Do Bengal Cats Kill Birds?[ We Answered ]

Cats love to hunt a lot, especially Bengal cats. Bengal cats are not so different from any other cats, as they have a strong urge to hunt, especially for tiny animals such as mice and birds. So, whenever Bengal cats see a bird, they rapidly become focused on catching birds. If you are in the market searching for a perfect pet, you might check out impressive Bengal cats. These cats make terrific companions and also will keep you on your toes. But, do Bengal cats kill birds? Read on below to know this answer.

Do Bengal cats kill birds?

In comparison with other cats, Bengal cats cannot resist the hunting urge for small animals such as birds and mice. Bengal cats can even hunt small fish in ponds and aquariums if offered an opportunity. Bengal cats like to simulate their hunting skills by chasing toys or playing with their owners. Bengal cats are quite active and highly skilled in hunting. They could even kill birds with ease due to their Asian Leopard cat DNA. They are enthusiastic and unique pets and seem to be a bird hunter that could even kill birds. Bengal cats can hunt and kill birds and other small animals with their fragility and alertness.

This cat breed is a good bird hunter and proves to be a best friend. Bengal cats are a smart breed who likes to learn various new tricks and hunt small animals with those tricks only. This efficient cat breed seems to be a stereotypical bird hunter who satisfies their hunting skills by killing birds. A Bengal cat does not just limit itself to a small number of birds every day, but bird-killing would become a little risky. Why? These birds could be laden with various pests and bacteria, harmful to your Bengal cat and the people around them.

Do Bengal cats eat birds?

Bengal cats are highly intelligent and are an active breed popularly known for their bold patterned coats. Arisen from wild Asian leopard cats, Bengal cats make gentle and affectionate pets. Before diving into what Bengal cats can eat, it is mandatory to recognize their needs first. For Bengal cats, descendants of wild leopard cats, meat is necessary. They need a meat-based diet rich in fat and proteins and is very low in carbohydrates. Bengal cats are true carnivores and exist in this world to only gulp down other animals. So, they entirely live on a diet of birds, insects, and many other small animals.

Bengal cats need a meat-based diet, especially birds, as they cannot digest or achieve any nutritional benefit from a plant-based diet. This diet is what wild ancestors and other domesticated cats like to eat. That means the nutritional requirements of Bengal cats are not different from normal cats. But Bengal cats differ only in one diet, birds eating. You do not need to feed your Bengal cat differently, as they need a diet laden with half fat and half protein. To keep them healthy, your cat’s diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein, and apart from meat, there is no better choice.

How fast can they kill a bird?

Bengal cats are not lapping cats. They are very naughty and a handful of activeness and not suitable for nervous and inexperienced cat owners. The Bengal cats are super intelligent and require lots of fun playing time to keep their brain preoccupied. They are loud and vocal and always tell you when they require something like a litter box or food. Another cat will be their best playmate if you are not at home. Bengal cats are also fast in killing birds as they slay around one billion birds every year.

Do Bengal cats have any special hunting features?

Bengal cats are very persistent cats, and if they open up, they can achieve what they want. Bengal cats are not different from other pet cats but owners of various special hunting features due to their high alertness. They love to test their owners and their boundaries. Various hunting features include:-

  • Repeatedly trying to get over the sink and countertop, to achieve a correct vantage point, or to smell the leftover food, or to hear the sound of water.
  • Repeatedly trying to get into drawers and cabinets, to smell the goodies and get them, as they have the most sensitive nose.
  • Bengal cats are super hyperactive, and they bother other animals along with you, as they are the most energetic breed.
  • Bengal cats are most proactive and love to scratch and bite various unwanted things to see how they react.
  • They become the most destructive animals at one time, play with everything until they have fun, and move on to other things if they get bored.

Summing it up

To have a Bengal cat is a great choice, as they have proficient hunting skills. Bengal cats are superb companions, and to own a Bengal cat that is so skilled and a hunting lover is truly a blessing. But, make sure to take care of your Bengal cats properly when they are in the hunting process, especially when the cat is a skilled huntsman. Although Bengal cats are loud enough, they are also funny, and they love to play interactive games with their owners. Bengal cats are very affectionate and emerge as the most loyal pets. So, do not ever suppress their hunting skills and satisfy them by playing with them.