Best Brush For Pitbull 2022 : Reviews & Guide

All pets deserve the best appropriate brush, and Pitbull is no different. If you regularly comb your Pitbull with a suitable brush, the short, silky coat of the dog becomes healthier.

Regular brushing effectively lessens the shedding. But, finding the perfect brush for your Pitbull is a challenging job.

So, we have come up with the top 6 combs that we found the best for Pitbulls. Go through the article to know more so that you can pick the best for your pet.

Best Brush For Pitbull 2022 Reviews & Comparisons

Followings are some of the brushes that will aptly suit the mild and sensitive skin of your adorable Pitbull. 

1. GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats

Key features

  • The brush comes in hygienic nylon and soft silicone material. 
  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • Come with different brushes for distinct types of hair. 
  • The product dimension is 9.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches.  

Pitbull owners often face confusion about whether to select a pin or a bristle brush. But, GoPets has solved the issue by providing both in one grooming comb.

It features a pin and bristle brush on each side of it for different fur types.

It will also be helpful for a pet parent who has both a Pitbull and a long-haired pet. 

However, the manufacturers packed the bristles so densely on the brush like a broom.

So, the dense, soft bristles gently comb the hair of the Pitbull and knock off the dirt and loose hair from the coat.

What we most like about the brush is the molded round design at the end of the pins. It minimizes the harshness. 

Also, the gel-filled handle provides you a sturdy, comfortable grip while combing the hair of your Pitbull.

Although the handle can leak and create a huge mess, it is a big minus point of this product. As the gel substance can be harmful to both you and your Pitbull. 

The design of the handle is so poor that even a tiny tooth puncture of a Pitbull puppy can cause the leakage of the gel substance. Your innocent pup can consume the poisonous gel, which will be the worst. 


  • Use one brush for all of your pets with different types of coats. 
  • The soft, dense bristles do not feel harsh 
  • Can use the pin side of the brush to give your dog a fleecy and shiny look. 
  • The silicone gel handle will give you a comfortable grip while grooming your pup. 


  • If your Pitbull has existing skin issues or sensitive skin, the synthetic bristles will not offer it a pleasant experience. 
  • The gel-filled handle can leak from even a tiny puncture. 

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2. Anshar Dog Brush for Shedding and Grooming

Key features

  • The 4 inches wide blade for efficient grooming
  • The brush features a non-slip handle. 
  • Swift blade detachable technology. 
  • No hassle in cleaning. 
  • Product dimension is 5.3 x 2.3 x 2.1 inches. 

Only the Pitbull owners know the hassle of year-long shedding that comes with a Pitbull. Also, in seasonal shedding seasons, the scenario worsens.

But, HappyDogz has come with the best solution to the hairy mess of a Pitbull.

The Anshar Dog Brush for Shedding and Grooming by HappyDogz will help you groom your Pitbull effortlessly. 

The razor blade even reduces the shedding of your Pitbull while increasing the healthy blood flow underneath the skin.

But, what we love the most about this product is the non-slip pro convenient handle.

It makes the grooming more smooth and effortless. Also, the brush comes with a cap to protect the blade from dirt and rust. 

The 4 inches wide blade is not sharp, which is appropriate for novice pet owners.

Also, you only need to click the attached button on the brush to detach the shedding blade for cleaning.

From our experience, we can say this Anshar Dog Brush will reduce the hair shedding of your Pitbull by 95%.

Although the product comes with a sturdy design, you cannot use the brush vigorously. So, the Anshar Dog Brush will not be appropriate for pets with long hair or two coats.

Also, novice pet groomers need to be careful while using it on Pitbulls. These are the only downsides we found about this product.


  • The robust design with a user-friendly handle of the brush will blow your mind. 
  • The brush will reduce the grooming time of your Pitbull by 50%.
  • The quick blade removal technology ensures no accident while cleaning the brush. 
  • The in-built handy eyelet will remove all your tension for storing the razor safely. 
  • The Anshar Dog Brush comes with a 10-year guarantee. 


  • Inappropriate for dogs with existing skin concerns. 
  • If you vigorously use the brush, the device can disintegrate. 

