Can Ragdoll Cats Eat Raw Chicken? [ Here’s The Answer ]

One of the major concerns of cat owners is if their ragdoll cats can eat raw chicken. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the diet of your ragdoll cats.

These divine, well-mannered Queens are a pleasure to be with. Their diet habits too are quite convenient. Raw diets are a controversial topic for cats.

While it has its benefits, there are drawbacks too. It is difficult to find a specific answer to whether you should feed your cat raw meat. Take a look at the pros and cons of having a raw meat diet for your cat.

Can Ragdoll Cats eat raw chicken?

Raw chicken is considered safe by many for ragdoll cats. So, yes, ragdoll cats can eat raw chicken. Many people come up with the argument that humans get sick after eating raw chicken, so how is it different in the case of ragdoll cats or any cats, dogs, or animals for that matter. Well, firstly, it is not wise to compare the human diet with the animal diet as the digestive system of humans and animals differ hugely.

It is a well-known fact that raw meat is a part of the wild cat diet, and it is considered safe. However, over the years, the diets of domestic cats and wild cats have changed drastically.

Some vets argue that the intestinal tract of wild cats differs from that of domestic cats. For that reason, raw chicken might not be safe. Yet, let us not forget that raw meat is rather natural to animals.

People in support of the raw chicken diet state that offering cats food that they are biologically prepared to digest only improves their health.

The main point of feeding your ragdoll cats raw chicken is to mimic the meat that cats are designed by evolution to thrive on. For example, think for yourself, no one is going to smoke up a rodent for a stray cat to feed on.

However, we should also not forget that wild cats like leopards, lions, and tigers are built differently, biologically, and are suited to different environments than a domestic ragdoll cat. For that reason, we must emphasize the pros and cons of a raw-meat diet to know if your ragdoll cat can, or rather should eat it or not.

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What happens if cats eat raw chicken?

Did your cat accidentally eat raw chicken? Whether or not it was a part of their diet, there is no need to panic. The worst thing that can happen if your cat eats raw chicken, which is naturally not intended in its natural diet, is that your cat may vomit and get some diarrhea. This light diarrhea usually goes on its own; however, if the symptoms persist for more than two days, take the cat to your vet.  

Sometimes, if your cat eats chicken or any meat that has gone bad, they may get seriously ill. In that case, contact a vet immediately.

If you see that your cat is constantly eating after eating raw chicken, or any meat for that reason, talk to your vet and give them the required medicine to stop the vomiting.

Chances are your cat will not have any major sickness on eating raw meat that they were not supposed to eat. But if you see symptoms like vomit, discoloration, or wrong consistency of stool, fever, and sickness, contact your vet immediately.

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Ways to feed raw chicken to your ragdoll cat

It is safe for cats to eat raw chicken if they are habituated to eating raw chicken. Cats are carnivorous animals, and their digestive system is made to tolerate raw food. But, you must follow certain rules when feeding your cat raw meat.

Here is how to feed your cat raw chicken:

  • Make sure that the chicken is fresh and bought from a trusted store or farm. Organic chicken meat is best for raw feeding.
  • Along with the raw chicken, your cat should also get the additional nutrients, proteins, and minerals from other food items.
  • Wash the raw chicken properly to get rid of all bacteria, parasites, and dirt.
  • Never let the chicken sit at room temperature. If the raw chicken is sitting at room temperature for even a few minutes, consider that it has already gone bad. Unlike normal cat food, you can’t keep chicken sitting in your cat’s bowl for long.
  • Generally, cats are very picky about eating raw chicken. If your cat feels that the chicken has gone bad, it will not eat the chicken by itself.
  • You have to refrigerate the chicken as much as possible and serve it fresh and chilled. Warm and soggy chicken with a stale odor might make your cat sick.

Can all cats eat raw chicken?

Raw meat is one of the best meals to feed any carnivorous feline. This naturally means all cats can eat raw chicken. Especially, esteemed cats like a Ragdoll must be given a proper diet to thrive in their prime. As long as your meat is fresh and you have consistency in feeding raw chicken to the cat, you are good to go.

Here are a few tips on feeding raw chicken to your cat:

  • Your meat needs to be fresh and bought from a trusted source.
  • When handling the meat, be as gentle and careful as possible. The more you touch the meat with your raw hands, the more are the chances of transmitting bacteria into the chicken. Use gloves and safely dispose of them when washing chicken for your cat.
  • All surfaces and bowls that the raw chicken has touched must be disinfected so that there is no chance of any disease.
  • When you freeze the chicken, vacuum seals the container to avoid moisture leak and cross-contamination.

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What are the risks of eating raw chicken by your ragdoll cat?

The parasites and bacteria leftover on the chicken might harm the health of your cat. Your ragdoll might have nutritional deficiency due to the meat. Also, it is dangerous to expose your cat too hard to chicken bones as it is a choking hazard. Even though it is safe to feed raw chicken to your ragdoll cat, some cons must be discussed for the health of your cat.

Here are some risks of feeding your cat raw chicken:

Bacteria and Parasites

Contamination of harmful parasites and bacteria on the chicken is fatal for both humans and cats. However, on the other side, cats have a shorter digestive tract with higher levels of acidity. So, a pathogen or a parasite is less likely to survive in the stomach of a cat than of a human.

To avoid the risk of contamination, get fresh organic chicken, freeze it properly, and disinfect all surfaces that have come in contact with the chicken.

Nutritional deficiency

While raw chicken is a more natural food item for cats compared to canned food, processed cat foods have a balanced proportion of all nutrients which raw meat lacks. Giving your cat a balanced diet is more important than mimicking its natural diet.

So, commercially available, reputable cat food based on raw meat might be a better option.

They are formulated specifically for cats by pet nutritionists to meet the needs of your pet and are lab tested to ensure proper safety and hygiene.

Bones are hard and choking hazards.

Chicken bones are often hard for cats to chew. As a result, they try to swallow it, creating an even bigger problem of choking. Even if your cat, fortunately, swallows the entire bone, it might not get digested inside the cat’s track. This can lead to further serious complications.


So, you can now be sure that ragdoll cats can eat raw chicken. However, owners must take precautions, comprehend the cons and talk to their respective vets before making any major change in their cat’s diet.