Are Shock Collars Good For Huskies? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Huskies were a bunch of working dogs in the deep tundras of Siberia who found their way to the heart of human civilization. Their uncanny similarities with giant wolves, blue eyes, and well-built structure made them one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

That said, belonging from the rough parts of the world where they had to hunt and pull carts for long distances through cold doesn’t make them easy to train. Indeed, Huskies are also one of the most challenging dog breeds to train. Apart from that, they can be pretty repulsive against training.

So, many Husky owners resort to using shock collars to ease the difficulty of training these beautiful dogs. But, unfortunately, while many dog collars are out there, some of them can be pretty nasty to these innocent creatures.

So, it is quite a relevant question to ask about the usability of these shock collars on Huskies. In this article, we will explore the applicability and possible options that can come in handy for you.

Are Shock Collars Good For Huskies?

There is quite a debate amongst the husky owner’s community and often dog owners’ communities regarding shock collars. As you probably understand, the collars are not all comfortable and humane for the Husky. So, while many husky owners would agree to the use of shock collars, we would recommend against it.

To understand the answer in a better way, let’s consider how the shock collars usually work.

Shock collars can have multiple types of outputs, which can be, of course, shocking, then vibrating, noise, and anti-bark, etc. All shock collars have their unique characteristics, and let us break down each one of them.

The electrical shock function works by literally passing a low electric surge through the skin of the Husky. Two prongs that touch lightly with the Husky skin can pass an electric surge by pressing a button on the controller.

As you can understand, this is entirely inhumane to shock your dog to train or any other reason. It can be pretty uncomfortable and painful for the husky as well.

Vibrating or noise characteristics are much more humane and effective ways of training your cat. In the vibration mode, the mechanical parts of the collar will vibrate, and it will alert the dog. In other words, it will act as a command without hurting them.

The noise features on the shock collars can also perform the same thing, but with sound. These sounds might seem too low for you, but the dogs will hear them just fine.

The anti-bark system is another seldomly found property of the shock collars that will shock, vibrate, or make noise depending on how often the Husky is barking. This feature is harmless as long as it is in vibrate or noise mode.

As you now understand all the functionalities of a shock collar, we could say that shock collars can be effective without using electric shock on poor huskies. So, we will stick to the shock collars, which have these two functionalities, so that the Husky always stays in a safe environment.


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How Do You Get A Shock Collar To Work On A Husky?

While learning to use a shock collar on your Husky, you have to remember that you deal with one of the most intelligent and independent dog breeds out there. So, you cannot expect them to be okay with these collars from the start. As a result, you can use the following steps to get the Husky acquainted with Shock collars.

Use it as a regular collar at first:

You should devote the first few weeks to the familiarization of the collars. During that time, do not use any of the unique features of the shock collar.

As the Huskies are brilliant dogs, they will sense the discomfort or unfamiliarity straight away, and they will resist next time. So, it would help if you didn’t use any of the features for the first few weeks.

However, you have to make it as natural as possible. So, take your dog out on a walk, play with it, or even let it sleep while wearing the collar.

Rotate the Collar As Many Times As Possible:

As we have mentioned previously, two prongs touch the skin at all times. So, it creates pressure on the skin, and prolonged exposure to this kind of pressure can lead to various problems. So, it is best to rotate the collar from time to time and ease the husky.

Some collars come with the option of having plastic prongs instead of metal prongs. However, you have to do the same thing even for them as they can also have similar effects.

Keep it tight but comfortable:

A collar is not practical if it slips out of the neck every time your husky goes for physical activity. So, you have to make sure that the collar is tight enough for your dog’s safety. However, the collar is not too tight so that the dog is uncomfortable while wearing it. So, you have to ensure the Husky’s safety while providing as much comfort as possible.

Do Not Use Shock Feature:

Using the shock feature is not detrimental to the health of Husky; it also reduces the chances of getting the collar on the dog again. So, use the plastic tongs whenever possible, and do not trigger electrical shock even by mistake.


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What Type Of Collar Is Best For A Husky?

As we have previously mentioned, we do not recommend the usage of shock collars at all. However, if you need help training your Husky, you can always go for the collars which vibrate or make a sound.

Any aversive collar like martingale collar, half-cheek chain, choke chain, prong collar, or electric collar negatively affects dogs. Research says fear or frustration will enrise to more problems than solving any.

The best type of collar for Huskies is a simple collar with D-ring. If you can have an identification tag, then it is better in the case of runaways.

Here are some of the best examples of such collars:

OneTigris Tough Military Dog Collar:

OneTigris Tough Military Dog Collar is one of the best dog collars for Huskies as it is durable, rugged, adjustable, and comfortable. You can choose from different color options, and it gives you the best control over your Husky.

Strong and DurableMilitary Collars can be quite tricky to use. However, once you get the hang of it, there is no going back.
Various adjustable sizes
Extremely Comfortable
Double prong on the belt. Tougher build.

Black Rhino Comfort Dog Collar:

Black Rhino provides one of the most comfortable dog collars in the market. Although it might not be as challenging as the other military-grade dog collars in the market, they pick up the slack in their unique stitching and visibility improvement techniques.

Unique padding technology for maximum comfortMore likely to break
Reflective material for clear vision in low light conditions
Easier to use

Tough Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar:

Tough Pupper heavy-duty dog collar is another tough-built collar that is amazing for Husky. What sets them apart from other heavy-duty collars is that they are incredibly comfortable due to neoprene padding.

Unique padding technology for maximum comfortOnly has a single prong
Many available colors
Heavy Duty
Has a special technology to control your dog if you lose control.


Finally, we can say that shock collars are not appropriate for any dog breed, and you should not use them for any reason. There are several kinds of dog collars available that do not use pain and punishment to teach. Of course, you can always go for the dog collars mentioned in the articles. Otherwise, there are plenty of humane options available.