Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone During The Day? Find Out Here

Ragdolls won the heart of countless cat owners due to their loving and affectionate nature towards everyone around them.

So, they are also afraid that they will lose cats’ faith if you leave them alone in the house for a prolonged time.

We all know that we cannot spend all the time with the cat due to other responsibilities. It is quite natural for cats to feel lonely if they do not see a companion for a long time.

The affectionate nature of the Ragdoll cats does not help in this case either. However, these cats can also be extremely resourceful in this situation, and they can keep themselves occupied for a lengthier period than most other cats.

In this article, we will look at this specific part of cat ownership and suggest some of the best ways to make the alone time better and safe.

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone During The Day?

You can leave a Ragdoll alone during the day if you have a sudden need to leave the house or you have a day job.

You cannot keep the Ragdoll for an indefinite amount of time, as it can have worse effects on the cat. However, Ragdolls can spend a considerably longer time by themselves than dogs.

But if you do not make sure that the cat is safe and has enough entertainment in the house, it will be difficult for the cat.

How Long Can You Leave Your Ragdoll Cat Alone?

The time for which you can leave Ragdoll cat alone depends on a variety of factors. It is advisable not to keep the cat alone for more than a day.

If you plan to be absent for a lengthier period, you have to make sure that the cat is doing okay after a day.

The Ragdoll can topple items from the shelves, spill water, or receive any injuries. Cat proofing the house will help you improve the time duration.

You can keep the cat alone for a max of two days. But the Ragdoll cat should have enough previous experiences and training to withstand such a long alone time.

Where Should I Leave My Ragdoll Cat? Inside The House Or Outside The House?

Leaving a Ragdoll outside under no supervision is a grave mistake. There are several reasons you should not keep the Ragdoll cat outdoors when you are not in the house.

Ragdolls cats have no killer instincts and next to nothing hunting skills. That is why Ragdolls make a brilliant house pet, and they make loving bonds with other pets.

While they are well-mannered in the home, they have no protection against vicious attacks from other stray cats or dogs. So, you have to leave the Ragdoll cat inside when you are not there to protect it.

Things You Need To Take Care of Before You Leave?

Your primary concern should be making sure that the Ragdoll is comfortable. You can avoid leaving them alone altogether for the sake of the cat.

However, if you have to go away from the house, you need to take care of the following things before leaving the house.

1. A Companion:

Lonely time at the house can affect the mental health of Ragdoll cats. So, the best possible way to take care of the cat is by arranging for someone to be there for it in your absence.

You can ask one of your friends to come over and spend time with it as long as you want. It will make sure that the cat is safe and happy at all times.

You can also call a pet sitter to look after the Ragdoll. The loving and outgoing nature of the cat should help you in this case.

Ragdolls are famous for their care-free attitude towards strangers. Some breeders sell Ragdolls only in pairs. If you have a single Ragdoll in the house, you can adopt another Ragdoll or any other cat.

2. Cat-proof The House:

It is another necessary step for the safety of the Ragdoll cat. You have to cover all the small places where the cat can enter and get itself trapped.

You can also make sure that the breakable objects are not in the cat’s close vicinity or out in the open where the cat can knock it down.

You have to close all the windows and doors not to go outside and get itself in danger.

3. Toys:

Buying several interactive toys can also be a lifesaver in this case. You can aim for stimulating toys that keep the Ragdoll entertained for hours.

It should be sufficient to maintain a stable mental state for the cat when you are away from home.

4. Some More TV:

It is an innovative way of keeping the cat entertained using peaceful videos and music.

This odd way of taking care of the cat works pretty well. You can start an endless loop of cat videos or play some classical music and watch your worry go away.

5. Your Love:

You can put some used clothes all around the home to make the cat feel your presence. It should act as a reminder that you will be home soon.

You can often observe the Ragdolls sleep or sit on the suitcase or used clothes just for the same reason. Some extra treats around the house shouldn’t be a bad idea either.

6. A Place Near The Window:

The ultimate resting place for a Ragdoll should be near the window. They can spend hours looking outside the window and be happy about it.

It is a soothing experience for them, and you can utilize it by keeping their bed or cat tree in front of the window.


Leaving a Ragdoll cat alone in the house can be painful for both you and the cat. As a result, the best thing you can do in this case is arranging for the households to be happy when you are not there.

A companion should also be a fabulous choice to steer the loneliness away. Your cat’s health and safety should always be the primary concern for any cat owner.

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