Do Bengal Cats Kill Chickens? [ We Answered ]

Cats are fierce predators. They can hunt down and kill any small animal or bird. Their abilities are not to be doubted when it comes to the job of preying. So it is clear that a cat will not hesitate to kill a chicken. But will it do so? Well, it is a rare case that a house cat will kill your chicken.

But if it does so then, there must have been some severe problem. Probably struggle, aggression, territorial issues, or the simple instinct to hunt. The detailed discussion will provide more knowledge to you.

Do Bengal cats kill chickens?

Bengal cats are very territorial. They have a very high energy and require a lot of attention. If they have the slightest feeling of being left out, they tend to get aggressive and vent out their anger. In that case, it might be your chicken. And if they feel that another member is receiving their share of attention, they will undoubtedly attack it. The inferior might get killed in the process.

Bengal cats might not straight away go for killing your chicken, and they might do that to chicks as they are smaller, tamer, and easy prey. But chicken would never be their first option. But provided that they have a strong prey drive, they might kill your chicken without reasonable cause.

Do Bengal cats eat chicken?

Bengal cats are obligate carnivores, and their digestive system has evolved to adapt to a meat-based diet. Bengal cats catch prey and eat their raw meat when out in the wild. So it is no matter of amusement if your cat eats raw chicken. They are even able to digest meat that could be poison to humans. This is because they have a short digestive tract and prevent bacterial formation. Hence cats have been able to eat and digest raw meat for millennia.

You can give your cat cooked chicken as well, and it is tasty, rich in protein, and low in fat. Therefore your cat is bound to love it. But there are two things that you should keep in mind when you feed your cat cooked chicken.

Keep in mind the temperature of the cooked chicken

Serving cooked food need not mean that it has to be piping hot. Never give your cat food that is straight out of the oven, and be very careful not to burn your cat’s mouth and throat with the hot food. What may seem cold to you might still be very hot for your cat even to lick. So let the food cool down ultimately before you serve it to your Bengal cat.

Avoid food that has too many sauces and gravies in it

Not only do the ingredients prove to be harmful to the cat’s digestive system, but it also adds unwanted fat and a lot of empty calories to the cat’s body that adds no nutritional value. Cats tend to react very quickly to spicy and rich food, and they might end up with an upset stomach. Also, a minor excess salt causes dehydration in cats. So it is better that you feed your cat small quantities of plain cooked chicken breast, thigh, etc.

The best option is to serve your fresh cat meat with minimum flavors, whether raw or cooked with plain rice. Both varieties of chicken have equal nutritional values and fulfill the purpose of feeding your cat and making it happy.

Do cats attack hens?

It is unlikely that a Bengal cat will kill a fully grown hen because it is bigger than the cat. Cats usually don’t prey upon animals more significant than themselves. But provided that Bengal cats have a high drive to hunt without any acceptable reason, it can contradict the fact.

If the house Bengal cat attacks a hen, there has to be a reason behind it. It feels that its territory had been invaded or inhabited by the hen. Or it has been feeling left out and notices more attention being given to the hen. Also, it will attack a hen when its presence starts to interrupt the activities of the Bengal cat.

Can a feral cat kill a chicken?

Feral cats are aggressive and in a wild state. They will not think twice before killing anything they feel like a threat or an intrusion. Chicken being a small bird, a feral cat can kill it quickly when they feel like killing it.

House feral cats can eat a chick entirely, leaving the wings and feathers. Feral cats have also been reported killing chickens and leaving behind bones and wings. So it is best to keep away your birds and the Bengal wild cat at a safe distance.


Cats are born predators. And Bengal cats, the breed of Egyptian Mau and Asian leopard, have a very aggressive nature and have an instinct to hunt and prey. If you have chickens and a big cat, it would be best if you kept them at a safe distance from each other.

Give your cat what it needs to prevent it from getting annoyed. If not possible, then constantly keep an eye on them. Rest everything will fall in line, and you will have a fight-free household.