12 Cats With Short Legs To See In 2022

The world of cats is enormous, and America recognizes over 70 of them. Cats come in all colors, patterns, structures, and sizes. The quality and texture of the fur are also different for different species. So there is no definite and correct way to categorize a cat; you can choose the parameter accordingly and group the like ones.

In recent years, there has been a rise in cat breeds with short legs. These are dwarf cats and have different hair growth – some have long hair, some have none, while the rest have short hair. The most common short-leg cat breed is the munchkin cat, but it can sometimes be a hybrid of munchkin and another.

This article will discuss cats with short legs, which are incredibly cute despite their tiny stature. These cats are full of entertainment and can brighten your life with their friendly nature. So without any more delay, let us head straight to the topic.

Cats with short legs

Cats are the epitome of quirks and mischiefs. You can never predict what a cat is up to, which helps keep things interesting. If you already have one at home, you will know what I am talking about here.

A growing desire to have cats in miniature versions of their adult counterparts contributes to the popularity of short-legged cats. The most popular among them is the Munchkin breed, which has existed since 1994.

Other dwarf cats include cross breeds of Munchkins with different breeds. Did you ever wonder why these cats have stunted growth? Well, it is all in genetics.

Here are 12 cats with short legs

1. Munchkin Cats

This breed of cats falls under the original dwarf cat category as they appear stout and fluffy and have a high energy drive. The most striking feature of this breed is how despite having short legs, its body and tail are of normal size.

These munchkins cannot grow beyond 8 inches owing to a genetic mutation. The good news is that they live around 12 to 15 years and come in all colors and patterns. If we talk about leg lengths – there are three versions of it.

The shortest is the rug hugger, while the other two include standard and super short munchkins. Another fact to remember is that munchkins cannot jump as high as any normal, traditional cat.

Their short legs do restrict them from soaring high. However, if you want to maintain the shine of their coat, it is advisable to brush them a minimum of three times in a single week.

2. Skookum Cats

From coming into existence in 1990 to growing in popularity – one thing that remains the same about skookum cats is their friendly and intuitive nature. This breed comes into existence due to the breeding between the Munchkin cat and the La Perm cat.

Their weight ranges from 5 to 7 pounds, making them much less weight than other short-leg cats. The best way to spot Skookums is by noticing their legs – the back leg is always bigger than the front one.

Not just that, they are full of energy and do not shy away from chasing laser tags or jumping around the household for long hours. Another good thing is that they come in all colors and patterns. The life span of these cats is around 10 to 15 years, but they have a very active, fruitful life.

3. Minskin Cats

Minskin cats are sweet and full of life. The color and pattern range is wide, and you can choose the one that steals your heart. The easiest way to spot them is by looking out for cats with large eyes, small bodies, and no hair, and they appear kitten-like.

However, do not be sad if you are unable to spot them. These cats are pretty rare to find. To add, life expectancy ranges from around 12 to 15 years, and they do not come with serious health issues.

Minskin cats are growing in popularity but are still not easy to find. Their affectionate nature makes them stand out, and they will not let you forget their charm.

4. Lambkin Cats

A Lambkin is a perfect choice if you want to have a loving and affectionate cat. Its need for attention is so high that you will often find this breed cuddling with its people.

Unlike most cats, a Lambkin enjoys being pet and encourages belly rubs. It also does not mind moving from one corner of the house to the other. Some Lambkins have thick fur that makes them more cuddly than the rest.

The color and pattern scheme is wide, giving you ample options – be it white, beige, or light brown – there is a Lambkin for everyone! Its life expectancy ranges from 12 to 14 years, again pretty standard.

5. Bambino Cats

Intelligent, docile, and affectionate are some of the adjectives that perfectly lay down the traits of a Bambino cat. Physically speaking, these cats are hairless and come with a sparkle in their blue eyes.

They come in black, brown, white, and beige and are small in size. What’s more? This cat species is smart, contributing to many fun-filled activities in the household. Intelligent, these cats know how to convince their person to get what they want. Their lifespan is also pretty decent and ranges from 12-15 years.

