Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes? [ Here’s The Answer ]

If you are a cat lover, you might love to keep ragdoll cats, or you already have one in your house. This cat breed is best known for its unique feature.

But people prefer to keep them because of their eye color. Not only this, but they are also large and have a soft and silky coat around their body.

But as mentioned before, there is one distinctive feature that sets them apart from other cat breeds, and that is their attractive blue eyes. Now, you might be wondering if all ragdolls have blue eyes. To know this, you can read the upcoming segments with all the information regarding your query.

Do all ragdolls have blue eyes?

The answer to the question is a big yes as all traditional Ragdoll cats have stunning and deep blue eyes. As per The International Cat Association or TICA, all purebred ragdolls must have blue eyes.

You will notice they have big oval eyes with different blue colors. They have blue eyes of varying intensity. It means you can see some have pale blue colored eyes and others have dark navy blue ones.

But you might be unaware that the breeders prefer vivid blue-colored eyes the most. Ragdoll kittens get their proper eye color when they are three months old. Therefore, yes, this cat breed has gorgeous blue eyes. That is why they are unique and well-liked. 

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Can ragdolls have other eye colors?

So, you have got your answer whether all ragdoll cats have blue eyes or not. You might wonder if ragdolls can have other eye colors than blue as well.

To answer your query, we can say yes, they have other eye colors also. If you are a cat lover, especially a ragdoll lover, you might be unaware of the different ragdoll breeds like Sepia, Mink, and Solid color ragdoll cats.

The ragdoll breeds are born with other eye colors than traditional ones. It means they do not have blue eyes. That is why many people cannot think of them as Ragdoll breeds. Hence, yes, they do have other eye colors than blue.

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What other color eyes do ragdolls have?

After getting the above answer, you might be thinking about the eye colors that ragdoll cats have. As you know, the blue color has different shades.

So, traditional Ragdoll cats have blue eyes of varying shades. You often see some cats with dark navy blue eyes and others with pale blue eyes. Apart from this, you have also learned that other ragdoll breeds have different eye colors. To know this better, go through the below section.

1. Mink ragdolls

This Ragdoll breed arrives from an early Ragdoll bloodline. They have a lusher and silkier coat than the traditional ones. But what sets them apart from conventional ragdolls is their eye color.

Mink ragdolls have blue eyes of varying shades.

Sometimes you will see some cats with blue-green eyes and others with green-blue eyes. In addition, they also have deep aqua eyes. So, the color of Mink ragdolls ranges from aqua and blue-green to green-blue. 

2. Sepia Ragdolls

The Sepia ragdoll is different from other ragdoll breeds as it has a lush coat. Their coats get darker as the cat gets older. In addition to this, these cats have eye colors different from Mink or traditional ragdoll cats.

They have various eye colors with multiple shades.

You will see a Sepia ragdoll with green, gold, brown, hazel, or aqua-colored eyes. However, if you have a Sepia ragdoll, you can see its proper eye color when it turns three months old. 

3. Solid Ragdolls

Apart from the above two, you can also notice different eye colors in Solid Ragdoll breeds. Their eye colors range from yellow, green, gold, blue, or aqua. You will not believe that they were also born with two different eye colors. 

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Do Ragdoll kittens’ eyes change Color?

Though traditional Ragdoll cats have blue-colored eyes with different shades, you will see their eye color changes. It happens because of melanin in the iris. So, you might be wondering when their eyes change their color. You will get this information in the below segment.  

So, as you have learned from the above sections, adult Ragdoll cats have blue, yellow, gold, and other colored eyes with different shades.

But all Ragdoll kittens are born with blue eyes. While some cats retain these eye colors, you will see others change eye color. 

The blue shades of their eyes that you see are the outcome of refracted light. It means it is not the result of a function of pigmentation. Therefore, while we think this cat’s eye color is blue, it is not a color in itself. Rather it is a deficiency of color mixed with a refraction of light.

When your ragdoll cat gets 6 or 7 weeks old, its eye color begins to change. Their iris has melanocytes that start producing melanin that offers the eye its final coloration.

The final color and intensity are dependent on how much melanin the iris has. Therefore, you have to wait for at least 6 or 7 weeks to notice whether your ragdoll kitten’s eye changes its color or not.

Final words

To wrap up, we can say that you have got all your answers about ragdoll cat eyes. Generally, ragdolls have blue-colored eyes.

But as there are other breeds out there, you will see their eye color ranges from yellow, green, brown, gold, aqua, and other colors.

It is due to their genetic formation. Not only this, but you often can see some ragdolls that have odd eyes where one is dark blue, and the other is light blue. It happens naturally due to heterochromia. Hence, it is proved that all ragdolls do not have blue eyes.