Can You Keep A Cat In A Flat? Here’s The Answer

You might be a cat lover and staying in an apartment in an urban or semi-urban area. You might face the dilemma of adopting a cat into your house.

Health and happiness is surely your primary concern while adopting a cat in your flat. Let us try to find out if it is possible to keep a cat in a flat:

Can you keep a cat in a flat?


Yes, you can surely keep a cat in a flat. Cats are very well suited to stay indoors for the majority of their life.

Despite the widespread opinion that keeping them within four walls for their whole life can be dangerous, it is harmless.

In fact, cats can be very happy and comfortable in your apartment if you take good care of it.

If you can provide it with all the requirements, including food, bedding, litter box, etc., you can surely share your flat with a pet cat.

If you adopt a cat when it is very young, it becomes easier for them to adjust to the indoor lifestyle.

Advantages of keeping a cat in a flat

1. They can easily adjust to small spaces

Cats do not need big houses or giant lawns to lead a comfortable life. They can adjust very quickly to small spaces as their needs can be catered within a limited space.

Since they do not need as much exercise as dogs, flats are ideal places to stay. As long as you provide the cat with enough space to eat, sleep, and roam around, it is safe to keep them in your flat.

2. You do not need to take them on walks.

Another advantage of keeping a cat in a flat is that they can completely adjust to the indoor lifestyle. Unlike dogs, they do not need to be taken outdoors from time to time.

You do not have to walk your cat, which ultimately saves a lot of time and reduces the hassle.

You also do not need to worry about the health impact of keeping them indoors at all times, as it does not affect their health and well-being in any way.

3. You do not have to worry about sanitation

Cats are very clean creatures, and they do not like to defecate everywhere. Dogs tend to soil all corners of the house with their excrements if they are not taken outside for the purpose.

But, cats do not need any such arrangements as they can defecate within your house in a safe, designated space.

If you train them to use the litter box when needed, you do not have to worry much about your house’s cleanliness.

You can even leave the cat alone, and it will still use the litter box instead of defecating anywhere they like.

4. They are ideal companions

Cats can become your ideal companion if you stay in a flat. They do not need constant attention, and they can be left alone at times.

Studies have also proved that petting and cuddling with a cat help reduce stress and anxiety.

Keeping a cat will surely help you to relax after a long, tiring day. If you stay alone, it can also help to beat the loneliness, and it will indeed become your best friend.

5. There are fewer chances of accidents

If you keep the cat inside your home, there will be significantly fewer chances of an unfortunate accident that might harm your pet.

If they stay inside your flat at all times, there is a lower chance of them being run over by a car or being attacked by any other animals. Keeping them in a flat will ensure their safety and well-being.

Disadvantages of keeping a cat in a flat

1. You will need to entertain them more

If you adopt a cat into your flat, there will be very scope for it outdoors. In such cases, your cat would need some stuff to keep entertain themselves.

You might need to invest more in cat toys, tunnels, etc. to keep your cat happy. You will also have to interact with your kitty more as they would lose all their contacts with the outside world.

If you are willing to spend the extra amount of money and time on your cat, you can surely keep them in a flat.

2. They will have less room for physical exercise.

If you keep your cat in a flat, it is likely to have a limited amount of space to move around. It will restrict them from getting an ample amount of exercise through walking and moving around.

It will also reduce their training amount since they do not have to roam around for food and a safe place to defecate. The comfort of your house can make it lazy.

3. Issue of cleanliness

If you keep a cat in your flat, it will have less space to play around. Since cats love to play around, they might get up on your furniture and showpieces.

Dirt might accumulate on your precious pieces if you are not careful enough. The cat might also tumble and throw fragile objects around the house by mistake.

You will need to be extra careful with precious things around your house as the probability of its destruction will increase if you adopt a cat into your flat.

How do you ensure that your cat is happy in your flat

You can ensure that your cat is happy and comfortable in your small apartment by taking care of a few things.

You need to cater to its needs and make sure that they are provided with the essential items.

Make sure you provide it with lots of treats and a balanced diet. You should also have a litter box inside your home to keep your cat comfortable.

If your cat loves to be outdoors, you can simply build a perch on a window through which it can enjoy looking at the outside world.

It would also help them to cope with the stress of being inside your flat at all times.

You can also align your furniture in such a way that the cat has ample space to move around. Bringing them cat toys and building them a tower for their entertainment will surely make them happier.


Since it is entirely safe to keep a cat in a flat, you can go ahead and adopt one into your home. Make sure that you give your cat enough love and care.

You must ensure that they are in good health and love to stay inside your cozy and comfortable home.

You will indeed have an outstanding experience of having a furry friend to welcome you home every day.

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