6. Dwelf Cats

Ever heard of a cat that has a structure like dwarfs but has the features of an elf? If not, you are yet to come across Dwelf cats. This breed is a mixture of American Curl, Munchkin, and the Sphynx cats and does not weigh more than 9 pounds.

Available in black and natural colors, these cats are hairless, and their body color matches the fur. An interesting thing to note is that many cat owners believe this breed shares similar behavioral traits with a dog.

These cats live for about 8-12 years, and their adorable, friendly nature will fill your home with joy and mischief. However, many experts think it might not be morally correct to breed these cats – as their short legs and hairless body harbors quite a few health concerns.

7. Kinkalow Cats

A hybrid formed from a Munchkin and an American Curl is known as a Kinkalow. It is a very cute and affectionate cat with disproportionate legs compared to its body size.

Their ears have backward curls and come with pointy tips to imitate an appearance like the American Curl. But like their previous generations, this breed is not born with curled eyes.

They start to curl backward after birth. The intensity of the curl is, however, different in felines. As it is a crossbreed, you will also find various coats in them with an even more diverse range of colors.

These cats also come with unique hair intensities – some are hairy, some are standard, and many are plain hairless. Its average life span ranges from 10 to 15 years.

8. Genetta Cats

The Genetta Cats came into existence as late as 2006 due to a development conducted by Shannon Killey. Munchkins and Bengal cats come together to form the Genetta, which is why the cat shares similar traits.

However, this breeding intended to create a cat that would share similar traits with the wild African Genet but would have short and thick legs.

This cat’s coat is striking: it comes in marble and a rosette form. It is important to note that irrespective of their wild nature, these cats love to cuddle and are fond of humans. If you have a Genetta cat, you will likely find it chasing laser tags for hours.

9. The American Curl Cats

True to its name, the American Curl cat has curled-up ears. The aesthetic ear curl is due to genetic mutation, as it has short legs. They are available in many colors and are the perfect playmate for adults and kids.

These cats are excellent partner-in-crime and social butterflies and come with a life expectancy of about 10 to 13 years. It is funny how their curled-up ears make them look like an owl.

However, be rest assured that these cats are not much of a fuss and would enjoy their me time as much as playing hours. Another good news is that their short legs do not contribute to health concerns. They are perfectly healthy and full of energy.

10. Minuet Cats

Formerly known as Napoleon, Minuet cats are the most adorable of all cats and are a pleasure to pet. They are extremely friendly, social, and energetic – and are the perfect inclusion to any household.

Its physicality comprises a short snout and legs, a round face, and a thick fur coat. You can never have a dull day when around a Minuet cat. They fill the room with so much joy and energy that it is almost impossible not to want to smile or play with them.

The lifespan of this cat is also decent, with an average of 9-13 years. However, the best part is that these cats are available in all colors, so you will most likely find one that suits your taste.

11. Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat is the first individually acclaimed breed of Asian cats. One striking feature of theirs is the almond-shaped deep blue eyes that look beautiful when sun rays pass through them.

Another good thing is that you can easily locate Siamese cats as their physical appearance is different from other short legs cats. These cats have an elongated body that looks weird with short legs.

They are lightweight and are a perfect companion to have around. If you compare their life expectancy with other cat breeds, you’ll notice that it is much better. The average is around 10-14 years.

12. Scottish Kilt Cats

The combination of Munchkin cats with the Scottish Fold cats resulted in the formation of the Scottish Kilt cat. The breeding ensures that this cat breed has both parent breeds’ qualities.

Owing to the characteristics of the Munchkin cats, this breed, too, has short legs. The weight ranges from around 6 to 9 lbs. These cats love to play and are very friendly with their humans. Despite the rigorous health ailments, this cat breed has a life expectancy of 15 years.


We hope you had a good time reading about all these short-legged cat breeds. It is important to note that most of them fall in the rarest find category, with the American Curl being the easiest to come across. The Munchkin and Bambino breeds are also quite popular. However, many of these cats are also newly discovered and have some health issues. Safe to say that in the upcoming years, we will be able to see many more of them.

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