Different Types Of Siamese Cats : Know How Many Of Them Here Worldwide

Siamese cats belong from Thailand, a south-eastern country in Asia, and paved its way across the United States of America and Europe due to its exquisite looks and strikingly amiable nature.

Every year there are thousands of new Siamese cat adoptions all over the world. This period is a confusing time for any individual.

There are several cat breeds, and every cat breed has different types of cats. Hence, the process of choosing one particular cat is more cumbersome than it sounds.

Siamese cats are not an exception. There are two main categories and several subcategories of Siamese cats.

In this article, we will shed some light on all those types of Siamese cats to make the selection procedure as smooth as possible.

We will discuss the differentiating factors of each type of Siamese cats to understand the difference whenever you see a Siamese cat.

Let us start by going through the main two categories in the following section.

What Are The Different Types of Siamese Cats Available?

Siamese cats have an interesting backstory, and it explains their physical traits quite appropriately. You can understand the differences between the two main categories of Siamese cats.

You can find several articles claiming the existence of only two types of Siamese cats.

However, we can further classify these two categories into several subcategories concerning their head size, tails, or pointed patterns. We can divide the Siamese cats into the following two categories:

  • Traditional Siamese Cats
  • Modern Siamese Cats

The names of these two categories give you an idea about the nature of categorization.

However, there are some striking differences between these two breeds, which we will discuss in the following subsections.

Traditional Siamese Cats:

Traditional Siamese cats are the native cats to the nation of Siam. In later stages, we got to know this country by a different name in Thailand.

This popular tourist destination in the south-eastern part of Asia is the home of the Siamese cats.

The indigenous cats of Siam got the name “Siamese” from the motherland. The most notable features of this type of Siamese cat are the crooked tail and crossed eyes.

Siamese cats gained popularity in Thailand back in the 14th Century. You can also find the pictures of Siamese cat-type felines in the hieroglyphs at the old temples of Thailand.

We know several legends regarding the determination of Siamese cats. However, there is one story that explains the features of this particular type of Siamese Cats.

The myth tells us how Siamese cats had the responsibility of guarding royal goblets. They used to protect those precious objects with their tails, so they have crooked tails.

The myth also says that they stare at the goblets with such determination that their eyes became permanently crossed.

We can divide the traditional Siamese cats into three subcategories. We will discuss each one of those and find the differentiating traits.

Applehead Siamese Cats:

The Applehead Siamese cats are a quieter version of the traditional Siamese cats. The round face is a differentiating factor for this type of Siamese cat.

The skull of this type of Siamese cat has the shape of an apple, which is the reason behind the name. The athletic body of the Applehead Siamese cat also sets them apart from the others.

The tail is also shorter in comparison to the other two traditional Siamese Cats. We cannot generalize a particular type of cat based on its behavior.

However, Applehead Siamese cats owners claim that they are less vocal than the other types of Siamese cats.

Classic Siamese Cats:

Classic Siamese cats are famous for their athletic nature. The long bodies and tails are the distinguishing features of this type of Siamese cat.

They do not have a prominent nose dip.

This breed’s genetics should be similar to the other two traditional Siamese cats, but the physical traits set them apart.

They came into existence back in the 1400s, but CFA included them into the Advanced New Breed category only in 2009.

Old-Style Siamese Cats:

Old-Style Siamese cats are the original type of Siamese cats that surrounded entire Thailand. It has a medium-sized body with prominent facial features.

The broad ears and nose with almond-shaped, crossed eyes are notable features of this type of Siamese cat.

You can differentiate this type from the others by its longer facial structure.

Modern Siamese Cats:

Siamese cats were one of the first domesticated cats in the world. Several scripts of Thailand from the early 1400s claims the existence of Siamese cats in the royalty.

However, Siamese cats came into Europe in the 1800s when Siam people gifted two traditional Siamese cats to one of the British generals’ daughters.

From then, it reached the American shores in the 1900s. Modern Siamese cats are significantly different from the traditional Siamese cats in terms of their physical characteristics.

These differences came into existence because of years of selective breeding in the modern world. We will discuss the physical traits while discussing the subcategories of modern Siamese cats.

Wedge Siamese Cats:

Wedgie or wedge Siamese Cats got their names for the wedge-shaped heads. These cats are the extreme form of any of the Siamese cats in terms of physical attributes.

The position of their ears is also strikingly different from the traditional counterpart. They also have the loudest voice amongst the Siamese cats.

This type of Siamese cat is susceptible to kidney problems.

You have to be extremely careful about their eating habits and activity because of this. You will notice the difference between this type of Siamese cats and others just by looking at it.

