Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth In 2021

​If your cat is getting older, at some point they will suffer from many disease just like human.

One of the common issues we see is - oral / gum or teeth related

So question is - what do you feed a cat with bad teeth?

Answer - you need to feed food that is specially made for senior cats with oral related problems.

​That's why in this article, I will share my top 5 best cat food for older cats with bad teeth. I have personally tested them and all are quality product but some are my favorites and I have marked those as my top pick.

Let's ​dive in:

Quick Intro:

Along with cat’s aging is their development of dental diseases (primarily gingivitis). By the time they reach two to three years old, their dental health deteriorates and may cause concern for them as well as for their owners.

Some may develop periodontal or gum disease. Some may need to have their teeth extracted, and that is the part that worries most cat owners. Because then they’ll be left wondering how their cats are going to manage to eat with no teeth.

Unlike humans, there are no false teeth for the cat. Yet! Still, going toothless is surely hard for them.

Best Cat Food For Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Dental diseases are a certain part of a cat’s aging process. Fortunately, there are plenty of cat foods that are formulated for dental health.

​Finding the right food can be a challenge though because of the many choices in the market.

​But, let’s narrow down the choices a little with the 5 cat foods we’ve picked as best for senior cats with bad teeth.

​1. Pate Perfect Portions by Sheba Wet Food

​Flavor / Variety:

  • ​Chicken / Turkey / Beef
  • ​Chicken / Turkey
  • ​Salmon / Whitefish & Tuna
  • ​Seafood / Salmon / Whitefish & Tuna
  • ​Chicken/Delicate Salmon/Roasted Turkey
  • ​Chicken / Beef / Whitefish & Tuna


  • ​(12) 2.6-oz
  • ​(24) 2.6-oz
  • ​(36) 2.6-oz

A meat-based Pate, Sheba’s Perfect Portions has no grains, plant protein, nor starches. Featuring high-quality meat, cats are easily enticed with it. Especially that there is a wide range of flavors to choose from.

A large variety of flavors for wet cat food is good for cats. Feeding the cat the same meat on a regular basis cause either cause him to develop an allergy to that meat or trigger one that has not been active. Being able to mix up food options is important.

Perfect Portions by Sheba comprises guar gum as a binder. This ingredient is generally considered safe despite not being a natural part of a feline’s diet.

​It has an additive “natural flavor” that is made from the hydrolyzed animal issue and is a concentrated flavor source.

​2. Pate for Cats by I and Love and You

​Flavor / Variety:

  • ​Chicken Me Out Paté
  • ​Beef, Salmon, Turkey Paté
  • ​Chicken, Turkey, Cod Paté
  • ​Stew, Chicken, Salmon, Tuna Paté
  • ​Oh My Cod! Paté
  • ​Beef, Right Meow Paté
  • ​Chicky-Da-Lish Stew
  • ​Purrky Turkey Paté
  • ​Salmon Chanted Evening Stew
  • ​Savory Salmon Recipe
  • ​Tuna Fantastic Stew
  • ​Whasically Wabbit Paté


  • ​(12) 3-oz.
  • ​24) 3-oz.
  • ​ (12) 5.5-oz.

I and Love and You or ILY is one of the most recommended foods for older cats with bad teeth. It is made from high-quality ingredients and has recipes that have high meat protein content.

​More than that, this wet cat food consists of superior cuts rather than meat-meal products. There are no fillers like soy, wheat, rice, nor corn.

​Also non-existent are artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives. It is not surprising considering, this brand is also picky about the carrageenan and had them banned from their recipes.

​Ideal for cats that experience toothache, this wet food’s texture is soft, making it easier for them to make eating comfortable.

​3. Adult 7+ Canned Wet Cat Food by Hill’s Science

​Flavor / Variety:

  • ​Savory Chicken
  • ​Savory Turkey


  • ​2.9-oz.
  • ​5.5-oz.

Hill’s Science Diet takes pride in its products that are based around researching foods that lengthen life and substantiating the benefits to the same standards as that of a pharmaceutical company that proves claims about drugs.

They are available for all cats even with no veterinary prescription. This senior food is nutritionally balanced to be gentle and mild on the cat’s digestion.

​Therefore, the liver and kidney won’t have to overwork to process it. Organs that regularly work less can work for longer.

Also, if the dental issue has heightened up and chewing may be hard for your cat, Hill’s Science Adult 7+ is just right.

​It has a soft and smooth texture, no chunks, therefore not much chewing is required. You can also fork it to make it even softer.

A lot of cat owners whose cats have early stages of kidney failure detected found Hill’s Science Diet work for their cat.

​Thanks to its all-natural formulation, amino acids and vitamin enrichment, your feline with obtaining all the necessary nutrients required to stay strong.

​4. Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food by Purina

​Flavor / Variety:

  • ​Dry Food
  • ​Wet Food
  • ​Turkey & Lentil
  • ​Turkey


  • ​3-oz.

Purina Beyond’sBeyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food belongs to its grain-free line and is made mainly from turkey and poultry components.

​Along with these are a handful of vegetables, thickeners, and synthetic nourishment.

82% of its water content is the first ingredient – poultry broth. Then, the turkey meat. Paired with chicken as another source of animal protein.