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3. BV Dog Brush and Cat Brush

Key features

  • Two types of brushes on one product
  • Anti-slip handles for a good grip. 
  • It comes with a convenient in-built eyelet for storing. 
  • The brush comes with unique ventilation holes. 
  • The dimension of the brush is 2 x 3 x 9.5 inches. 

BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush and Cat Brush is the ultimate solution for the shedding problem of your Pitbull.

First of all, the grooming product features both nylon bristle brushes and metal pin brushes for several coat types.

The dense bristle brush gently removes dirt from the skin of your pet, and the rounded tip metal pin brush detangles the undercoat.

The BV 2-in-1 brush effectively improves blood flow under the skin of the Pitbull while grooming. 

Apart from this versatility, what we love about the product most is the anti-slip handle. While offering a steady hand during grooming, the ergonomic handle also provides comfort to the owner.

The uniqueness of the brush lies in its top design at an affordable price. The soft brush will provide your Pitbull a pleasant experience during the grooming session. 

From our experience of using the BV 2-in-1 brush, we can tell you that this grooming comb can reduce the shedding problem of your Pitbull.

The gentle pin brush evenly distributes the natural oil all over the coat.

It gives your Pitbull a healthy and shiny look. Also, the BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush comes with a vent on the pin side. 

But, you will face one issue with the nylon bristle side. Sometimes, the bristle brush can feel a little bit stiff for some Pitbulls. Otherwise, the BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush is great, especially for novice pet owners. 


  • The double-sided grooming comb features a metal pin brush and bristle brush for several coat types. 
  • The anti-slip handle of the product helps you to comb your Pitbull with a steady hand. 
  • The metal pins come with a round tip end. 
  • The robust design of the brush provides smooth grooming even on a double-coated or heavy shedder dog.
  • All these amenities are available at a surprisingly lower price. 


  • If your Pitbull has skin issues or sensitive skin, the bristles could be too stiff for it. 

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4. Furminator Curry Comb for dogs

Key features

  • Specially designed for short and medium coat types
  • The rubber teeth incite the production of natural oils.
  • The antimicrobial plastic effectively removes germs.
  • The brush comes in a palm-grip design with an attached hand strap.
  • The brush comes in a handy size of 5.25 x 3 x 1.75 inches.

With the Furminator Curry Comb, your Pitbull can get the ultimate grooming experience even at home.

The brand has designed this comb while remembering the shedding cycle of Pitbulls. So, from our experience of using the product, we can confirm that the comb will not disappoint you.

Now, come to the attractive features of the Furminator Curry Comb. The manufacturer especially designed this comb for the short coat type of Pitbulls.

The rubber teeth of this comb smoothly take out the loose hair and filth from the coat of your Pitbull.

Also, the soft rubber teeth gently massage the skin and provide the best grooming experience.

The rubber teeth of the Furminator Curry Comb will provide your pet the ultimate comfort during the grooming session.

The brush also effectively reduces the amount of shedding of your Pitbull after regular usage.

As the rubber teeth of the product gently distribute natural oil all over the coat, the dog looks shinier.

Also, the palm-grip design with a strap makes the brushing more comfortable and pain-free even for the owner. Moreover, you can avail of all these advantages only at a pocket-friendly price.

But, we found a couple of downsides with this brush. First of all, the handy palm-sized design barely fits a small hand.

Another concern we felt about the Furminator Curry Comb is- the stiff rubber teeth fail to detangle the thick, wiry fur.

But, if we set aside these trivial issues, we consider the brush a brilliant purchase for your Pitbull.


  • Rubber teeth softly distribute natural oil and massage the skin of your Pitbull.
  • The comb effectively reduces the shedding amount.
  • The palm-grip design and an in-built strap offer convenient grooming.
  • The product is budget-friendly compared to other brushes.


  • It does not fit in a small palm.
  • The rubber teeth can seem a little firm.

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5. American Pit Bull Terrier Air Cushion Comb Detangling Brushes

Key features

  • Detangles the hair of Pitbull.  
  • Suitable for all fur types.  
  • Soft nylon pins with rounded tips provide gentleness. 
  • The brush is 2.75 inches wide and 8.66 inches long. 

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly brush for your Pitbull, then your search will end here.

There are millions of dog brushes available in the market, but sadly most of them are plastic. But, the GIRLOS has come up with the solution to this issue.

