Can Tabby Cats Be Long Haired? Here’s The Answer

Tabby cats are adorable creatures with beautiful patterns on their bodies. Their coats are an object of curiosity and awe for many people.

Most people perceive the tabby cat with a short-haired coat and an adorable face.

There is also a common question among people whether tabby cats can have long hair as it would be an even more exciting experience to see the tabby pattern on cats with varied hair length.

Can tabby cats be long haired?

Yes, certain breeds of tabby cats can have long hairs on their body. Although we usually associate long-haired cats with solid colored coats like the Persian, there are a fair number of breeds with tabby patterns and long hair on their bodies.

The tabby patterns are usually more evident in short-haired cats. Although this pattern might not be obvious to some people at first glance on these long-haired cats, they are certainly there.

Tabby patterns are inherited genetically from a cat’s ancestors and are not related to the hair length of the cat.

In general, are tabby cats long or short-haired?

The tabby pattern is usually associated with specific breeds like the American Shorthair, Abyssinian, etc. Generally, the tabby cats we see around us have a short-haired coat.

But, long haired tabby cats are not very rare, as there are quite a several such breeds available with tabby patterns on their bodies.

Breeds like the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, etc. are gifted with long hairs and tabby patterns.

If you want to adopt a long-haired tabby cat, you should inform the pet store about your preference, and they would supply you with one as soon as possible.

Taking Care Of Your Long Haired Tabby

1. Choose the right food

If you want to ensure that your tabby cat has a long and shiny coat of hair, you should plan a proper diet for it.

Since cats are carnivorous, their daily food supplies should contain high amounts of digestible meat or meat products.

They need to follow a balanced diet that provides them with the necessary calories and the nutrients to help achieve healthy growth of hair.

You should consider a diet containing high amounts of fiber to prevent hairballs. Its food should contain certain fatty acids like Omega -3, Omega-6, DHA, etc. to maintain a healthy hair coat.

2. Regular grooming

An essential step in taking care of your long haired tabby cat is regular grooming. Since these cats have a lot of hair, you need to brush them at least once a day so that they do not have to carry around the weight of the hairs they shed.

You might also need to brush them twice during the moulting season. The cat needs to be comfortable during the process.

You should train it to stay calm while you groom them from a very young age, or else, it will be a real test for your patience.

Ensure to treat your cat after the session to encourage it to cooperate during the process.

3. Bathe the cat

Cats clean themselves naturally with their tongue. But, your long haired tabby cat might not be able to clean every strand of hair properly because of the hair length.

Therefore, you need to bath your cat from time to time to get rid of the dirt and grease that accumulates in certain areas.

Use specific cat shampoos designed to restore shine to your cat’s fur and ensure to brush the fur before the wash to get rid of knots and uprooted hair.

4.Proper brushing

You need to brush your cat in a proper way to maintain its long hair. Avoid using plastic combs as much as possible because they produce static while brushing.

It can lead to easy breakage of hair and damage its quality. You should always opt for a wide-toothed comb for your cat to avoid pulling and breaking the hair.

Make sure to brush your cat in the direction of its hair growth first and start with the tail and then move to the body and the paws.

Brush its head at last and do it very gently. Ensure to fluff up your beautiful cat after each combing session.

5. Prevent stress

Stress can be a significant factor that contributes to hair loss and deterioration of hair quality in cats. A cat tends to over-groom themselves when under pressure, which ultimately uproots the hair from its body.

If you have a long-haired tabby cat in the house, you need to make sure to keep it away from certain situations and substances that might induce stress and anxiety in the cat.

Never impose anything on your pet and allow it to have some time to adjust to a new environment or a new pet in the home.

6. Occasional trim

Long haired cats are more prone to matted fur than their short haired counterparts. If you notice your cat’s hair matting or sticking together, you should consider getting those hairs clipped away.

Ensure to comb your cat’s hair before trimming it gently. Do not use household scissors on your cat as it might suddenly move and get hurt.

You can buy special cat clippers available at local and online pet stores.

It is recommended to trim your cat’s hair from a professional as they are specially trained to keep your cat calm during the process and can easily remove the matted hair without injuring the cat.


A long haired tabby cat needs lots of love and care. It would help if you groomed its coat correctly to maintain its healthy shine.

Although long haired tabby cats are found in lesser numbers than their short haired counterparts, they are equally adorable and deserving of love.

If you own a long haired tabby cat, it will surely bring a sense of pride to you, and they would eventually become an essential part of your family.