​The fourth ingredient is the liver. This may not be particularly of either turkey or chicken but of a number of various animals.

That last part should be noted as there are cats that are allergic to such.

Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food contains dried up egg products. This is the food’s highly bioavailable source of protein and other nutrients.

​The last ingredients are a series of plant ingredients that comprise of carb-dense sweet potatoes, spinaches, and potato starches.

​5. Feline Friend by Weruva

​Flavor / Variety:

  • ​Tuna & Bonito Be Mine
  • ​Tuna & Chicken 4-eva
  • ​Tuna & Chicken Chuckles
  • ​Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine
  • ​Tuna & Salmon Soulmates
  • ​Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts
  • ​Tuna & Tilapia Twosome


  • ​(12) 3-oz.
  • ​(24) 3-oz.

Weeruva’s fish flavor foods comprise of wild-caught fish by means of dolphin-safe methods and from viable fishing grounds.

​It has that fishy odor that is both appealing and irresistible to moggies. The moist gravy it has contains high moisture that is helpful in keeping your cat against urinary infections.

The good range of tempting flavors won’t leave you with nothing to offer when the cat becomes picky. The variety of flavors is all comprised of quality and value.


Metabolism also slows down as your cat goes to the senior stage. Along with their reduced activeness, they burn fewer calories.

​While it is not so much a requirement for balanced nutrition, they still need a nourishing blend of protein, fat, and vital nutrients in their diet.

No, their basic nutritional needs won’t change as they age, but, the structure and composition of what he eats should be adjusted as he gets older.

Such are needing fewer calories if he becomes less active, or lessening the amount of fat content in his diet.

To be sure you are getting the right food for your old cat, you can refer to the list of things to look for in senior cat food.

  • ​Premium animal proteins like protein
  • ​Low-to-moderate fat content
  • ​Rich in fiber and a high percentage of moisture
  • ​Easy to digest ingredients
  • ​Valuable supplements
  • ​No artificial additives

​Dental Problems in Cats

When your cat gets older, health problems arise, too. However, there are health issues that can be prevented as long as you take good care of them.

​Yes, dental issues are most like to happen to your cats as they age, but there are things you can do about it.

Let’s start by understanding dental problems in cats. The 5 vital things that you should know about dental issues in cats are;

​1. The foundation of good dental health is proper nutrition : Your cat’s diet is closely linked to his overall health and wellness. This includes dental health, therefore make sure he is getting balanced nutrition that can provide for all of his nutritional needs.

​2. Gum diseases have various stages. As with humans, the first stage is gingivitis. This is the inflammation of gums or gingiva. Gingivitis happens with a film of plaque or bacteria accumulates on the teeth. While it can be reversible with some professional cleaning and proper dental care at home, once it progresses further may lead to permanent damage.

​3. Ignored dental problems cause weight loss. Senior cats have a tendency to eat less. This is because as they age, they start developing dental problems that make it difficult for them to eat. With the reduced amount of food they eat, they will surely hit the light on the weighing scale.

​4. Cats’ teeth should be brushed like you brush your own.Human and cat teeth have some likenesses. Although the cat’s teeth may look different from human’s, both have two successive sets of teeth. The effects of bacteria build up in human teeth are the same in cats. Therefore, as silly as it may sound, the cat’s teeth should be brushed.

​5. Dry food helps clean your cat’s teeth. While wet food is more appealing and easier to eat for cats, it largely contributes to dental problems if they get stuck in between teeth and gums. Chewing dry food aids in scraping plaque and tartar off of your cat’s teeth.

Awareness of dental health basics in cats can keep dental issues from happening to them.

​Diseases, as they age, are inevitable but there are always things you can do to prevent them from developing into severe issues.

Keeping Your Senior Cat’s Teeth Healthy

Start with your cat’s dental care as early as their weaning stage because problems with their teeth can get out of control relatively quickly.

​Food getting stuck in between teeth can easily become a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Not brushing your cat’s teeth can cause tartar production that advances into plaque over time.

​If that happens, removing them can be difficult. It can spread under the gumline and may cause inflammation and bone damage. Make sure to clean your cat’s teeth with the tips we prepared for you:

Tip 1. Nourish your cat with a healthy and balanced diet. This is not only important for your cat’s dental health but oral, too.

Tip 2. Brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Most cats don’t like their teeth touched, therefore you will have to work up so you can brush them. Once you are able to do, keep a habit of doing it at least a few times a week.

Tip 3. Check with your vet regularly. Vet visits should not only happen when the cat is sick. To make sure your cat is in tip-top shape, take them to the vet at least twice a year.

Tip 4. Keep dental treats handy. These crunchy treats aren’t formulated for nothing. They are made to focus on scraping tartar off of your cat’s teeth at the same time freshening their breath.

Tip 5. Monitor your cat for signs of dental diseases. Even when you try as much to keep your cat’s pearly whites as best as possible, there can still be instances where dental disease could arise.

​Watch out for any red and inflamed gums, bad breath, bleeding gums, and changes in eating habits.

​There you have it. My list of Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth. While it's essential to visit regularly to a pet clinic as your cat gets older, the mentioned products are also very friendly with their gum

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