Do Beagles Like To Burrow Under Blankets? [ See Our Answer Here ]

It is something the majority of the beagle owners like to know. So, let’s understand it today. Not only beagles but all other dog breeds are supposed to be the offspring of wolves.

We all know that wolves rest in nature, in den-like structures to protect themselves from the other wild animals.

Similarly, dogs burrow one during their birthing cycle. In fact, after birth, they would dig one for their pups to live in that opening until they get fit to walk appropriately.

Another reason behind this is the dogs’ den-like environment and their puppies’ sense inside these burrows/covers.

However, as time passed, canines were domesticated, yet their habit of snuggling under something (like burrows, blankets, or covers) is still in their DNA.

This nature causes them to have a sense of security, which is why they like to burrow under your blankets.

Do beagles like to burrow under blankets?

As mentioned above, beagles (and other breeds) are termed burrowers as burrowing in their DNA.

So, they feel secured by delicate covers, cushions, and different things to make an agreeable home. Beds typically go about as an incredible spot for this, with delicate bedding and covers.

Moreover, your beagle might search out a cozy place to rest close to you when you are sleeping.

It might very well be the situation that your canine needs to go along with you to rest, sharing warmth, and being close to the remainder of the ‘pack.’ Pack of wolves, you know, right? Below are the other key reasons why beagles feel safe, sleeping under covers or blankets.


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Reasons why beagles like to sleep under the covers

Besides the feeling of security and comfort, other reasons behind this behavior are:

1. Fear or anxiety:

Any sudden uproarious sound makes a canine frenzy, and owing to this, he may get appalled and surge inside any available cover or your blanket.

During such circumstances, you should never leave behind your four-legged companion. Go sit close to him, snuggle him, embrace him if conceivable. 

2. Nervousness:

Like other breeds, beagles are social, and they need someone around them, be it their owner(s) or someone else.

Disregarding your canine for quite a while will cause partition tension in them. To discover comfort when they are pessimistic, they usually dive under covers.

Therefore, it isn’t at all encouraged to ignore your canine, even for a while. If you’ve to leave them for any serious reason, approaching any friend for your dog’s care is highly recommended

3. Medical problems:

Certain health issues also form one reason behind your beagle, covering himself with covers or blankets. If he isn’t dynamic enough for over a day, take him to the vet and have him examined for any medical problem.

4. Bonding:

What’s more, it’s their way of holding and telling you that they completely trust & love you, just as you being a part of their pack.

Your canine thinks of you as a protected individual and needs to invest energy snuggling with you, under covers or blankets.

Can you stop your beagle from getting under covers?

Though it’s cute and admirable to let your beagle rest beside you, under the cover, yet for specific reasons, you might wish against this.

For example, you might not like your bed getting covered with dog hairs or the dog smell inside the blanket. Or a peaceful night might be your top priority at some times. 

Although you can change this habit, it’s not right to scold your beagle or refuse him to enter your room for just this.

As said before, it might lead to a feeling of distress among your beagle. Instead, you can instruct your canine to rest in his bed or room.

Furnishing your canine with a delicate cuddly canine bed and an additional cover will help in this. 

There are certain beds available in the market explicitly intended for canines that like to burrow under something. These kinds of beds will permit your canine to tunnel whenever he satisfies.


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Can my beagle breathe under the blankets or covers?

In simple words, the answer is YES. As long your beagle is burrowing himself under the cover or blanket, it’s totally fine.

Just like us, dogs know when they are agreeable and will change themselves if they feel uneasy. One simple thing to remember is never put countless covers on your pup or wrap him up too firmly. 

Else, they will feel suffocated and challenging to move around. It’s normal for dogs to sense when it’s too cold, and there’s a need to go deep under the covers. If they feel otherwise, they will come out, changing appropriately. 

Another reason behind this is that all dogs have their rest characteristics and preferred position/place to snooze. Thus, let your hound do as per their liking, except if they control your entire bed! 


This lovable conduct of your beagle is innocuous, and there is no requirement for concern. It is a sense that your canine uses to ensure himself while he dozes.

You should feel regarded that he decides to tunnel under the covers close to you. It indicates that your canine considers you to be essential for his pack and has a sense of security being close to you.