Cat Acts Like Something Stuck In Mouth? Here’s Why & What To Do

There can be a wide range of explanations as to why your cat acts like something stuck in its mouth. One might own calm and composed cats, or one can own hyped-up cats.

Well, if you are one of those owners whose cats are notorious, then you must always be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

For instance, if your cat swallows something while exploring it, then you might have to end up rushing to the veterinarian immediately. It can also show signs of something stuck in its mouth if it has some sort of infection or bruise inside its mouth. 

Cat acts like something stuck in its mouth: Why?

Cats act like something is stuck in their mouth mostly because it is experiencing some tooth-related problems. Tooth decay might be bothering your cat or perhaps some gum infections or tooth abscess.

Perhaps she has eaten something that is causing some irritations inside her mouth, or she might be suffering from a high respiratory infection or asthma.

Or simply, there must be a foreign particle stuck inside your cat’s mouth. Many such reasons come up when it concerns the whining of your cat. A few of them can be:

1. Hairball stuck inside the mouth.

Everything in the digestive tract is known as bezoar. Hairballs are the type of bezoars that a cat ingests, which would behave collected while the cat was being groomed.

Many cats are discarded during the year but melt twice during the year.

During this period, they consume more hair than usual, which contributes to the formation of a hairball. When the hair gets collected in the digestive tract, irritation builds up inside your cat’s system.

The cat might drool while coughing out the hairball, and a little bit of crying can be expected.

Then the cat might show a tone of vomiting, more like coughing. You might even notice your cat putting out its tongue to lift the hairball. Once the hairball is out, you and your cat both can relax.

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2. Foreign matters

A hairball is very unpleasant for a cat, but it typically does not affect very much. But if your cat is continuously coughing or wheezing and there is no hairball, then there has to be a foreign particle that is bothering your cat even more than a hairball.

If the particle is small, it passes through, but if it is big, then it is likely to get trapped in the mouth or the throat. The cat might feel a chill down the throat if it consumes something unwanted.

Usually, this is not an imminent danger. Your cat is just annoyed and wants to get rid of the stuck particle. In that case, you can take her to the vet and get the job done as soon as possible before anything serious happens.

3. Asthma

If it seems that your cat is choking and continuously coughing, it might be possible that your cat is suffering from asthma. Feline asthma is one of the most seen cases of asthma amongst cats, whereas only 1 percent of human beings are affected by it.

If a cat is suffering from an asthma attack, its respiratory tract inflames and strains, which makes it even harder for them to breathe.

Then you might want to go to the doctor to get your cat tested. Minor asthma attacks lead to minor coughs. In general, you should not smoke in front of your asthmatic cat.

4. Congestive heart failure

Coughing can be a symptom that your cat suffers from heart problems. This coughing must be a prolonged symptom, and it is an indication that you have to visit a doctor now.

If your cat is coughing for a long time and none of the above is the cause of its whining, then you might also get aware that your cat is having a cardiac arrest, whether a minor one or a major one.

Sometimes there are chances that your cat has eaten something unwanted, and it is now having heartburns. In that case, you can try feeding her some water, but if it does not calm down, then you should take her to the vet.

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5. Infection

If your cat acts like something is stuck inside its mouth, then another cause of it can be that it is sick due to some disease or having some infections caused by some parasite in the mouth and is getting annoyed by it.

Weeping or squirming cats are the symptoms.

Lungworms are fatal parasites that can cause infections in the respiratory tract of cats, and your cat starts coughing and wheezing continuously. In that case, a veterinarian can help your cat.

6. Allergies

Cats, just like human beings, are prone to allergies. Some food material or some particles in the air, dust, your cloth material, various plants, etc., can be the cause of your cat’s allergy.

Cats can even be allergic to washing kinds of stuff in your home, or any kind of soaps or detergents might also be a cause of your cat’s cough and wheeze.

In this type of scenario, you might consider observing the pattern of your cat’s activities and find out exactly what is the cause of the allergy. Or you can also take your cat to the vet to run some allergy tests.

7. Dental problems

Your cat might be suffering from a cavity. Also, there is a chance that she is developing a new tooth inside and is probably irritated by the new thing appearing inside its mouth.

You can give her something to chew on as that might relieve the cat from teething. Rest all the other problems such as gum problems or tooth problems can only be solved when your cat is taken to the doctor.

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What to do if your cat acts like something stuck in your mouth?

Cats generally use their tongues and mouths to explore the world around them. This habit of theirs might end up putting them in all sorts of problems. This problem cannot be eliminated, but there are a few things you can do so that this problem can be reduced:

  1. You can keep your cat under good observation.
  2. You can get rid of the things that cause allergies to your cat.
  3. You can find better distractions for your cat to not go scratching the dirt.
  4. You can take your cat for regular monitoring and checkups.
  5. You can take time and train your cat for the DOs and DONTs.


It is quite natural for animals to play around and fall in trouble. If your cat is notorious and aggressive, you should always be prepared for anything. Also, you cannot make an animal’s actions.

Better you train your cat accordingly. And even after you have tried everything you could do, your cat just won’t stop having extreme fun and exploring.

Then you just have to carry your cat to the veterinarian every time you suspect something is wrong. Rest, you can enjoy your time with your furry friend.

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