Do All Maine Coons Have Lynx Tips? Find Out The Truth

Maine Coon cats are famous for their stunning looks and loving behavior. In the middle of all the unique physical features of Maine Coon cats, lynx tips always steal the show.

It is a unique characteristic of Maine Coon cats; it is quite fascinating for other reasons. While there is a perpetual debate regarding the actual definition of lynx tips, ear tufts, and ear furnishings, the lynx tips’ beauty is beyond comparison.

However, the absence of the Lynx tips is misleading. Many cat owners suspect that lynx tips are one of the identifying characteristics of Maine Coon cats.

When they see that a purebred Maine Coon cat does not have them, they refer to the cat as a mixed breed.

Is that truly the case? In this article, we are going to some of the most critical questions on the subject matter. So, let us begin by shortly answering the question at hand.

Do All Maine Coon Cats Have Lynx Tips?


Lynx Tips of the Maine Coons is not only an excellent addition to their charm, but they also have a very significant contribution to the health of the cat.

Although lynx tips should start developing when they are two weeks old, some Maine Coons do not start developing them until they are at least two years old.

It is also quite possible that a Maine Coon never developed this feature at all. Hence, the existence of the lynx tips on a Maine Coon does not depend on the breed’s purity.

Even it is possible that the purest Maine Coon failed to develop lynx tips. The volume and extent of these lynx tips may also vary from cat to cat. Hence, we can say that all the Maine Coons cats do not have lynx tips.

Maine Coon Lynx Tips Explained:

Search an image of Maine Coon Lynx Tips, and you will see images of Maine Coon faces. If you wonder which part is the lynx tips, it is the pointed expansions of hair above their ears.

You can see the ears end at a sharp point, and the strands of hair extend beyond that. The length of the tips cannot be predetermined as it ultimately depends on the genetics of the individual Maine Coon cat.

Apart from the fact that the lynx tips look magnificent on the Maine Coons, these strands of hair also help them in the cold.

Maine Coons belong to the harsh winters of Maine, United States, and as a result, lynx tips are one of their protection against that.

Although they serve as both aesthetic and physical attributes to the breed, lynx tips are not familiar to all the Maine Coon cats worldwide.

The absence of lynx tips often raises the question about the purity of the breed. However, the existence of this feature does not depend on the purity of the breed at all.

While some genes help them in having the lynx tips, their absence only inhibits their growth. There are perfectly pure Maine Coon cats without lynx tips out there.

What Are The Differences Between Lynx Tips, Ear Tufts, and Ear Furnishing:

Maine Coon cats have several ornamental parts to their ears. While all of them sound almost the same, there are very sharp differences between them.

This section will give you clear definitions of these terminologies to help you understand the difference.

Lynx TipsAs discussed previously in this article, lynx tips are the hair that sprouts from the top of the ears and extends up to 4 inches. However, the existence of lynx tips can vary a lot from one Maine Coon to another. The length and volume of the lynx tips do not have predetermined criteria as well.
Ear TuftsEar Tufts are the long strands of hair that comes out of the inner ear, and you can see it dangling outside the ear. These strands give an exciting look to the Maine Coon ears. Ear tufts help the Maine Coons in colder climates and protect them from cold wind.
Ear FurnishingEar Furnishing is just another name for the ear tufts. They sprout from the inner parts of the ear and protect the ears from the colder climates.

Do All Maine Coons Have Ear Tufts?

As you have understood from the previous table, ear tufts and lynx tips are different, serving different purposes.

As you can guess, the existence of ear tufts is much more critical to the survival of the Maine Coon.

It not only protects the inner ear from rain, snow, and frost, ear tufts also restrict the entry of any foreign element into the ear.

As a result, you will observe ear tufts in all the Maine Coon cats. However, the lynx tips are not familiar to every Maine Coon cat.

When Does A Maine Coon Get Their Lynx Tips?

The first sight of lynx tips comes when the kittens are at least two weeks old. If your Maine Coon develops the lynx tips from an early age, it will continue to grow from that stage.

However, if there are no lynx tips, they can also start growing when they are two years old. Failing that time will only mean that the Maine Coon will not grow lynx tips in its lifetime.


By now, you should be comfortable with the concept of lynx tips on Maine Coon cats. The extension of their hair from the tip of the ear is a beautiful ornament to their charm.

While being different from ear tufts/furnishings, they still have some physical attributes as well.

In the end, we can only say that having the lynx tips does not mean that the Maine Coon is from an impure lineage.

Even some of the purebred Maine Coons do not possess the lynx tips. You must love the Maine Coon same no matter what because they are beautiful in their ways.