Cat Sitting Down Like A Human : Here’s Why [ Updated ]

Cats are weird creatures and are known to imitate their favorite humans from time to time. Some quirky behavioral traits include getting themselves into trouble, sitting in contorted positions, and marking territories by rolling over and leaving their scent. The remarkable flexibility in cats can leave you spellbound and in awe of it.

There is no proper scientific explanation for why cats sit down like humans. However, if this sitting position intrigues you and the desire to decode runs in you, this article is your best bet.

Why is your cat sitting down like a human?

Cats have different ways of sitting, starting from sprawling, curling up, sitting straight, or even imitating humans. There is no specific reason why your cat sits humanly, but some logic comes into play. Let us now talk about them in detail.

1. Cats tend to imitate human behavior

According to various research papers, cats pick up human behavior over time. You will often see their eating timings colliding with yours or their sleeping hours syncing with yours. If your feline friend spends much time with you, it starts molding into your schedule.

Cats catch up to a routine faster and are more prone to adapt. There have also been cases wherein the pooping time was at par with humans. It happens due to your cat picking up your traits and schedules. Funny enough? Wait until I tell you that humans also sometimes end up mimicking their cats.

2. Your cat wants to let you know that it trusts you

Building the correct foundation and establishing trust is a major concern for all cat lovers. Cats are extremely intuitive and moody as animals, and even though you may be close to your feline friend – it takes time to let you in and feel safe around you.

When a cat sits like a human, its belly is visible to the human. It may not seem huge, but cats are conscious of exposing their vulnerable parts. This behavior indicates an immense level of trust and faith that your cat has in you.

A friendly advice would be not to start rubbing its belly instantly. Allow your cat to guide you to avoid crossing boundaries that will break your cat’s trust.

3. The human-like sitting position is comfortable for the cat

Cats love comfort and function best when at ease. You will notice your cat being in an optimal mood when it is not exposed to a complex situation or is not under the control of rules.

When we talk about flexibility, cats can stretch the most and have the ability to twist and turn like no other. The best thing to do when you spot a cat sitting like a human is to let it be. Do not interrupt its movement, as cats dislike being bothered and enjoying their space.

4. Your cat wants to groom itself

A good quality about cats is that they like grooming themselves. Unlike humans, who can sweat to cool down, cats are incapable of it. So it tries to cool down by grooming.

Sitting like a human helps your cat to reach out to the belly better and improves the cleaning process. It will shock that cats spend around five hours every day cleaning their parts. There are a few ways in which a cat prefers cooling down-

  •  Your cat moves to a shady place devoid of light. In many cases, this place turns out to be a cool tiled ground.
  •  It gives out sweat from the paws.
  •  Grooming with the help of saliva
  • If your cat feels warm, it’d open its mouth wide and pant.
  • Sleep and sit while stretching.

5. Your cat wants your attention

Cats are attention seekers and always want to be at the center of the household. From rolling over on the ground to making cute, purring sounds – cats do everything to get their human’s attention.

So sitting like a human could be one of the many tactics your cat puts into action to grab your attention. We often tend to misunderstand the need for attention as the cat wanting to play. However, that is not always true.

My advice would be to stay clear of the belly rubs.

6. Your cat is lazy to shift positions

Cats are peculiar and can become lazy to do even the basic activities. It should not be a shocker as cats are mostly fond of sleeping and keeping to themselves.

Many theories support that sitting like a human is one of the most comfortable postures for a cat. So don’t be surprised if you find your cat sitting like you, as this is one of its eccentric behaviors.

7. Your cat wants belly rubs

Cats are sometimes difficult to understand as their need for touch can be subjective. Some cats are friendlier and would encourage belly rubs, while the rest will detest any form of touch.

Give some time to understand your cat’s body language, as there are chances of misunderstandings. Belly rubs are a great way to bond with your cat, but your interaction changes its course if you do it incorrectly.

8. Your cat desires back support

Sitting like a human gives a certain level of back support to the cat, which it enjoys. It is why you may often find cats sleeping in this position. If you get lucky, you can also find your cat snoring sometimes.


Cats are gorgeous, and we can not love them. Cats are absolute favorites, whether it is their need for attention or their quirky, weird sitting positions! We hope this article was helpful.

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