Light-colored Siamese Cats:

There are several available colors of a Siamese cat. The body of the Siamese cat has a light cream color. However, the pointed colors can vary from one Siamese to another.

There are six-pointed colors of Siamese cats. In this section, we will look into the light, sharp colors. So, there are primarily three subcategories. Those are as follows:

Cream Points:

Cream Pointed Siamese Cats do not have darker pointed colors. Having the same sharp color as of the body color, you cannot find a pointed pattern. However, the shade of the cat will darken with age.

Lilac Points:

Lilac Pointed Siamese Cats will have light grey tones to their pointed parts like head, tail, and toes. The color may vary from a lighter shade of pink to lilac color.

Chocolate Point:

Chocolate points and seal points are hard to distinguish because of the similar brown points. However, chocolate pointed Siamese cats have a slightly lighter shade of brown.

Dark-colored Siamese Cats:

This category also depends on the color of the pointed sections of the Siamese Cats. We can also divide this type of Siamese cats into three subcategories.

Red Point:

Red pointed Siamese cats have crimson, dark umber, or orange-colored pointed patterns. This type of Siamese cats are notably rare, and you won’t see them often.

Blue Point:

Blue pointed Siamese cats are the darker version of the lilac point. Although it also has dark grey pointed colors, the grey’s blue tinge is responsible for its name. It also has blue colored eyes.

Seal Point:

Like the blue pointed Siamese cats, Seal points are the darker version of the chocolate point. The nose, face, and tails have a darker shade of brown. The body of the seal point Siamese cats also darkens with age.


How Can You Tell What Kind Of Siamese Cat I Have?

There are two things you can do to identify the type of Siamese cat you have. The three ways are –

  • By Inspecting the body structure.
  • Observing the coat

Inspecting their body and head structure and shape is probably the most efficient way of understanding the kind of Siamese cat. Modern Siamese cats are the most extreme perfection when it comes to the inherent qualities of a Siamese cat. Their differences with the Traditional Siamese Cats are quite hard to miss.

There are physical qualities that are different amongst these cats as well. While some of the cats have angular facial structures, others have a more pronounced shape. So, you have to match your idea of a certain type of Siamese cat with the cat you have.

If you have enough similarities, you can be sure of the kind of Siamese cat you have. If you are not convinced, feel free to ask your veterinarian, as they will be certain of the breed.

Observing their coat is a dead giveaway as well. A purebred Siamese cat is bound to have pointed coloration on its coat. The color of the pointed areas may vary from lilac, chocolate, seal, blue, red, brown, etc.

Do Different Types Of Siamese Cats Have The Same Personality?

It is quite hard to preemptively determine how a cat would behave in a certain situation. However, you can observe that a specific breed of cats tends to have similar behavioral characteristics.

As you probably know already, Siamese cats are a friendly, docile, and affectionate cat breed. As far as the behavioral qualities go, they tend to have similar behavior. So, it is important to know whether their behavior changes with the kind of Siamese cat.

However, you will see a clear difference between a mixed breed Siamese cat and a purebred Siamese cat. Purebred Siamese cats are more likely to have those behavioral features than mixed breed cats. However, a mixed breed Siamese cat can also develop those behavioral traits, and they will act just the same.

As far as the different types of Siamese cats go, they all have similar personalities. A thing or two might be different for traditional Siamese cats, as they are a product of unmonitored breeding. Modern Siamese cats will have more pronounced behavioral traits, and you can find the similarities more often than not.

Can You Tell The Difference Between All Types Of Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats can have quite a variety under their belt. However, it is not extremely tough to pick one from the other. The color of the Siamese cat might be difficult to understand, and you are more likely to guess the wrong color than determine the type of Siamese cat.

These cats’ clear distinctive physical features are often hard to miss, and any description of these breeds will give you the correct answer. Our article also paints a clear picture of all the different types of Siamese cats out there.

If you have any doubt regarding their type, you can always consult a veterinarian. You have to keep in mind that the difference in their types does not change the way you should take care of the cat. It also does not affect their behavioral traits.

So, if you want to know the type of Siamese cat to answer the question, it is best to compare the qualities and traits of each type of Siamese cat with your Siamese.


We have discussed nine types of Siamese cats in this article. You can understand the differences in physical characteristics between traditional and modern Siamese cats.

However, it is tough to distinguish between the subcategories of this breed. The behavioral traits of these kinds of Siamese cats primarily remain the same.

All Siamese cats are famous for their excellent and amiable behavior. However, if you want any particular type of Siamese cat, you can differentiate one type of Siamese cat from the other now.

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