Can A Dog And Cat Mate And Have Babies? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Whether a dog and a cat can mate or not has deceived or amazed owners for a long time.

While it is fascinating to wonder about the chance of having a cute cat and dog produce offspring(“kuppies” or “cappies”), the alluding question has a pretty definite answer.

No matter how good the relationship is between the dog and cat, is there any way that the weird yet fascinating feat occurs?

In this article, we are going to explore the very question in detail. Firstly, let us determine whether it is possible or not, and give you the reasons behind the statement.

Can A Dog and Cat Mate And Have Babies?

No, a cat and a dog cannot mate and have babies. They are from two different strands of the tree of life, and it is not possible to mate between two different evolution scales.

However, if you have both cats and dogs in the house, you might see the dog mount your cat for no reason.

While this movement is primarily a sexual act, the dog can also do this to show aggression. As a result, you should not expect the dog and cat to mate even when they are in the same household.

They can form an incredible bond with each other while staying in the same house. But it does not mean that they will take part in sexual acts. 


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Reasons Why Cats Cannot Mate With Dogs?

The primary reason cats and dogs cannot mate is that they belong to two different species. No matter how strong the bond is between them, they cannot participate in mating activities.

Saying this shouldn’t take the fact away that dogs often mount your cat. However, this activity is not related to the act of mating at all.

Although that is the primary reason for mounting an object, dogs can also show this behavior while declaring dominance.

They can also do this activity while playing as well. If they are too happy in an environment, they can mount your cat in enjoyment. Do not mistake this behavior as a mating act, as that is not possible for these two species.

Can Cats and Dogs Have Babies?

If we go into the scientific domain to find the answer, we need to know about chromosomes. Every species has a specific set of chromosomes that control all the genetic activities of the species.

While dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, cats only have 19 pairs.

Hence, it is scientifically impossible for cats and dogs to mate and have babies as the species must have the same sets of chromosomes to produce offspring.

There are more reasons why a cat and dog cannot mate to have babies. Their reproductive organs are disproportionate to each other. The primary reason behind it is that they belong to different branches of the tree of life.

The ovum of every animal has a coating that the sperm has to penetrate to fertilize the egg.

A cat’s sperm is not potent enough to tear through the coating to fertilize a dog’s ovum. Two different species can not achieve this feat in any way.

These are why cats and dogs cannot mate to produce offspring in real life unless some mad scientist finds a way to mate two species with such different genome sequences.

The reasons that we have stated previously delve more into the scientific aspect of mating between two animals.

One of the most understandable reasons is that the behavioral requirements restrict them from involving any mating activity at all.

Male cats only prefer female cats because of the smell and sound. Simultaneously, female dogs are only attracted to male dogs because of their body structure and sound.

So, you do not see either of the dogs or cats delve into interspecies mating activities.

The two species’ physical characteristics at question also restrict them from doing any mating activities.

The cats have barbed penises, which makes them incompatible with female dogs.

Even if someone decides to beat all odds to produce an offspring of a dog and cat, it will be a feeble offspring. When you are pushing the limits of nature, hybrids of this kind do not survive for long.

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Why Do Dogs Try To Mate With Cats?

In this question, the actual situation is always different from what we perceive as mating. If you see your dog mounting on the cat, it is not trying to mate with the cat.

You might have observed that the dog and the cat have an amicable relationship with each other.

It often happens that the dog becomes extremely happy after an eventful play session, and it decides to mount the cat in excitement. Please don’t mistake this act with the mating activity, as it does not involve anything.

It may also happen that the cat and the dog have a very stressful relationship with each other. It is more common when both species did not have a fruitful introduction session at first.

If that is the case, one or the other will show dominance over the other. If the dog shows dominance over the house, it can mount the cat to show the same thing.

This type of aggression needs to be kept in check as it can hurt any one of them. Hence, it would be best if you were happy to know that there is no mating activity in the innocent act of mounting.


In conclusion, we would like to finalize that cats and dogs cannot mate together and produce offspring.

The natural rules restrict them from doing something like that; the behavioral tendencies do not align for it to happen.

The simple act of mounting is probably because of extreme happiness or a portrayal of aggression. It has nothing to do with mating.

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