Can You Soundproof A Dog Crate? Here’s What You Need To Know

Soundproofing a dog crate has several advantages. It helps keep the barking noise low and does not let loud noise reach the dog.

Fireworks or any such loud noise can startle the dogs, and they suffer from a tortuous time. If you soundproof the dog crate, it can reduce the noise level inside the home as well.

So, you might wonder if it is a good idea to make the dog crate soundproof. In this article, we will answer that very question and suggest how you can soundproof the crate.

We will also explore the drawbacks of this process and give you an overall idea of the situation. Let us start by answering the question at hand.

Can You Soundproof A Dog Crate?

A soundproof dog crate can have several benefits in your daily life. So, you can make the dog crate soundproof for the sake of your dog and home. You can have the following advantages if you soundproof the dog crate:

  • It shields the barking to a great extent
  • It keeps the dog protected from loud noise
  • It helps in keeping the dog calm and relaxed

Ways To Make A Dog Crate A Little Bit Soundproof:

There are several ways by which you can make your dog’s cage soundproof. These methods do not guarantee that you will not hear the dogs entirely.

A soundproof dog crate can reduce the noise level to a low value both for your family and your dog. You can go through the following methods to make the dog crate soundproof:

1. Using Soundproof Covers:

Several dog crate covers can protect the exterior and the interior from shielding the sound. It also helps in making a soft and comfortable cushion for the dog.

They can get scared, and a soft covering can reduce the chances of getting injured by the metal cage. These covers are breathable and washable.

You can shield the amount of noise going in the cage and coming out of the cage.

One of the best soundproof covers that you can buy on Amazon is Midwest Dog Crate Cover. It comes in various sizes depending on the size of the dog crate, ranging from 22 inches to 48 inches.

The unique Teflon fabric does not let the cover catch any stain or smell. You can raise any side of this cover to give the dog free access to the cage.

Whether you choose this cover or not, there are some factors that you should keep in mind while buying a dog crate cover.

  • You can wash it in the washing machine
  • The fabric is breathable
  • It has comfortable padding for the dog
  • It lets light come into the crate.

2. Using Moving Blankets:

Moving blankets are a particular type of blanket which absorbs sound better than the regular ones.

You can put one or two moving blankets on the crate to guard it against any unwanted noise in the surrounding.

They also provide a comfortable cushion for your dog when you place them in the bottom. It is a very cheap alternative to the soundproof covers. 

Wen Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets are an exceptional brand that produces such moving blankets. You can get them in a pack of six, which are more than sufficient for a dog crate.

The manufacturers use machine washable polyester to construct these blankets. As a result, you can wash them quickly if the dog pees inside the crate in fright.

You have to make sure that the previously mentioned factors are valid in this case as well. If you want a cost-effective solution to keeping your dog calm, you can purchase this product with ease.

3. Using Absorption Sheet:

It is another solution that does not require a high degree of craftsmanship from your end. Absorption sheets are capable of absorbing high to mid-level noise.

It will help the dog to stay calm inside the cage. These sheets also serve as a cushion for the frozen panes of the cages.

Your dog will be safe and comfortable inside the cage if you use absorption sheets to line the cage. You have to make sure that the sides are covered such that no sound can come in or go out. 

Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad is one of the best absorption sheets available on the market. The waterproof quality will come in handy if the dog wets sheet in fright.

There are several sizes available on the website, which will help get the perfect dog cage you have. The manufacturers claim that the absorption sheets can also hold sufficient amounts of liquid inside. 

Issues With Soundproofing A Crate:

Sometimes, it is necessary to soundproof the dog crate for the dog’s sake and peace of mind. However, soundproofing the dog crate is not a foolproof plan. You can face the following problems if you soundproof the dog crate:

1. Heating:

It is one of the most significant problems of soundproofing a dog crate. In this process, you are surrounding the crate with soundproof material.

For maximum efficiency, there should not be any space where the sound can come from. However, this also does not leave any room for ventilation. These solutions can heat the inside of the cage unnaturally, and it can create an undesirable condition for the dog. 

2. Ventilation:

You have to make sure that you purchase the soundproofing material from a pet shop or the manufacturers claiming that the material is breathable. You must make sure that the dog can easily breathe inside the soundproofed crate.

3. Darkness:

While using the sheets to surround the dog crate, you don’t leave any space for light to come inside. The darkness often brings a sense of calmness to the dog.

However, sometimes the dog can become more paranoid inside complete darkness. The dog can also hurt itself in the darkness. That is why you should never leave the dog in complete darkness.


Keeping a dog inside a soundproof dog crate can help it stay calm, and it will also maintain a more peaceful situation at home.

In this article, we have given you four methods by which you can help the dog and yourself.

However, you have to make sure that you have addressed the potential problems of using a soundproof material.

In the end, if you want a permanent solution to this problem, take a closer look at the factors that are making the dog bark.