Are Tabby Cats Intelligent & Smart ? Here’s What You Need To Know

Tabby cats are known all over the world for their cuteness as well as their unique personality traits.

Many people are often curious about these cat’s intelligence, as they are very interactive and smart in most cases.

Having an intelligent cat is very beneficial for the owner as they do not have to worry much about the pet’s well-being.

Intelligent cats learn to be independent and socially aware without much help from their owner.

In this article, we will explore the common questions – Are tabby cats really intelligent and smart? 

If so, how much.

Let’s get to it.

Are tabby cats intelligent?

Yes, tabby cats are brilliant and curious creatures. These cats have an incredible memory and cognitive skills. They showcase extraordinary survival skills and are experts in social interactions.

They acquire new information very quickly and trained easily. Tabby cats also can efficiently adapt to all kinds of the environment by developing the required skills.

Tabby cats are brilliant, and it often notices the behavioral traits of its owner and integrates some of their characteristics into its personality.

How smart are they compared to other cats?

Tabby cats are known to be exceptionally smart and intelligent. A few cat owners also believe that their tabby cat is much more intelligent than any other cat they have met.

However, there is a misconception amongst many people that tabby cats belong to a particular breed.

They believe that all tabby cats have similar intelligence and cognitive skills because they are from the same breed, which is not valid. Tabby is simply a coat pattern found across a variety of breeds of cats.

Many people associate the tabby pattern with the American shorthair breed as it is one of the most commonly available varieties of tabby cats.

These cats are quite intelligent and possess the required skills for survival. But, their ability to solve complex problems and handle extreme situations is relatively low.

Therefore, compared to other breeds like Siamese, Bengal, etc., their intelligence can be considered average.

It would not be efficient to compare the intelligence of cats based on a coat pattern. While tabby cats like the American Shorthair have a standard amount of intelligence, other tabby cats possess a much higher amount.

The comparisons need to be made among different breeds to achieve accurate results. Tabby cats belonging to breeds like Siamese, Abyssinian, Bengal, Burmese, etc. possess the highest intelligence.

Do they need specific training to get smarter?

Tabby cats are already smart animals as they can efficiently respond and adjust to their environment.

Intelligence in a cat is measured through social interactions, survival skills, memory power, and other cognitive skills. The owners of the cats can train them so that they can make the best use of their intelligence.

To improve its capability to interact with other pets and humans, you can undertake specific steps to train them.

It would help if you introduced the cat with cat toys that enhance social traits, present it to other cats and humans from an early age and allow it to have some time of its own.

You should also perform a strict training schedule during the first months of the cat’s life to improve its memory power for a lifetime.

Training a tabby is not a very hard task as they are active animals and love to interact with people.

You could take help from an expert to train the cat in a particular way that would leave them smarter and more socially interactive.

But, you could also teach the cat with some help from the internet and books dedicated to the purpose.

Ways to make your tabby cats smarter:

1. Encourage social interaction

Improved social interaction is one of the critical aspects required to make a tabby cat smarter.

If you adopt a kitten into your home, you should encourage it to meet and interact with other cats, dogs, or any other animal.

The cat should also be exposed to humans from an early age to ease them up in people’s presence.

You should talk to your cat as much as possible to encourage healthy interaction.

It will also help learn the sounds and tones you make, which they would associate with certain things like food, play, etc.

They should also be allowed to play with toys that improve their interactive capacity.

2. Using food to enhance their capabilities

Tabby cats are very fond of eating, which you can use as an efficient tool to train them to become more intelligent.

Laid out food puzzles in front of the cat at certain times. Such puzzles would encourage them to use their brains to solve complex problems required to retrieve their favorite snacks.

This would increase their brain capacity and make them smarter. It would also help them learn new skills and make them more conscious of their surroundings.

You should also train your cats not to find it tedious; instead, they look forward to these sessions. The use of their favorite snacks as rewards can be a big help in training the cat properly to become smarter.

You can also hide its food in different house locations to encourage the cat to use its senses properly and explore their problem-solving abilities.

3. Cat toys

Toys designed for cats are not always made for enjoyment, but also as a tool of learning. Use popular toys like a feather attached to a string to play with the cat and improve its intelligence.

It forces them to think hard and find out ways to retrieve the feather. Certain cat toys are also designed explicitly by companies to make a cat smarter and more socially interactive.

You can also involve the cat in games like hiding and seek, which will help them enhance their hearing and sensing skills.

It will also help them get comfortable in locations they are not usually exposed to, which would eventually be useful if you decide to shift homes later.


Tabby cats are indeed brilliant cats, and you can train to use their intelligence efficiently.

It is essential to assist the cat from an early age to learn some necessary skills, ultimately contributing to their intelligence.

Although their brightness also varies according to their breed, they all possess the essential survival skills, required memory power, ability to interact, and other vital traits.