Cat Nail Caps Pros And Cons : Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Cat nail caps are an effective solution to the scratching problem of cats. These are simple plastic covers that do not have any sharp edges.

These easy-to-apply caps can be a great help if your cat is scratching at random surfaces and destroying valuable furniture.

Many cat owners choose the option of declawing a cat entirely. However, this process can leave the cat vulnerable, and it can be scarring for the cat.

That is why nail caps give you an effective solution to the scratching problem. However, each solution comes with associated drawbacks.

In this article, we will compare the advantages & disadvantages of nail caps. Let’s start by shedding light on the various benefits of using a nail cap. 

Pros Of Nail Caps:

The following list shows all the benefits of using a nail cap on your cat:

  1. Nail caps always have a blunt edge in comparison to actual nails. As a result, it helps in protecting the valuable furniture or walls in your home. If you are facing problems on that front, these plastic covers should be a great help.
  2. Scratching comes naturally to cats, and their harmless scratches can also be painful to the people around them. As a result, if you are leaving the cat with children or a cat sitter, nail caps can protect the people from the cat.
  3. Nail caps are a temporary solution to the scratching problem. Nail caps fall off the nails after four to six weeks as the nail grows. As a result, you can choose to discard this option at any point in time. 
  4. You can apply the nail caps alone, and it is a simple process.
  5. You can use nail caps while training the cats as it protects their claws from breaking.
  6. The simple application method also ensures that the cat does not feel any irritation and does not feel any discomfort.
  7. Declawing is an inhuman and risky endeavor for cats, and nail caps provide you with a much safer and healthier alternative.

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Cons Of Nail Caps:

Now that you know about the possible benefits of using nail caps, you have to know the problems of choosing them as your option. Here are the possible drawbacks:

  1. As the nail caps are not sharp enough, the cats cannot protect themselves if the situation may arrive. So, experts recommend that you can use them on the cats who stay indoors.
  2. Paws are a sensitive part of the body, and you might find it challenging to install these caps on the nails.
  3. The cat might walk awkwardly for a few days after putting them on. They should be okay after a few days.
  4. Any new accessory can prove to be difficult for the cats. If the cat does not get comfortable with the nail caps within a few days, you might need to avoid this next time.
  5. In some cases, nail caps can be a potential threat to cats if they eat them. You have to take the cat to a veterinarian if the situation comes to that. 
  6. Nail caps also reduce grip, and as a result, cats are unable to climb.
  7. Plastic nail caps can be hazardous to the environment as they are not biodegradable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Nail Caps:

The previous sections should shed some light on the possible pros and cons of using nail caps for the cat. Now, we will answer a few questions that we come across regarding nail caps.

Are Nail Caps Safe For My Cat?

Yes, nail caps are perfectly safe for the cat. If your cat does not habitually eat the nail caps, you should face no problem with them.

It is one of the safest ways to stop the destructive clawing habit of cats. Installing these measures does not cause any pain or irritation to the cat. However, you can go through the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Is It Possible To Climb Using Nail Caps?

Nail Caps can hinder the climbing options for your cat. Sharp claws help in this feat as they can grab the surfaces more easily.

The blunt edges of the nail caps make climbing almost impossible. If your cat likes to climb a tree or cat tree, you have to think of other alternatives.

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It is one of the main reasons why experts do not use nail caps for outdoor cats. Otherwise, nail caps are an effective solution to the destructive scratching problem. 

Will Nail Caps Bother My Cat?

Nail caps can be a little irritating for the cat after installing them on their nails. However, it should not bother the cat after a few days.

Many cats do not like the feeling of having a nail cap on their nails. So, you have to consider the situation and respond to the cat’s needs if it is not comfortable.

What is my favorite nail cap product?

Vichy 140pcs Cat Nail Caps is probably one of the best nail caps in the market. You can find these caps in four different sizes depending on your cat.

They claim these nail caps to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. One of this product’s best features is finding them in multiple colors and comes with its glue and applicator.

The product has a very well-received review from the customers, and it is one of the best ones available in the market.


As you can see, nail caps are an extremely viable option for a cat that stays indoors for most of its time. If the cat is comfortable with the nail caps, there is no other reason why you shouldn’t use them.

It can reduce the destruction due to scratching entirely.

If you are still confused about what to do, you can go through the pros and cons again to make a concrete decision. There’s no harm in making your cat have cute pink nails if they are comfortable with it.

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