Are Siamese The Only Cats With Blue Eyes? Find Out The Answer Here

Siamese cats are famous for their strikingly beautiful blue eyes. It is one of the most identifiable features of a Siamese cat.

Both modern and traditional Siamese cats have blue eyes. The eyes’ shade can vary from light blue to deep ocean blue, but it will be blue nonetheless.

The unique structure of eyes and lack of pigmentation give them a blue color. The brilliant feature becomes one of the most desirable characteristics for some cat owners.

So, we often come across cat owners who are looking for cats having similar blue eyes. We are glad to say that several cat breeds have blue eyes as their natural eye color.

Are Siamese The Only Cats With Blue Eyes?

Siamese cats have astounding blue eyes, and the albino genes are responsible for this phenomenon. Siamese cats have a cream-colored body with dark points on their ears, nose, face, and tails.

The recessive gene has become a common feature of the Siamese cat because of these cats’ repeated inbreeding.

While it is one of the most salient features of Siamese cats, blue eyes aren’t prevalent in the cat world.

However, there are a few breeds that can have blue-colored eyes. In the following section, we will look at a few cat breeds that can have blue-colored eyes.

Other Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes:

Blue eyes are an outcome of a genetic aberration, and it is remarkably rare in the cat world. It is because the gene responsible for the blue eyes is recessive.

Both of the parents should have a specific gene so that the offsprings have the blue-eyes gene. Breeders have perfected the breeding process such that all the blue-eyed cats act as the parents in their batteries.

In this section, we will recommend some of the cat breeds that you can choose if you are looking for a blue-eyed cat.


Balinese looks like a long-lost relative of a Siamese cat. These cats originated from Siamese cats due to rigorous genetic mutation.

They have similar pointed coloration, and both are famous for their amiable and loving behavior. Their need for attention makes them incompatible with a working owner.

The most prominent dissimilarity is that Balinese cats have long coats, while Siamese cats have short hair.

The beautiful blue eyes amplify these cats’ beauty, and it is incredibly soothing to look at them.


The Birman cats are other close relatives of Siamese cats. It is a common belief that the Birman cats originated from the country of Burma and crossbred with Siamese cats in France to engender this breed.

They are also available in similar colorations like lilac, chocolate, red, seal, cream, and blue. There is a fascinating myth behind their beautiful blue eyes.

Many believe that they received these eyes as a blessing for their dedication to a certain priest.

A significant dissimilarity with the Siamese cat is that they are available in lynx patterns also.


Himalayan cats share their features with Siamese cats and Persian cats. In the 1930s, breeders started breeding Siamese and Persian cats to engender this new kind of cat.

The Himalayan cat’s coat has the characteristics of Persian cats, but they have the Siamese cats’ pointed coloration.

Himalayan cats also have a loving and playful personality.

The beautiful double coat of these cats requires more attention than regular cats. If you are not grooming the Himalayan cat regularly, the fur will become matted.


Persian cats are famous for their soft and silky skin, distinguished behavior, and undemanding friendly nature.

Not all Persian cats have blue eyes. However, all-white Persian cats predominantly have strikingly beautiful blue, oval eyes.

The white Persian cats can also have a genetic deficiency that makes them deaf. This loving furball can be an astounding cuddle buddy for you.

They are excellent as house pets, but they don’t do good in the shows because of their lack of intelligence and trainability.


After Maine Coons, Ragdoll cats are one of the largest domesticated cats in the world. They are also famous for their loving and friendly nature.

This breed can be an astounding cuddle buddy, and their name bears the testimony to that. The long, triple-layered fur ball has delicate features, and the blue eyes amplify their beauty by many folds.

Ojos Azules:

Ojos Azules is the rarest cat breed on this list, and it is one of the rarest domesticated cat breeds. They originated in the suburban parts of Mexico and received this name because of their blue eyes.

Ojos Azules means ‘blue eyes’ in Spanish, and these cats have a deep shade of blue despite not having any pointed or solid white coloring.

This beautiful cat breed is hard to find, and it is next to impossible to own it.

Snowshoe Cat:

Snowshoe cat is another crossbred cat that has the characteristics of Siamese cat and American Shorthair cat.

They share many similarities with the Siamese cat, like their blue eyes, loving behavior, and demanding nature.

They are also one of the most vocal cats in the world. They received this name because of the white patches on their toes that look snow-covered.


By now, you should have a concrete idea about the blue-eyed cats in the world. Siamese cats are probably the most famous blue-eyed cat in the world.

However, if you are not looking to adopting a Siamese cat for your home, several cats share the same characteristics.

It is incredible to look at cats’ ocean blue eyes, and several cat breeds possess this feature.