and all. One of the most important things about these Bengal cats is their sleeping routine.

No doubt all cats love to sleep, but the fact that makes it difficult is about finding your cat because what if they will get cozy. So, In this article, we will find out if Bengal cats like to sleep with their owner and where they like to sleep.

Do Bengal cats sleep with you?

These breeds of Bengal cats have various traits but also unique characteristics.

It definitely makes people wonder if they are different from other breeds of cats and the final question comes with it: will these cats like to sleep with you in your bed? The answer to this question will be that Bengal cats will like to share their bed with their owner, but at the same time, they are wild breeds, and for them to sleep with you, they need to be safe.

If you notice that your Bengal cats like to sleep with you, then it is sure that they love to share their bed and feel comfortable. Bengal cats form very strong bonds and relationships with their owners.

The cats tend to sleep more than half the day, and they can feel asleep at that time.

Bengal cats and wild cats share their DNA; hence, we can see their similar behavior in hunting, survival and avoiding dangers.

For the Bengal cats to fall asleep, they first notice the possibility of predators, and if they sense that they are in no danger, then they will sleep easily.

For many Bengal cats, it will mean that they will likely sleep with you either on your bed or at the top of you while sleeping if you will allow it. If you move a lot while you are asleep, then your adult Bengal cat may not like to sleep with you and would prefer its bed.

The Bengal cats choose such a place to sleep that may be out of the habit as well as comfortable, so make sure that you can give a sense of security to your cat so that it will like to sleep with you.

Bengal cats will sleep and cuddle up with you, just like other breeds of cats. Even most Bengal felines appear to rather like snuggling in bed with their human parents. However, you must be cautious about a few things, which are:

  1. As already mentioned in this article, Bengal cats are very much loved in their own states. Always keep this in mind, and don’t be irritated if your cat doesn’t let you cuddle it or dislikes snoozing with you.
  2. Like all cat breeds, Bengal cats can often be active during the night, particularly in their kittenhood. Be careful of this if you don’t want to deal with an interrupted sleep habit.

How Long Do Bengal Cats Sleep Daily?

The normal characteristic of all cats, including the Bengals ones, is when they sleep then, no one can compete with them. The Bengal cats can sleep very fast at any time and any place, and they don’t care about their surroundings; at the same, they will be sleeping in very cute positions. The amount of hours the Bengal cats sleep depends on their whole day of regular activities, and if they spend a lot of energy, then they will sleep fast.

There are available domestic cats who sleep for 16 hours per day, and also elderly older cats sleep for 20 hours per day. If you have a Bengal cat, then they will be sleeping probably less than these cats and will have an average of about 12-14 hours of sleep per day.

These Bengal cats tend to sleep less because they like to do more activities rather than sleep, such as playing, exploring your place and gathering your attention.

The sleeping period of the cats has largely evolved, especially for the Bengal cats, which is a result of evolution due to their nutritional intake and physiology.

Wild cats only need to gather their food by hunting, which is a very tough job and requires a high energy consumption resulting in more sleep. The cats’ energy is conserved when they sleep in between their meals.

Where do Bengal cats like to sleep at night?

In the wild, felines always need to be cautious of predators. A Bengal cat is at its most vulnerable time when it is sleeping. As an outcome, these cat breeds are very specific about where they want to take rest. They select a sleep territory depending on where they think it’s safe.

While selecting an area to sleep, one of the important factors your Bengal cat will consider is whether or not it is protected.

Bengal cats like to hide from the predators’ prying eyes while they rest. This is why they always prefer a protected territory. You may see a Bengal cat resting under your sofa, your bed, or inside your closet.

Nonetheless, your Bengal cat prefers to sleep in covered areas. But it doesn’t prefer to be caged. Your cat’s instincts warn it to discover an area from which it can effortlessly escape if any danger comes. This is why most Bengal cats discover a sleeping spot where they can find more than one opening.

Bengal cats also prefer to rest in elevated locations, like on top of your bookstand. The reason is they can have a wonderful view of the area from elevated places.

Bengal cats have a purpose over predators as most predators chase on the ground. Bengal cats are agile and active, so they can easily escape from any elevated spot.

Ultimately, Bengal cats don’t prefer to sleep in places covered with many things. If you have too many toys or other things on your floor, your Bengal cat will feel unsafe sleeping there. A lot of disorganized things will make it problematic for your Bengal cat to escape from the place in case it feels threatened.


You may be wondering if your cat will feel safe sleeping with you. Probably yes. So, these are everything you need to know about your Bengal cat’s sleep habits. Bengal felines can be cuddly and snuggly when they like.

It just depends on their moods. If you wish to encourage your cat to take a nap with you, start carrying out a day-night pattern so your cat feels sleepy when you feel.

Also, ensure that you give your Bengal cat the independence to move around as they hate feeling restricted, particularly in territories where they rest.