Can You Shave a Cat With Human Clippers? Here’s The Answer

​If you have a cat & you take good care of his grooming, I am sure you have asked this question yourself at least once in your life – Can you shave a cat with human clippers?

Well, in today’s article, I will be sharing the exact answer and let you know if you can use human clippers to groom your kitten or not.

​Let’s get started

Fur serves many uses for cats aside from keeping the cats warm, fur also keeps the skin from injuries.(1)

You can tell from a cat’s fur whether they’re angry or calm; you know when their hackles are raised. Cat’s fur also traps a layer of air within their coat so they will still feel cool even in warm weather.

​But, shaving cats can sometimes be a necessity.

While they love to groom themselves, their fur can grow in such length that would develop mats.(2)

​Mats are not such a good sight to see in cats. Plus, they leave your feline feeling unhappy and uncomfortable.

Shaving your cat is easy, especially if you already know how to handle their demeanor. The only question is, can you do it at home with your clippers? The same one you use with your hair?

​Can you shave a cat with human clippers?

With all that was said about how important fur is to cats, the question of whether you should shave them or not is still out there.

​So, should you shave? Yes.

Should you shave them with your clipper? Your human clipper? Not advisable. That’s because most of them won’t work well on your kitten.

Sure, some human clippers claim they are designed to work with pets, too.

But, most of them do not work too well with removing substantial patches of fur from felines since they either get stuck or overheat.

Cats may even get hurt with you using a shaver that is not designed for them. The shaver will probably run into a jam and may end up pulling your cat’s hair and hurting their skin.

​Instead of getting a smooth and easy cut, you may find yourself with cuts and bruises.

Shaver’s You Can Use With Your Cat

Wahl has a line of shavers that are great for cutting hair and can work with pets too. They have an attachment that is just right for pet’s fur. 

​But, overheating is still another thing to think of. Plus, if you use this shaver for yourself or anyone else at home, you might want to consider hygienic factors too.

Some shavers are specifically created for pets, particularly cats that you may use.

​Not only will it save you from hours of trying your human clippers to work for them, but you will also keep yourself from nicking your moggy’s skin.


Use a good shaver that is built only for pets. I use this one as I find it easy to use and my cat seems to enjoy it as well. Oh & it’s budget friendly too.

How To Shave Cat with Clippers

Now that you have an idea which clipper to use, you should be ready to shave your mouser.

​But, as with most things that you are doing for the first time, there are a few things you must prepare and be mindful of.

Make sure that you have a spot set up as a grooming space for your cat before anything else.

There must be some towels spread out. Have an extra towel handy and be sure you have dressed appropriately (arms covered) to keep you from the cat’s teeth and claws.

Before jumping to shaving, take time to trim their nails. Not only is it a part of good grooming, but you want to make sure their claws aren’t too sharp to hurt you during the shaving process.

​If this is your first time to cut your cat’s nails, don’t worry since the process is not that scary.

Keep treats in handy to distract the tom from the grooming process. Allow them to get used to the clippers’ sound, especially if this is their first time to be groomed. Do that by letting the clippers run near them a few times before the grooming day comes.

It would be ideal (although it can’t be prevented) to shave without matted furs. A thorough brush to your cat’s fur before the shaving process will help. This makes shaving easier and it also relaxes your cat.

If this is your first time grooming your cat, it would be best to have someone help you hold the cat while you shave. 

​Do this until both you and the cat are accustomed to the grooming practice.

It is best to trim the fur first before running the clipper, especially for long-haired cats. This will help reduce the time you use the clipper, avoid overheating, and provide longevity to the blades.

​Pet clippers usually come with plastic guides you can use to follow as the reference of which part to shave and how to shave it.

Checking the blades and guiding the clipper frequently keeps the clipper from getting clogged.

​But, if clogging happens, you can use a soft brush to clean and remove the furball. Continue until all the spots have been shaved even.


Cats are their own groomers. However, there will be times they will need us to groom them, especially if their state affects their health.

Shaving helps to keep their fur from getting matted. But, you can also prevent that by regularly brushing their fur.

​Shaving may also be necessary especially when there are skin problems that need to be treated.

In cases where shaving is needed as a medical necessity, be sure to provide the service to the cat whether at home or from a professional.

​But, with all that we’ve discussed, we are pretty sure you can do it yourself.