Can I Put Vaseline On My Cat Bum? Is It Safe? Here’s The Answer

Many cat owners have a common question that its kind of tricky to answer. & that is –

Can I Put Vaseline On My Cat Bum?


Is it ok if I use Vaseline On My Cat Bum?

Today, I am going to explain everything I know. My goal is to put an end to this question & by the end of this article, you will get to see if you can use Vaseline on your cat bum or not

My bathroom cabinet isn’t complete without a tub of Vaseline.

The endless list of uses and benefits from the thick, waxy paste is enough to keep a fur parent confident they have something handy to use for their furballs in case of emergency.

Yes! Vaseline is not just useful for humans but animals, too. Particularly cats.

Can I Put Vaseline On My Cat Bum?

Can I Put Vaseline On My Cat Bum? Yes. You can put Vaseline on your cat bum but here’s what you need to know before you apply.

Vaseline’s Useful Application for Your Cat

Having a cat means you are ready to deal with a fair amount of good and bad situations. One of which is a sore bum, an unpleasant aspect of living with a fur fella.

After extensive research, few conversations with fellow fur parents here and there, this article just might give you an idea of how Vaseline works wonder for your cats.

Vaseline, or the generically known petroleum jelly is used to keep skin moisturized. It protects and heals dry skin. They are best as lip balm, moisturizer for hard and cracked heels, skin, or feet, and treatment for other sore skin issues.

Petroleum jelly has been proven effective for cats just as they are to humans. They are a helpful remedy for constipation, hairballs, as well as skin issues.

Is Vaseline Safe for My Cat?

Cats are obsessed with keeping their bodies clean. They would lick at parts of their body; they feel the need to tidy up, including that part where a treatment has just been applied.

So, with all the licking that is pretty normal for cats, is it safe to apply Vaseline on them?

Especially when your feline’s skin is dry, cracked, or bleeding, a fast-absorbing and strongly penetrating emollient like Vaseline can be helpful.

They are not toxic in reasonable amounts either applied to the cat’s skin or fed to them.

In any case, your cat licks Vaseline; you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects. That is true except when they sit on it and eat a large portion.

Vaseline, with how it is made, passes through their digestive system somewhat unchanged when they lick or eat it.

Many vets recommend Vaseline for hairballs as they are highly effective in sliding away from the blockage through the moggy’s system.

Generally speaking, Vaseline is safe for cats when used suitably.

Can Vaseline Work On My Cat Bum

There is no pressing issue about applying Vaseline on your cat bum. The matter is understanding why they have sore bum in the first place. Most cats get sore bum from acute to severe diarrhea, constipation, and so on.

If you are sure the sore bum is related to the reasons mentioned above and nothing more serious, a bit of Vaseline will help relieve your kitten’s discomfort.

Aside from that, it will keep the area from infection and worsening. More often than not, Vaseline helps resolve the issue quickly.

However, if the cat’s situation is worse than a sore bum, your hunch of taking them to the vet would be a wise gut feel to follow.

Cat’s Constipation and Vaseline

From time to time, cats go through digestive difficulties. Constipation is not exactly an uncommon situation for them. Mousers suffering from constipation have a troubled experience of defecating and causes a lot of issues, not just for them but for their owners, too.

A trip to the vet is the best way to deal with the problem, but not most pet owners have the luxury of time.

A simple search on the internet may lead you to an experienced cat owner using Vaseline. But you will still wonder. Is it even safe to try?

The jelly substance that Vaseline possesses a lot of distinctive traits that let for multiple purposes and applications.

If you have experienced Vaseline before, it will be easier to know why it can work for your tom.

Its triple purification process makes Vaseline highly unlikely to cause clogging, aching, irritation, and other complications. Since they are favorably suitable for people with sensitivity issues, so they are for cats.

An occlusive moisturizer it is, Vaseline is best to provide quick relief to the cracked, fissured, or scratched pawns of your tabby.

Needless to say, the pawns (or the area where Vaseline needs to be applied) should be clean and disinfected before using to avoid trapping microbes.

Going back to the question of whether it one can put Vaseline on a cat’s bum. The answer is yes. But, whether it is suitable for their constipation? Maybe No.

See, jelly is ideal for keeping surfaces moist and slippery. Thus, if your cat’s rear end is smothered with Vaseline, it won’t have a hard time getting rid of its dry and hardened stool. Moreover, Vaseline lessens the tangled and matted furs on the booty.

But, as with any medication, use it accordingly. Never go beyond the limits just because you think it might work better if applied more than enough. Use hypo-allergenic towels to wipe excess jelly clean.


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Can I Give My Cat Vaseline To Eat?

Giving and putting on are two different things. Putting Vaseline on a cat means applying it to a surface where it needs a bit of lubricating. Giving it for the cat to ingest – is not advisable.

Vaseline is not a food item, even when it says jelly on its name. They are made like an industrial item similar to oil or grease.It will sure make rough cat bums moisturized and slippery. But it won’t do the same from the inside of the body.

Whatever is causing your cat to be constipated should be treated accordingly, from within.

Other Uses of Vaseline for Cats

Aside from lubricating the cat’s bum during constipation occasions, Vaseline is best for bringing relief to cats’ other issues.

Cold Care

When cats catch respiratory infections and get colds, their noses become dry instead of wet and runny.

If left dried, it may lead to cracking of the skin, making the cat even more uncomfortable. A few dabs of Vaseline will keep it moisturized.

Hairball Control

While over-the-counter gels are specifically formulated to keep cats from spitting up the fur they swallow as they groom, they can be expensive.

Vaseline is an alternative solution. A small dap on their paw will have them instinctively lick it off and swallow.

It will then help hairballs pass instead of getting stuck and spit-up.

Other Remedies for Cat’s Bum

If Vaseline is not your thing, there are other alternatives to use such as;

  • Pumpkin. Its fiber-rich nature offers substantial boosts into the digestive system of troubled cats.
  • Water. As with humans, the more hydrated you are, the better your digestion gets.
  • Olive Oil. It can be used as a lubricant for application. It is also safe to be given in order to lessen potential stomach issues.


Is Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly toxic to cats?

In general, it is not toxic to cats. You can apply some on their bum or skin. But it is not advisable to let them eat.

Can I put Vaseline on my cats dry skin?

Yes you can apply on his dry skin. But do not let them eat though.

Can cats lick Vaseline?

No. It is not advisable to put Vaseline on the cat’s nose or mouth. It’s not for licking. They might want to lick, but it’s your job to keep it away.


Vaseline or petroleum jelly is perfectly safe for cats, externally. It is suitable for their skin the same way it is for ours.

Therefore, any issues of rough skin or soreness that make them feel uncomfortable can be relieved by applying tiny amounts of Vaseline.

If you decide to use it, it won’t hurt to allow them to lick. After all, they are known to prevent hairballs.

So long as they don’t ingest too much, then they are completely fine.