Cat Peeing Over Edge Of Litter Box? [ Reasons & Ways to Stop Them ]

It is quite a prevalent issue among cat owners who can not prevent their cats from peeing over the litter box edge. There are several reasons for them doing so and many ways to stop this habit of your cats.

You would not want your cats to continue this habit of peeing over the edge of the litter box. And for that, you must understand why your cats are doing so. There must be some reason, and every reason has some solution. So, as you know about the cause of the problem, you can easily find its solution.

The following discussion covers all the required aspects relating to the habit of the cats peeing over the edge of the litter box. So, if you want to prevent your cats from continuing such a habit, follow the given discussion in detail.

Why do cats pee over the edge of the litter box?

You must know why your cat is exhibiting such behavior. There are numerous reasons, and you must go through all of them to find out which of them can most precisely be the reason for your cat to pee over the edge of the litter box.

Here are the different reasons that explain why your cat is peeing over the edge of the litter box.

Health issue

One of the most worrisome reasons is that your cat may have some health issues. In Particular, a problem in the urinary tract of the cats might be one reason. The pressure created due to the urinal flow can sometimes be unbearable for them.

Also, older cats might be suffering from arthritis. And thus, it is pretty difficult for them to squat while peeing. Also, if your cat is suffering from diabetes, it can be another reason.

It would be ideal for your cat to take them to a vet and get them checked. If there is anything serious to look after, it will be diagnosed and help your cats gain better health.

The litter box is too small

The wild breed of cats is not accustomed to peeing in tiny litter boxes. Even a small cat wanders around the neighborhood to urinate and defecate in a large open area. When you bring your pet cat inside your house, you cannot expect them to pee in the tiny litter box kept in the corner of the room.

Even if you adopt a stray cat, they might also face difficulties peeing in a small corner of your house. It will take them some time to learn the house rules and get used to a smaller place to pee.

Litter isn’t deep or is too deep

The litter boxes might be too deep for some short cats, or some gigantic cats might feel that the litter box is very shallow. There isn’t a perfect shape for a litter box for cats.

Maybe you could adjust the depth by placing the litter box on something to make it look deeper, or you can stuff your litter box to make it shallow. You can also try contacting places that make personal customized litter boxes for your cats.

The litter box isn’t clean

Just like humans, cats also like a clean place to be their washroom. If the litter box isn’t clean, the cat is definitely going to pee over the edge. So this is a very easy-to-fix problem—cats like clean, fresh, and bigger areas to litter.

Make sure your cat’s litter is scooped at least once a day. Moreover, you can also train your cat to pee in an empty spot in your garden. This way, they can dig up a particular area, and additionally, they can also breathe some fresh air.

They are spraying

When the cat urinates standing up, there are fair chances of spraying. Both female and male cats will spray, and this is an act of standing up and peeing on the vertical surfaces. Cats usually spray to mark their territory.

This generally happens when you have a new pet added to your house, and your cat declares its own area. Sometimes, neutered cats can also spray at the time of mating.

In that case, you can visit the vet to confirm the situation. Cats also spray without noticing; this generally happens when your cat is stressed, and it does not crouch enough to pee and is more likely to spray all over.

You have to have a high peeing cat

You don’t need to worry much if you have a high peeing cat. Your cat is completely healthy and doesn’t fit in any of the above concerns. You just need to get a different litter box for your cat, covering a large area.

This way, the litter box absorbs all the pee, and the stink and the litter area remain clean and fresh for the entire day. Also, you can try placing the litter box on raised areas.

Sore paws

Your pet cat might possess a sore paw, making it challenging to move around and pee. They might also face problems standing, peeing, and smearing over the entire area. The sore paws can be caused due to various reasons.

It would be best to find the accurate one to consult a veterinarian. You can gently rub the paws to provide them comfort by using lukewarm water and a small pinch of salt inside it.


Your pet cat must be used to peeing over the edge of litter boxes. This happens when your cats live out as stray animals before you adopt it. It must have learned that from its mother or other older cats nearby.

So it might take a while for your cat to change its habit and follow the new house rule. But if it continues to pee over the edge of the litter box without frustration, you must figure out the problem and take the necessary steps.

There are many ways in which the problems can be fixed. You can start by visiting the vet to figure out the cause first. Then you can take the necessary steps and medicines to cure the problem.

Also, you can try modifying the arrangement of the litter box area and its type. Try out all types until you find the perfect litter box for your cat. Try changing its routine and find out which one suits your cat the most.

How do I stop my cat from peeing over the edge of the litter box?

You can do various things to stop your cat from peeing on the edge of the litter box, and it does not take up much time and money. The following points can be helpful:

  • Try to change the stop from time to time to avoid the monotony. You can also try changing the litter box according to the cat’s liking.
  • You can try taking your cat to an open and large area. It can dig out its spot to pee. The cat loves fresh air and open spaces to explore and find its area to litter.
  • Try cleaning the litter box as many times as you can. To be precise, cleaning the litter box at least once a day is essential. The cat likes its litter box clean and fresh smelling. You can try placing a fragrance of your cat’s liking. This way, you can make your pet cat pee over the litter box instead of peeing over the edge.
  • Your cat can also have arthritis and finds it difficult to pee correctly. So you might consider visiting a doctor to help out your cat with the problem.
  • Your cat might have hurt its paw, and it’s sore now. You can try to soothe its paw and help it for a few days until it gets better.
  • You can spread a waterproof litter mat around a few places in the house where your cat tends to pee.
  • If your cat sprays on the wall, you can get wall protectors on some online websites at cheap rates. This way, your wall gets stink-free.
  • If your cat is spraying, you can consider getting it neutered, but only after consulting a vet. You can also introduce your cat to mating.
  • Do not make haste in making any sort of decision. Take some time and help your cat with accurate aid.


There could be so many reasons why your cat pees over the edge of the litter box. And there are equally as many solutions. All you need to do is keep a good observation.

Try to figure out the symptoms and patterns of your cat and put forward the necessary changes. Make sure that if your pet cat directly starts peeing over the edge of a small litter box instead of peeing inside it or is showing some problems, you should visit a veterinarian doctor.