Can Huskies Live In Florida? Here’s The Answer You Should Know

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds because of their magnificent blue eyes, long grey fur, and beautiful physique.

Siberian Huskies were the group of working dogs that the Siberians used to pull sleds.

So, you might have a misconception that Huskies need freezing temperatures to live a healthy lifestyle, and their thick coats prevent the possibility of having Huskies in hot temperatures.

While you are not entirely wrong by saying this, you are not entirely correct as well. Huskies are great at adjusting to any temperature, which makes them suitable for anywhere in the world.

However, you have to make sure you make their surroundings as comfortable as possible and check for any discomfort signs.

In this article, we will explore whether you can keep a husky in hot climates like Florida.

Can Huskies Live In Florida?

Yes, huskies can live in Florida. Granted, during the summer, Florida can get pretty hot but your husky can survive a hot climate. However, you should not take it lightly as you cannot train a husky outside during the day in Florida. It can be quite exhausting and Husky can have severe dehydration.

As you know the answer alreay, but there should be enough necessary precautions to make their life suitable in hot climates.

If you observe Florida’s average temperature chart, you can see that the coldest winter in Florida is probably hotter than the summers in Siberia.

Huskies can withstand -70°F with ease. Their double protects them from the coldest winters, but it also becomes a problem when you force them to leave in tropical climates.

However, these dogs can live in Florida if you take some steps to ensure their comfort.

You can install air conditioners in every room of the house or install a centralized air conditioner for a start.

It will ensure that the Husky is comfortable inside the house. However, the main problem lies during the exercise sessions.

You cannot train a husky outside during the day. It is exhausting in the sun, and Husky can have severe dehydration.

We will get back to this part along with the article. We will cover everything you need to know if you consider taking a Husky in Florida or any hot tropical region.


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What’s The Typical Temperature In Florida All Year?

Florida has a much hotter climate concerning the average temperature of the United States. The following table summarises the average temperature in Florida throughout the year.


As you can see in the above chart, the summers in Florida can be pretty harsh for a Husky. It would help if you had constant air conditioning for the Husky to stay calm.

Their double coats can make this heat almost unbearable in the sun.

Dehydration and fainting is another side effect if you keep the Husky in the sun for too long. Sufficient water intake and rest is an absolute must for a healthy Husky in this climate. 

Do Huskies Need AC?

As discussed in the previous section, Florida’s climate may not be suitable for a Husky.

Although huskies have greater resilience towards varying temperatures, you should not force them to withstand high temperatures.

As a result, you have to keep an air conditioner at home. You can have an entirely air-conditioned house for more independence as well.

It is an absolute must for any husky owner residing in a hot and humid climate area. If you stayed in Florida and decided to own a Husky, consider installing ACs throughout the household. 

What Kind Of Weather Is Suitable For Husky?

Although we have mentioned above that the Huskies can be there in Florida, you have to understand that it may not be a suitable environment for the Husky.

They prefer colder climates, and they love to jump around in the snow. They belong to Siberia’s cold tundras, and it is their ideal condition for a healthy lifestyle.

However, you may observe Huskies in all types of climates and thrive as well. In hot climates, you have to make necessary modifications to the standard requirements of huskies.

For example, you cannot take the Huskies for a walk in the park when it’s 80 degrees outside.

They are working dogs, and as a result, they need an intense exercise session every day.

A common practice is to keep them inside AC or shady regions and provide them with sufficient amounts of liquid diet. 

So, before you buy a Husky, you have to ask these difficult questions.

If you are sure that you can take care of all the needs and have the proper means to do those, you can take the Husky in any climate you want.

Hence, we can say that you can keep a Husky in any climate, but their favorite weather is cold and snowy.


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Is It Cruel To Have A Husky In Florida?

Huskies are beautiful creatures, and keeping them in Florida can be challenging for them.

However, if you are careful and attentive to these dogs, they can withstand the hot climate like any other dog.

They can adapt to these high temperatures pretty well, and with proper training, you can have them with very few necessary precautions.

Few of the most important things that you should ensure while having a Husky in Florida are:

  • Make sure that you let your Husky drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. In hot climates, Huskies tend to lose a large portion of their water intake through perspiration. If you are not careful with the water intake, your husky can suffer from dehydration and heart failure in extreme cases.
  • Appointing a shady area for the Husky is also a must in Florida. The temperature rises well above 80 degrees in the summers. If the Husky does not have a shaded region to rest, the effects of heatstroke can take place very soon. It is also a reason why you should keep the Husky in an air-conditioned room.
  • Outside tiles can rise to a very high temperature due to always being in the sun. Make sure that your husky does not step on those hot tiles at any cost. Their paws are not enough to withstand such high temperatures.

Can Huskies Live Outside In Florida?

You cannot let a Husky live outside in the hot climate of Florida. Several problems can arise due to the hot climate if they do not have proper shade and water access.

It is risky even if you have these two conditions fulfilled. They can have heat strokes, dehydration, fainting, or heart attack in extreme cases.

As a result, you should keep the Huskies inside the home at all times. Air conditioning is also a must if your house becomes hot during the day.


In the end, we can say that you can adopt a Husky in Florida. However, you have to make sure that the Husky is comfortable at all times of the day.

You have to be extremely careful with your needs. Ask yourself if you can take the complete responsibility of raising a Husky in a hot climate like Florida, keeping the conditions in mind.

Adopting a husky can be a lot of responsibility due to their unique needs, and the hot climate makes it worse. If you are sure about this, then you can indeed adopt a Husky for your house.