Are Siamese Cats Aggressive? We Found The Answer

Siamese cats are famous for their excellent behavior, amiable nature, and kind heart. It is one of the primary reasons for their world-renowned fame.

If you ask a Siamese cat owner about their cat’s temperament, nine out of ten would only praise it for the excellent behavior.

In hindsight, it looks like a fair statistic. However, if you compare these statistics with the other purebred cats, you will realize that Siamese cats are more aggressive than others.

It does not mean that Siamese cats are not suitable for your house, or it endangers others in your home.

If we look at the reasons behind this temperament, you will realize that they aren’t inherently aggressive.

In this article, we will look at the nature of the Siamese cats and explore the possible reasons behind their aggressive nature.

Are Siamese Cats Aggressive?

No, Siamese cats are not inherently aggressive, like many other cats. If you are giving the cat as much attention as it needs, it will not turn aggressive.

So, it should give you an idea about the primary reasons for their aggressive nature. Jealousy, lack of interaction and playtime, and misunderstanding probably give them an aggressive side along with their loving traits.

If you are adopting a Siamese cat and taking good care of it, the chances are that you will never get to see this side.

According to statistics, only one out of ten Siamese cat owners has experienced the attacking side. Whereas, only one out of sixty Persian cat owners have deemed their cats to be aggressive.

So, Siamese cats are more aggressive in comparison to the other purebred cats. However, it does not mean that they are inherently aggressive.

Why Are Siamese Cats Aggressive?

Despite their loving nature, Siamese cats can turn aggressive to their caretakers if they do not take proper care of the cats.

Before condemning the Siamese cats to be mean or aggressive, we have to understand the reasons for their rare show of aggressive nature.


Jealousy is one of the most significant reasons behind their aggressive nature. Siamese cats crave for their owner’s attention.

If they sense that you are not playing with them or taking care of them, they will turn aggressive. Siamese cats want to get your attention at all times, and the loud nature only pertains to that fact.

Siamese cats are remarkably intelligent breeds, and they know how to demand what they want. The demanding nature of these cats can force them to become aggressive.

Sometimes, cat owners do not like their overly affectionate nature towards them. If you observe that your little furball is becoming hostile, you have to check whether they demand something.

Most of the time, the Siamese cat is demanding your love. So, if your attention is all that it wants, you should spend as much time as possible with the cat.

Presence of Other Cats:

Siamese cats can be notably possessive of their owner and living areas. They are significantly more dominating than other domesticated cats.

Siamese cats do not like to tolerate the presence of other cats or dogs in their vicinity most of the time. We can look at this scenario as an extension of the previous reasoning. But they can get along with dogs if introduced properly.

Aggression towards other pets in the house is natural for them. Siamese cats have a dominating effect on the other cats.

They love to claim their territory and prey on the fear of the cats that surround them. We can often see that as an aggressive trait.

However, if we provide pets with equal amounts of love and care, it should not bother the Siamese cat. You can try to maintain a single cat household if you are thinking of adopting a Siamese cat.

Scratching Need:

Siamese cats have an indomitable scratching need. If you are not attentive enough to give them opportunities to fulfill this behavior, they can scratch walls or furniture.

We often look at this behavior as aggression, but we should not. We observe this scratching need in Siamese cats more than most other cats.

Hence, you have to consider buying a scratching post or a cat tree for your Siamese cats.

Many cat owners even go to the extent of declawing their cats to remove this problem. However, you cannot declaw your Siamese cats as it makes your cat defenseless.


Siamese cats are a notably intelligent breed. They know how they can get your attention by being greatly vocal.

The vocal trait of these cats is different from most other cats. Siamese cats love to be vociferous at all times.

They will let you know at the slightest of inconvenience. The pitch of the voice also sets them apart from the other cats.

So, we can often consider this voice as pain or aggression. However, it is a natural trait for Siamese cats.


Many cat owners deem Siamese cats to be more aggressive than other cats. But now, you should have an idea about the traits of this breed that gives us the view.

It should be clear that there are several misunderstanding traits of Siamese cats, and we combine them to arrive at a general conclusion.

Siamese cats are one of the most loving cat breeds that you can have.

If you are attentive to your cat and make them feel loved, you should not worry about their aggressive nature. Taking away the possible causes of aggression could result in a happy companionship with your Siamese cat.