Black Siamese Cat : Do They Exists? Here’s The Answer

Siamese cats paved their way from the far lands of South-East Asia to Europe and America through their beauty and charm.

They are also famous for their loving and amiable nature. These beautiful cats have a specific color pattern, which we call points.

The Himalayan gene, a special type of gene present in the Siamese cats’ DNA, restricts the entire body’s coloration.

So, what we get is a pale cream-colored body with deep-colored fur on the face, ears, and legs. There is a misconception about the black Siamese cat.

What we might call a Black Siamese cat is not probably a Siamese cat at all. So, we come across plenty of people asking about black Siamese cats. Hence, in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about them.

Is There A Breed Such As Black Siamese Cat?

No, there is no breed, such as a black Siamese cat. However, we can call the seal point Siamese cat, a black Siamese cat.

You might argue that it is not entirely black, but you found a Siamese-like cat with black fur all over its body.

Let us start by discussing the special gene present in the DNA of Siamese cats. Himalayan or albino gene is responsible for the point on the coat of Siamese cats.

It restricts the production of melanin when the temperature of that part of the body is above 95° F. Hence, the parts of the body which are at a temperature lower than the stipulated value slowly become colored.

Seal point Siamese cats should have black fur all over its body, but the Himalayan gene does not let the body color change.

Hence, they have cream-colored bodies instead of black. You can consider them to wear a pale jacket over their black body. The unique color pattern is an identifying characteristic of Siamese cats.

Then, what is the cat which looks and behaves like a Siamese cat but is entirely black? The answer is Oriental cat.

It is a common mistake to confuse a Siamese cat and an Oriental cat. Both of these cats shared a common ancestor at some point in history, and that is why they both have similar behavioral nature and body features.

However, Oriental cats have solid body color, but Siamese cats have a pointed color pattern. So, you can expect an Oriental cat to have several types of solid colors.

They can have chocolate, lilac, blue, and many more colors. So, you may see a black Oriental cat instead of a black Siamese cat.

They share so many characteristics that it is easy to get confused between them. You can mate a Siamese cat with a black Oriental cat to make a hybrid black Siamese cat.

How Do I Find Out The Breed Of My Black Cat?

Several cat breeds can have black as one of their colors. So, it is not simple to guess the breed of a Black cat by seeing its color.

The best bet is to check the cat breeds, which can have black color, and cross-match their characteristics with your black cat.

If your black cat shares its looks and behavioral traits with the Siamese cats, then you can be entirely sure that it is a black Oriental cat.

Siamese cats cannot have full black fur because point color pattern is a defining feature of them.

If you are in America or Canada and have a black cat with a long, slender appearance, it is more likely that the cat is a mixed breed or domestic shorthair cat.

In the next section, we will give you the names of all the cats that can have black fur on the entire coat. You can go to their characterizing features and match them with the black cat.

You will likely be able to find the breed of the cat. It is also possible that the cat is a mixed breed black cat.

In those cases, a DNA analysis of the cat can be an efficient alternative. This endeavor can be heavy on the wallet, but it will give you the result you want.

One thing that you can be sure of is that the black cat is not a Siamese cat. They cannot have a solid color on their body. All Siamese cats must have a point color pattern.

What Other Breeds of Cat Can Have Black Coats?

Let us look at the breeds of cats that can have black coats. We will only give you the names of such cat breeds. These cats can have black coats:

  1. American Bobtail
  2. American Curl
  3. American Shorthair
  4. Bombay ( Burmese and American Shorthair crossbreed)
  5. British Shorthair
  6. Cornish Rex
  7. Devon Rex
  8. Exotic Shorthair
  9. Japanese Bobtail
  10. Maine Coon
  11. Norwegian Forest Cat
  12. Oriental
  13. Persian
  14. Scottish Fold
  15. Selkirk Rex
  16. Siberian
  17. Sphynx
  18. Turkish Angora

As you can see, the list of black cats is very long. The statistics say that around 29% of black cats get a second chance in their lives, which is more than any other color.

Black cats look majestic, and they can be a brilliant addition to your house for all the right reasons.

Different Siamese Cat Colors:

As we have mentioned previously, the black Siamese cats are seal point-colored cats. There is no possibility that a Siamese cat will have a solid color. Despite that, the dark portions of the coat can have different colors.

While the seal points Siamese cats are most famous and are one of their original color pallets, there are chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortie, cinnamon, and many more colors out there.

Let us see briefly how many different Siamese cat colors are possible and how do they look like:

Seal Point:

Seal point is what we often call black Siamese cats. They will have black-colored points on their body.

Chocolate Point:

Distinguishing between the seal point and the chocolate point is quite tough for novice eyes. However, the body color of chocolate point Siamese cats is almost ivory white, and the pointed coats have a pinkish chocolate color.

Blue Point:

These cats have a bluish-white coat over their bodies. However, the darker portions should have slate or dark blue colored points.

Lilac Point:

These Siamese cats have the lightest body color amongst all the types of Siamese cats. Their glacial white color stays like that for the entirety of their lifetimes. The best way to distinguish a lilac point is to contrast it with the other three pointed colors.

Red Point:

Red points or orange points have a warm white color on their body. Their pointed markings have a reddish-gold or pink tone to them.

Cinnamon Point:

Cinnamon pointed Siamese cats will have a brown-colored coat on their face, ears, and legs.

Lynx Point:

This unique type of Siamese cat will have pointed tabby patterns instead of solid pointed colors. There could be various colors possible for lynx points themselves; however, the tabby markings are always present on their face, legs, and tail.

Tortie Point:

Tortie points are a mix of red and black points. So, you could imagine a tortoiseshell color on the pointed areas of Siamese cats.

Cream Point:

These Siamese cats will have a cool cream color over their warm white body. They almost look white if you are not observing them closely.

Black Siamese Cats with Green Eyes: Are They Real?

If you ever see a Black cat with green eyes and look like a Siamese cat, it is a shorthair Oriental cat. Oriental cats are related to Siamese cats in the distant past, but there is a striking difference between these two breeds.

Siamese cats will have a light-colored body and pointed color pattern. However, Oriental cats will have the body structure of Siamese cats, and they will have solid black fur on their bodies. So, it is practically impossible to have a solid-colored Siamese cat because it goes against their norm.

Apart from that, Siamese cats also have blue eyes because of their white body color. At the same time, Oriental cats can have green eyes.

So, Black Siamese cats with Green Eyes are real, but they are not Siamese cats; they are Oriental cats.


Are Black Siamese cats rare?

If you mean Seal Point Siamese cats by saying black Siamese cats, then no, they are not rare at all. Seal point Siamese cats are one of the most popular and common Siamese cats in the world.

However, there is no such thing as a solid black Siamese cat. If you want a solid black-colored cat with the physical attributes of a Siamese cat, you may have to go for oriental cats. They are not that rare either.

How Much Are Black Siamese Cats?

Seal point Siamese cats cost as much as $1200 from the breeder. However, a show-quality Siamese cat can cost more than $2500.

Oriental cats are almost as costly as Siamese cats. A prospective buyer can cost in the range of $600 to $1000.

The show-quality oriental cats can be as high as $3000.

Is It Possible To Have An All-Black Siamese Cat?

No, it is not possible to have an all-black Siamese cat. While that is true, you can find a cat that is all black but has the physical appearance of Siamese cats.


You can find black Oriental cats, which share many characteristics with the Siamese cats due to their shared ancestry.

We have also given you a list of all the cat breeds that can have black coats. This article should also help you if you are looking for a black cat for your own or trying to find the breed of your black cat.