They have launched one of the finest brushes for the Pitbull, and the material of the brush is biodegradable. This 100% natural brush suits any Pitbull with any coat type. 

The nylon pins with round tips at the end will provide your Pitbull a pleasant and comfortable experience during the grooming session.

From our experience with this brush, we can say your pet will love it when you comb its hair with this GIRLOS Cushion Comb Detangling Brush.

Since the comb is suitable for any coat type, you can use this comb for other pets apart from Pitbulls.

The grooming product successfully detangles even the coarse, curly, and thick animal hair. 

What we love about the product most is the feathery look it offers to the Pitbull. You do not need to appoint any professional Pitbull stylish if you comb your Pitbull with this brush.

The Cushion Comb Detangling Brush provides a shiny, glossy, and fluffy effect on the coat. Also, the product aids your Pitbull to lessen the shedding amount. 

One issue we found with this product is the missing of an anti-slip handle.

The palm-grip handle of the brush is so slippery that a novice pet owner can find it difficult to comb the Pitbull with this one.

But, apart from this, we think it will be a decent purchase for your pet. 


  • The brush is appropriate for several types of coats. 
  • The Air Cushion Detangling Comb volumizes the hair of the Pitbull and detangles it as well. 
  • The round tip nylon pins message the skin of the dog gently. 


  • You can get a double-sided comb with two different types of brush at this price. 
  • The handle of the brush is not convenient.

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6. Safari Bristle Brush

Key features

  • Eco-friendly wooden brush. 
  • It comes with a dense yet non-stiff bristle brush. 
  • Appropriate for all hair types. 
  • Available in all sizes. 

We all know only the bristle brush is the most effective grooming comb for the Pitbull. Still, finding the perfect one is a difficult job.

But, now Safari has come up with one of the most effective wooden bristle brushes that will clean your Pitbull and give a shiny effect to its coat. 

Safari Bristle Brush gently massages the skin of your pet. Also, it distributes the natural oil evenly all over its body.

This activity promotes a healthy shine to the fur and reduces the shedding amount.

Since the soft bristles are dense but not stiff, your Pitbull does not feel any discomfort during the grooming session. 

Usually, most brands manufacture bristles with nylon, which many pets feel harsh on their skin.

But, Safari designs bristles with boar hair. That is why the brush feels so soft on the sensitive skin of the Pitbull.

Since the material is natural, you can even use this bristle brush for your Pitbull with active skin issues.

Also, the manageable wooden handle with a comfort-grip design ensures a comfortable grooming time for both you and your Pitbull. 

Some issues we found with this brush are worth sharing. First of all, if your pet has thick, coarse, and tangled hair, the bristles could be too soft for that coat type.

Secondly, the brush provides the optimal result if you use it along with other shedding devices.

Apart from these few concerns, we think the Safari Bristle Brush is another brilliant grooming product for Pitbull. 


  • A pocket-friendly comb with all-natural materials. 
  • The brush is easy to clean.
  • The ergonomic handle offers a good grip on the comb. 


  • The bristle is so soft that it fails to detangle thick, long hair. 
  • To get the best result, you will need to use the brush with other shedding products. 

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What is the best kind of brush for a pitbull?

After using and carefully reviewing all the dog brushes, we picked product no. A GoPets Professional Double-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush is the best kind of grooming comb for a Pitbull. To select the top pick is not a smooth job, as all six brushes are excellent with attractive features.

But, we were trying to find one that provides all the amenities of an ideal grooming comb within an affordable range. 

Below are the reasons why the GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats is our best choice. 

  1. The double-sided grooming comb features two different kinds of brushes for both short-haired Pitbull and other long-haired pets. 
  2. The soft bristles gently detangle the fur and remove the dirt and fallen hair from the coat. 
  3. The most attractive feature of this brush is the anti-slip handle. The gel-filled handle will provide you the ultimate grip so that you can swiftly groom your Pitbull. 
  4. Lastly, you can avail yourself of all these eye-catching features with guaranteed safety just in a few bucks! 

Final verdict

We hope we have reduced the hassles of finding the apt brush for your Pitbull. All the six brushes we have picked are top-quality products to date.

So, now you can swiftly choose the perfect brush for your Pitbull based on our honest reviews.