Do Bengal Cats Like Water? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Common knowledge states that most cats do not like water. But the fact that nothing is common about Bengal Cats may make you wonder whether they like a splash of water or not.

These cats breed from domestic cats that belong to Asian Leopard cats. Asian leopards love water, and since Bengal cats share genes with them, people often stereotype that they too love to be in the water.

Do Bengal cats like water? Do they love swimming? Do they fear water? Read along to get all questions answered.

Do Bengal Cats like water?

Yes, Bengal cats like water. The kittens especially love to play in the water. It is a surprise to many Bengal cat owners that it is a common trait. They share ancestry with the Asian leopard cats known for swimming and sticking their paws and water sources.

These cats swish their paws in the water to clear debris before bending to drink water. It is a stereotype that Bengal cats love the water because they have the genes of these Asian leopard cats.

Provide access to plenty of freshwaters for your cat. Be careful as Bengal kittens are very clever and do anything to be in the water. They might also watch you and learn to cut the faucet on themselves when they want running water.

The extent to which a cat is interested in water depends on her individuality. While some may love swimming, others may enjoy only swishing water in a bowl or playing with a stream of running water coming from the faucet.

Your Bengal cat may not like water, but she will still be keen to hop into the shower with you. It may merely be an act of being with you and seeking your attention. If you do not want your kitty to surprise you in the shower, it is better to keep the bathroom doors closed. 

Bengal cats love to play in water inside their water dish, especially, when they are young. You may wonder if they will ever grow out of this trait? Many owners observe that cats never grow out of this habit.

They start to enjoy a romp in the tub even more as they age. If a cat loves to be in the water when she is young, she will enjoy it more as she gets older. 

You should find ways to allow your cat to play in the water. One idea can be setting up a waddling pool in the backyard for them to swim in. Another idea is to put water in a tub and let them splash around.

Buy some floating toys that they can catch in the water. You may also put some kibbles to attract your kitty into the tub. Note that kibbles will sink on absorbing water if not eaten.

More than standing water, cats love running water. A popular thing many Bengal Cat owners do is setting up a fountain.

These fountains have a filter, and so one of the enormous advantages is that your cat will have a clean source of water to drink from. Fountains also restrict the playing area to one source rather than playing in a massive bathtub. 

Loving water does not necessarily mean that your cat will also love to swim.

It is possible that a cat loves running water, splashing water, and wetting herself but still does not like to swim. So, never force your kitten inside a tub and allow them to enjoy playtime. 

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Do Bengal Cats love water?

Yes, Bengal cats love water. The cats dip their paws in the water, splash around, swim, and try to grab every single opportunity where they can meddle in water. For optimum happiness and health, ensure water play should be an integral part of their car and routine. The cats love water to the extent they may surprise you in the shower. 

Many Bengal cats like to visit lakes and pools, where they can swim in waters deeper than bathtubs and sinks. Feline cats are not born knowing how to handle deep waters and how to swim.

If you want your Bengal cat to know swimming, it is a good idea to expose them to water at a young age. Most of them will learn to swim quickly and paddle in water like dogs. They will enjoy this activity. Bind them on a leash on your first visit to a pool or any water body. 

Are Bengal Cats good with water?

Yes, Bengals cats are super good with water. They enjoy playing with water, taking baths, and swimming. However, the extent of their liking can vary. Some cats may enjoy swimming, while the liking of water for some may be restricted to just splashing their paws in running water.

Bengal cats fascinate running water like fountains. Do not get surprised on seeing your kitty sitting under a running tap in your bathroom. The cats who get to swim at a young age can handle deep waters later on. These cats may sit underwater and may also not mind being submerged.

Do Bengal Cats like to swim?

Yes, Bengal cats like swimming. They do not fear water and enjoy being wet. They can swim in a small tub, waddling pool, swimming pool, and just anywhere. Their fetish does not stop at pools. They also have a great curiosity to explore natural water bodies. 

As a cat owner, you must ensure a clean water source for your kitten. You can expose them to:


Collect rainwater in containers and let your Bengal cat enjoy it. Ensure that you collect rainwater directly from the sky. So it is free of toxic substances. Do not collect it from pathways as it might have passed through the gutter, rusted iron, or galvanized steel.


You can take your kitty to a pool where water is chlorine-free. Chlorine can harm the fur of your cat and cause skin infections. To evade the risk of drowning, take them to shallow pools instead of the deeper ones. 

Lakes and ponds 

Bengal cats enjoy visits to lakes and ponds. Take them to a place where the water body is not polluted, does not have algae, and the surface does not contain any foam.

For their safety, keep them on a leash and be continuous with them till they are in the water. Do not forget to bathe them after returning home. Clean their fur well with a cleanser to remove any bacteria and fungus that may have entered from the waterbody. 


Bengal cats like water, and it is a common stereotype that they live to be in the water. Be prepared to see them putting their paws inside water, playing with running taps in the bathroom, and surprising you at showers.

If you want your kitty to enjoy natural bodies, it is significant to expose them to water while they are young. As the owner, they are safe while swimming is your responsibility. Take extra care of their fur after they return from enjoying it in a pool or a lake.