Can A German Shepherd Kill A Pitbull? [ Know The Answer ]

When it comes to your puppy pets, coexistence is always in question. Remembering the temperaments of the dogs, you should know which breed can coexist with which one in particular.

As a pet owner, it is vital to know this fact.

There are some species of pups, which you should keep away from each other to maintain safety.

When we say safety, we mean it for both dogs and their pet parents. German Shepherd and Pitbull are familiar with their aggressive nature.

So this fact can raise the question of whether a German Shepherd can kill a Pitbull. So after hours of research, we have penned down an article to dig into the question and find the answer.

Can a german shepherd kill a pitbull?

Yes, a German Shepherd can kill a Pitbull but in some specific conditions. Any dog breed has the potential to kill another, and these two are no different. Considering the temperament and aggressiveness they hold, it is never safe to let them coexist. But, if we talk about strength, well-trained Pitbulls are more likely to attack and kill German Shepherds.

As we have said once, aggression or attacking tendency depends on several other factors.

One of these factors is the temper they hold. Since both German Shepherd and Pitbull have strong personalities, sometimes it becomes difficult to stand with each other.

But apart from the aggressive nature, sometimes many outside factors can provoke a German Shepherd to kill a Pitbull.

The primary factor is the physical advantage. The German Shepherd is larger and robust compared to a Pitbull. They even have a powerful bite force.

So if there will be a fight between the two not-so-trained mongrels from these breeds, the German Shepherd can smoothly turn the fight in his favor.

However, you cannot underestimate Pitbulls as they have a fighting attitude by birth.

A well-trained, healthy, and aggressive one can be an invulnerable opponent for a German Shepherd.


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German Shepherd versus pitbull: which one is stronger?

Following physical attributes, a German Shepherd is more robust than a Pitbull, but a well-trained Pitbull is husky than ever. A German Shepherd can beat a Pitbull as it is enormous and weighs heavier than the latter one. When compared to bite force, a German Shepherd has a more powerful bite than Pitbull.

However, the scenario can change when the German Shepherd gets a well-trained opponent.

Naturally, the Pitbull variety is a well-known fighter watchdog. After getting well-trained and well-fed, an attacking Pitbull becomes almost invincible.

Is a German Shepherd more dangerous than a pitbull?

Yes, German Shepherds generally are more dangerous than Pitbull, but most of the attacks from Pitbulls are deadly. When you ask about the terrible nature of the pup, the breed of German Shepherd first comes to our mind.

But naturally, their attacks are not considered fatal. But in the case of Pitbulls, they are often responsible for mortal injuries of the victim. These two heavyweight rivals are equally competitive in various ways.

Who would win between a Pitbull and a German Shepherd?

If there is a clash between two powerful yet untrained German Shepherd and Pitbull, there is a higher chance the German Shepherd will win the battle. Still, remembering the physical advantages both have, it is difficult to state the final result.

But, during our research, we talked with some owners of these two breeds, and they have shared some surprising facts with us.

Whenever we think about a Pitbull, an athletic, four-legged figure with vigorous rage comes to mind.

But compared to this, we think German Shepherds are more of a quiet and timid personalities. So here we share some facts to debunk these false ideas.


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Factors that turn the fight into the favor of a German Shepherd

In a hypothetical battle between a German Shepherd and a Pitbull, some advantages would help the German Shepherd win the combat. They are as follows.

Their large size

Size matters when it comes to a clash between two heavyweight competitors, German Shepherd and Pitbull.

The German Shepherd is naturally massive compared to the Pitbull.

While a full-grown male German Shepherd measures 60 to 65 centimeters, a Pitbull only reaches the length of 45 to 53 centimeters.

Even though there are some varieties, usually the German Shepherds are larger than Pitbulls, which gives them the advantage to win the fight.

German Shepherd, a heavyweight fighter

Along with their large size, German Shepherds are naturally heavier than Pitbulls. While a full-grown male German Shepherd weighs 66 to 88 lbs, a Pitbull only weighs 35 to 65 lb.

The powerful bite force of the German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a more ferocious bite force than Pitbulls, which ultimately makes it easier for them to win the battle. There is a unit PSI that measures the strength of a dog bite.

While the bite force of a Pitbull is 235 PSI, the German Shepherds have a bite force of 238 PSI.

As the difference is only 3, if a German Shepherd gets into a fight against a relatively big Pitbull, you cannot predict the winner.

But if you study a bit, you will find some dogs with surprisingly higher PSI. Take the example of a Bandog with a firmer bite force of 730 PSI. Sounds scary!


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The furry body of a German Shepherd

The fleecy physique of a German Shepherd provides an advantage during the fight against a Pitbull. The furry neck of a German Shepherd serves as a protective layer against the teeth bite of the Pitbull. Pitbulls, on the contrary, do not have that much hair on their body.

Their loyalty is heartwarming

Even though every dog is loyal, the loyalty of the German Shepherd will melt your heart.

It sometimes provokes them to get into a war against a Pitbull. If the German Shepherd fights against a Pitbull only because it attacked him earlier, the German Shepherd is more likely to retreat sooner than the Pitbull.

But if the reason for the battle is that the Pitbull attacks the pet owner of the German Shepherd, then it would be difficult for the Pitbull to win.

Factors that turn the fight to the favor of the Pitbull

As we have said earlier, any of these supreme quality mongrels can beat one another, and the outcome depends on several circumstances. Here we are talking about some factors when the Pitbull can defeat the German Shepherd

If the Pitbull is well-trained

If the Pitbull is well-trained, it would be difficult even for the well-trained German Shepherd to win the battle.

The victory of a German Shepherd becomes almost impossible. Even a large German Shepherd cannot stand against a smaller yet well-trained Pitbull.

If the opponent is old

If your weak and old German Shepherd gets into a battle against a robust, aggressive Pitbull, there is no chance he can beat the other one. If the Pitbull is coincidentally larger than the German Shepherd, the assurance of Pitbull winning is 90%.

Final verdict

A German Shepherd can kill a Pitbull, which is not well-trained. The opposite can happen too.

However, the German Shepherd must be well-trained and well-nourished to ensure victory against a Pitbull. But, if dogs are properly socialized, the owners can easily avoid these situations.