Can You Shave A Pitbull? Find Out The Truth Here

Pitbulls have a thin coat of hair, and owners are often curious if they can shave their hair. Grooming your Pitbull is never an easy task as you need to know the proper way to do the job.

Pitbulls shed too much hair during certain times of the year, and it becomes necessary for the owner to think about shaving the dog to reduce hassle and chances of dog allergies.

Can you shave a Pitbull?

Yes, you can shave your Pitbull’s hair when it is needed. But, they have a skinny coats and do not require frequent shaving.

You need to be very careful while grooming them, and you need to have a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of their specific needs.

They can sometimes shed a lot of hair, and shaving becomes necessary to resolve this issue.

Occasional shaving also helps them to stay clean and prevents insects and other pests from taking shelter in their fur.

But, shaving a Pitbull from a professional dog groomer can be quite expensive. You can do it yourself if you learn about the essential tips and tricks required to perform the job correctly.

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Tips for shaving your Pitbull

1. Bathe the dog

Your Pitbull needs a thorough cleanse and bath before you shave its hair. You need to use dog shampoos for bathing them and then pat them completely dry before cutting their hair.

It will help to calm their sensitive skin and remove all the dirt and germs. It will also help to loosen the hair follicles so that they can come off quickly while shaving.

The job will be much more comfortable as you do not have to go over and over with the trimmer. It will prevent painful ripping of the hair and keep the dog comfortable during the process.

2. Consider hiring a professional

Pitbulls are known to have a skinny coat of hair. It makes the task of shaving them more challenging as there are risks of injuries involved.

You should not opt to cut their hair with household scissors or a razor on your own until you have any prior experience of doing the job.

It is always recommended to hire a professional dog groomer to shave your Pitbull. It can be a bit expensive to hire a professional, but such an investment ensures your dog’s safety.

These professionals know what is best for your dog. They also have the required tools for shaving your Pitbull safely and are trained to keep them calm throughout the process.

3. Choose the right types of equipment.

If you choose to shave the Pitbull on your own, you need to buy the necessary equipment required for it. Household scissors and other cutting tools designed for humans are not at all appropriate to be used on a dog.

Uniform shave cannot be ensured with these tools, and it also increases the risks of injury. Dog clippers and trimmers should be used to shave you, Pitbull.

You should read the package’s instructions properly and try it on an inanimate object before using it on the dog. It will also ensure that shaving is precise and time-efficient.

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4. Shave towards the direction of hair growth

While shaving the Pitbull’s hair, it is crucial to follow the direction of their hair growth.

The hair might point towards different directions on different parts of the body. You should keep a close eye on it and shave only in that particular direction.

If you accidentally shave towards the opposite direction of the hair growth, it might cause pain to the dog. It can also lead to a rash or painful blisters on the skin.

The dog might even get irritated as their hairs will be pulled repetitively, and they might start to twitch and shake. This will ultimately result in a tedious session of shaving and might cause injuries.

5. Avoid Close shaves

Although Pitbulls have a very thin coat of hair, it is important to leave a bit of hair behind while shaving the dog.

You should never shave close to the dog’s skin to avoid injuries and many other problems. It would be best if you used special trimmers with a narrow extension near the dog’s delicate areas.

It increases the chances of sunburn when the dog is exposed to the sun. Such burns can be painful and might cause blisters o the skin.

It also increases the risk of cuts and bleeding in the dog. It might even leave behind residual hair embedded on the skin, causing a problem of renewed hair growth in the future.

6. Be careful and go slow.

If you do not have any prior experience of shaving a Pitbull, you must be extra careful while doing it for the first time.

You have to be gentle and comforting to the dog and ensure that they are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Please do not rush the process as you might leave behind patches of hair around different places on the dog’s body, or you might cut its delicate skin.

Determine the parts of the dog’s body you want to shave beforehand and plan accordingly.

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7. Calm the dog

It is essential to ensure that the dog is calm before you decide to shave it. If it has no prior experience with the razor and scissors, there are chances that it might panic.

If you do not ensure that your dog is comfortable with the process, it could lead to several problems.

The dog might be stressed out and move around a lot, which increases the chances of injuries.

The Pitbull must enjoy the shaving process and not dread it. You could introduce it to the shaving table and other equipment for use before the day of shaving.

It would ensure that the dog does not get anxious with the new tools, and the process is not stressful for your beloved dog.


Safety should always be the primary concern while you are shaving your Pitbull. Never shave the dog without reason, as it might be harmful to their health.

You need to take good care of its coat after you shave its hair. Shaving is only recommended about once a year or when necessary and should be done by people who are well informed about the dog’s needs.