Can You Touch Newborn Kittens? Here’s The Sensitive Answer

Here you’ve to agree that there’s nothing cuter or better susceptible than the infant kitties. Their minuscule “mews” are sufficient to make your day.

They’re warm, delicate, and heaping all on top of one another. And they’re so little; you could likely fit two infant kittens in the palm of your hand. 

It tends to be staggeringly enticing to get them. Yet, is it protected to contact infant kittens? How might the mother feline feel about it? When it becomes affordable to leave an infant kitten?

Though there are a few protections, however, not hard and fast standards, given the circumstance that you should remember whether you end up with a clump of kittens in your consideration.

And this is what this article is about where you’ll gather information about:

Can I Touch An Infant Kitten?

Maybe yes, and maybe no! Vets and feline specialists concur that there is commonly no damage in contacting infant kittens, intentionally or unintentionally.

Nonetheless, the general guideline is to abstain from doing as such while their eyes are shut except if there’s a dire motivation to do so.

It will likewise rely upon the mother feline’s character. It is viewed as a typical mom feline conduct to get forceful if you or other relatives go close to her infant kittens. 

For the most part, you can quickly hold and contact the infant kittens upon birth to check for a draining placenta or birth films in the mouth and to check their sex.

You may likewise contact them in any event once every day during the next few days to check on the off chance they’re putting on weight.

Be that as it may, don’t try too hard as the mother feline may feel pushed and restless. If you notice an adjustment in the mom feline’s mind, at that point, quit contacting the kittens and heed the mom feline’s sentiments. 

Some mom cats are defensive of their kittens, and on the off chance that she and the kittens are upset again and again by individuals or other pets, they may move the kittens to a more isolated region.

By and by, because you’re the mother cat’s parent, she may permit you to hold and contact her kittens since she confides in you and partners you with security and solace for her kitten.

If the mom cat isn’t forceful and permits you to contact her infant kittens, this is a decent sign.

just don’t be self-satisfied as a mother feline’s maternal impulse may win anytime, and she may unexpectedly assault you on the off chance that you draw too close to her kittens.

When Is It Safe To Touch Newborn Kittens?

Your response to this relies upon how well the feline knows and trusts you and your presence close to her kittens.

On the off chance that it’s your pet cat that you’ve had for a significant period, she most likely wouldn’t bother that you contact her kittens.

If you feel the opposite, proceed gradually and ensure she approves of it before you contact them.

In any case, no newborn kittens definitely should not be handled that much at all until they are around fourteen days old.

On the off chance that you handle them, make sure to either wear proper and delicate gloves or wash your hands together.

Additionally, as kittens are born with their eyes closed, which they will gradually open up but not for at least 8-14 days right after birth, don’t feel tempted to open their eyes on your own.

It may even lead to blindness. If you find their eyes swollen or something else, wipe them off with clear water and soft tissue.

Again, don’t try doing this before at least 8-14 days of birth. After this period, you may get them to a vet for all your practical concerns. 

When Can I Leave The Newborn Kitties Alone?

See, you don’t generally need to stress on the habitat of any kitten, and it is typically best to disregard them with their mother.

Chances are their mom has delivered her kittens in a safe region around your house &is thinking about her kitties.

The kittens are warm and nursing milk from their mother.


You should be worried that their settling place isn’t reasonable for the mom feline and litter so that you may move them to an ideal and safe place following a day or two. 

In any case, be extremely attentive to the mother feline’s conduct and be watchful if she’s showing offensive or forceful conduct of you contacting her kittens more and often without her consent.

Provided she isn’t satisfied with this, at that point, forego your notion of moving them to another region until the mother feline is quiet and agreeable to this.


Be it full-grown cats or their newborn kittens, we humans are blessed with a kind heart that makes us feel touched by them.

However, there are some things you need to pay heed to when it comes to cute kittens, their handling, and all.

You need to get the above information through your mind, and the next time you come across a kitten, you’ll be able to respond suitably, keeping the interests of both parties in hand.

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