Are Tabby Cats Usually Fat? Here’s What You Need To Know

Tabby cat owners are concern about their weight and fat all the time. While it’s easy for tabby cat to gain weigh due to improper balance of diet, you can still help them maintain a good weigh. In this article, we will explore the popular and common question if tabby cats usually get fats or not & what can you do about it.

Are tabby cats usually fat?

No, the tabby cats aren’t supposed to be fat. However, they possess a higher tendency to gain weight, which often makes them prone to obesity.

It is very important to monitor the food habits of the tabby cat and the calorie intake to maintain its health.

A balanced diet, adequate exercise, and professional help from doctors are important to maintain the weight of a tabby cat.

It is possible that you could find a large number of tabby cats that carry a considerable amount of weight. This is usually the result of overfeeding.

These cats eat almost anything and everything that they are presented with and tend to get hungry frequently.

Although this extra bulk might add to the cuteness of the tabby, it is ultimately very dangerous for its health.

How big can tabby cats get?

Since the tabby is simply a coat pattern found across a variety of breeds of cats, it is difficult to specify the exact size a tabby can grow up to be.

It largely depends on the breeds they belong to. Their size also varies according to their gender. Tabby cats can grow up to 8-16 inches in height depending on their breed.

Their weight ranges from 8-12 pounds. An adult tabby cat should typically weigh around 10 pounds to remain at the peak of its health.

However, some breeds with a smaller build tend to weigh less than the specified amount of weight.

Whereas the male cats weigh around 10-12 pounds, the female ones usually weigh less.

Their weight usually ranges from 6-12 pounds according to their breed. In most cases, the weight of the female is usually 2-3 pounds lesser than the male.

Reasons why your tabby cat is getting fat:

Obesity is a major health problem among tabby cats. It could lead to a number of diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc. and adds extra pressure to the limbs of the cat.

It is important to know the factors that could lead to unnecessary weight gain in the tabby cat.

Here is a list of some of the reasons because of which your tabby cat might be getting fat:

1. Unhealthy amount of eating

Tabby cats are very enthusiastic about food. They can eat a large amount of food if they are allowed to. It also prefers any kind of food items including almost all human foods and cat foods as well.

They tend to eat meals about 4-5 times a day if they get the chance to.

Since their appetite is massive and they do not feel full even when their food amount surpasses the required limit, they end up gaining excessive amounts of weight as fat starts to accumulate on their bodies.

2. Lack of proper exercise

Tabby cats are usually adopted into modern homes with limited spaces. Because of the lack of space to move around, the cat is often forced to sit idle all day.

They do not get their regular exercise needed to stay healthy if proper spaces are not provided to them.

Therefore, it is important to keep some space for the cat to move around the house as it helps to lose the excessive weight.

3. Medical problems

Food issues are not always the cause of the tabby cat getting fat, especially when the weight gain is drastic.

It might be caused due to certain underlying medical problems like diabetes or a pest infestation in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is very important to seek professional help if you doubt that the cat may have certain medical problems due to which it is getting fat.

4. Depression

Humans are not the only creatures who tend to feel depressed due to different reasons. Depression is prevalent among a number of animals including cats.

A tabby cat might feel depressed if it is left alone for the majority of the day. Loneliness often encourages them to seek comfort in food.

Mental health issues like depression are one of the primary reasons for weight gain in a tabby cat and appropriate measures should be taken to curb it.

5. Old age

A tabby cat might also gain weight during the later years of its life. They often become lazy during their old age and do not move around much.

The food intake of these cats remains constant but their amount of daily exercise reduces. This often leads to weight gain in the cat.

Steps to help you in reducing your tabby cat’s weight and fat

If you notice that your tabby can is gaining weight, there are certain steps that should be followed to reduce this weight.

Certain lifestyle changes are required for the tabby cat to lose weight. These include:

1. Proper exercise

One of the most efficient ways through which the tabby cat can lose weight is by increasing their physical activity.

It will help them to lose the extra fat and enhance their metabolic rate as well. They can be encouraged to exercise through laser pointers and feather toys which they usually like to chase.

The tabby cat should be encouraged to move from one place inside the house to the other instead of sitting idle all day.

If it enjoys being outdoors, the cat can be periodically taken for short walks to help reduce weight.

2. Switching to a healthier diet

Tabby cats that are significantly obese can lose the extra weight by following a specific healthy diet.

These diets should be designed in such a way that it contains a low amount of calories and is rich in fibers.

It should provide the cat with all the necessary nutrients. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before following such a strict diet.

Regular cat foods can be switched with canned cat foods as they often contain a lower amount of calories.

It also has a higher water content which makes the tabby cat feel full without overeating.

3. Prevent overfeeding

Overfeeding is one of the primary reasons for excessive weight gain in tabby cats. The owner often tends to provide an extra amount of food to the cat out of sheer love.

The tabby cats are very fond of eating and never hesitate to eat these extra foods provided to them.

Most owners also believe that it is not necessary to provide the cat with food on specific time and it can be simply put in a bowl from which the cat can feed itself when hungry.

However, it is not true as the cat often eats more than required when ample food is present in front of them at all times.

Therefore, it is very important to feed the cat according to a time-table and their needs. We need to keep a count of their calorie intake and the amount of food they eat in a day.

What is the healthy weight for a tabby cat?

The healthy weight for a tabby cat is not always consistent as the cat is constantly growing. The average healthy weight for an adult tabby cat is usually 10 pounds.

However, the healthy weight might also vary according to the breed of the tabby cat.

A tabby cat can weigh as low as 5 pounds, whereas a Maine Coon can weigh as heavy as 25 pounds and still be considered healthy.

The healthy weight for a female tabby cat usually ranges from about 6-10 pounds in most cases.

Why do tabby cats eat so much?

Tabby cats are usually very active cats and they love to play around. Since, they do not sit idle all day; they tend to get hungry frequently.

They can gobble up anything edible that is present before them. These cats even have the potential to eat nearly as much as their body weight if they are allowed.

The tabby cats can eat a lot if the owner does not allow any limit to the food they provide. They also tend to binge eat when they are left alone for the majority of the day as they get bored easily.

However, in some cases the cat might be overeating because of certain problems like presence of tapeworms in their stomach from hunting in the dirt.

Depression might also be a reason for overeating in tabby cats.

It could also be caused due to certain ailments like diabetes and hyperthyroidism, which needs immediate medical attention.


The tabby cats are not inherently fat creatures. These cats gain weight mostly because of their massive appetite, but they also possess the ability to lose the extra weight.

The owner needs to be well aware of their pet’s health conditions and should keep a track of their weight gain and growth rate if possible.

This would enable them to employ the required measures to help with the cat’s health issues, so that the tabby cat can live a prolonged life.


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