Can Tabby Cats Have Blue Eyes? The Perfect Answer

The unique patterns on their bodies can identify tabby cats. These cats are also notable for their beautiful eyes that come in many vibrant colors.

These eye colors contribute to the overall appeal of these cats and fascinate a lot of people. Everyone loves their gleaming eyes, and people often wonder about the range of eye colors found in tabby cats.

In this article, we will answer a very popular question and that is – ” Can tabby cats have blue eyes?”

Can tabby cats have blue eyes?

Yes, tabby cats can have blue eyes as well as several different colored eyes. Tabby kittens born with a blue eye color can either retain the same color throughout their lives or change into a different color as the kitten grows old.

Blue eyes in cats are usually a result of a lack of melanin or pigments in their eyes. The intensity of blue in the cat’s eyes depends on the refraction capacity of the pupil.

Almost all kittens are born with blue eyes as[1] they usually start to produce melanin at about six weeks old. The color of their eyes and coat is influenced by their genetics, inherited from their ancestors.

What color eyes do tabby cats have?

Tabby cats possess a wide range of gorgeous eye colors, making them even more appealing to humans. The commonly available eye colors among tabby cats include green, hazel, copper, orange, blue, amber, yellow, etc.

The pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) inside the iris of the cat’s eyes are responsible for determining the cat’s eye color.

If the melanocytes are present in larger quantities in your cat, it will have a darker eye color. If the amount of melanocytes is less, it will have lighter eye colors like blue and green.

Some cats might also have a rare condition called heterochromia, where both their pupils are different in color. Such tabby cats are scarce to find.

Particular tabby cats might also have rare eye colors with a very high number of melanocytes. These include darker shades of orange, brown, and copper.

What breeds of cats have blue eyes?

1. Birman

Birmans are a beautiful breed of cats with gorgeous blue eyes. They are immensely popular for their loving and playful nature.

These cats are also known as the ‘Sacred Cat of Burma’ as many people believe that the cats originated in Burma’s ancient temples.

These cats have a different broad shaped face, and their eyes are glossy and round. They have beautiful silky-textured fur which comes in various colors like chocolate, blue, seal, silverfish-grey, cream, etc.

2. Balinese

Balinese cats are the long-haired varieties of the Siamese cats. These cats are also characterized by their intelligent, friendly, and extremely playful nature.

They were introduced as domestic cats when particular Siamese kittens were born with long hair due to genetic mutations.

These cats have a long, beautiful coat of fur and eyes with deep blue shades. They weigh about 6 to 11 pounds and have a slender body that resembles the bodies of the exotic dancers in Bali, ultimately the inspiration for their name.

These cats love human company and cannot stay alone for long periods.

3. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are quite famous all over the world because of their color point coat and glistening blue eyes. These cats love to relax all day, which gives us the impression of a soft and adorable ragdoll.

They are incredibly gentle and laid back in nature, and make ideal pets to all homes.

They have a beautiful coat with hair of moderate length. They have a long and muscular body with a short neck and healthy paws.

These cats are a favorite among people, and their big blue eyes attract a lot of attention.

4. Siamese

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats all over the world. They make perfect companions to people who stay alone as they are very fond of the company.

Some cats have almond-shaped eyes that are mostly blue.

These cats are brilliant and curious. They love to be vocal about the things they want. Siamese cats love attention and dedicated care from their owners.

Their sleek and beautiful physique and adorable personalities are one of a kind.

5. Himalayan

The Himalayan cats were developed in the 1930s through a cross between the Siamese and the Persian cats.

These cats are quite similar to the Siamese, except its vivid blue colored eyes and point coloration, which resembles the Persian cats.

Although they can be considered a medium-sized cat based on their weight, their bone weight and fluffy coat give them a larger appearance.

It has a round body with short legs and has its coat colors vary from blue, lilac, chocolate, red, etc.

6. Javanese

The Javanese cats, also known as the Colorpoint Longhair, are a blue-eyed pure breed variety of domestic cats.

It is a long-haired variety of Siamese cats in Colorpoint colors. It is a blue-eyed breed developed from genes of Siamese, Colorpoint, and the Balinese.

These cats usually have a medium-sized body and are incredibly fond of human company.

Their silky coats are a favorite among people. They are an intelligent and active breed of cat and expects the owner to play with them.

7. Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a breed of cat developed by efficiently crossing the Burmese and the Siamese cats. They have retrieved several qualities from the Siamese and the Burmese, which includes their beautiful blue eyes.

These cats usually love to stay indoors and have a playful and unique personality. They have a heavily built body and have a short-haired coat. These crave constant attention and love from their owners.


Tabby cats with blue eyes are indeed lovely, yet easy to find. Their respective breeds are usually responsible for their eye color, and not their coat pattern.

These cats’ blue color is generally inherited from their parents or can be formed due to mutation.