Are Roaches Attracted To Cat Litter? Here’s The Actual Answer

Pests like roaches are a forever unwelcome guest into our homes. They are potentially dangerous as they can contaminate your food and bring various diseases into the house.

If you have a cat, there is always a concern that your pet’s presence might attract pests into your home. It can make your life more troublesome as it is challenging to get rid of these pests.

Therefore, let us look at the different concerns associated with your cat and cockroaches:

Are roaches attracted to cat litter?

Roaches are attracted to anything dirty or unhygienic. However, they are not particularly attracted to cat litter. It is the filthiness of the litter that might attract roaches and other pests.

The litter box’s pungent smell and overall dirt will make a perfect breeding ground for the roaches. They will surely visit the litter box if you do not clean it frequently.

They are also particularly fond of biodegradable litter. It is usually made from recycled paper, wood shavings, and other plant-based materials.

These materials, primarily wheat-based litters, are an excellent source of food for cockroaches, and therefore they might be attracted to the litter.

But, if you have a clean litter box and maintain the litter’s quality, roaches would surely stay away from it.

Which type of cat litter is best to avoid attracting roaches?

It is essential to choose the types of litters that the cockroaches detest. It will help to keep them away and maintain the hygiene of the litter box.

1. Clay-based cat litter

Clay-based cat litter is one of the oldest variants of commercial cat litter and can be found in all kinds of online and offline stores.

This form of cat litter came to be used in the post-world war era. Before clay-based cat litter, people used to use sand or ashes in a box as an indoor toilet for their cat.

Clay-based litter is made of coarse and absorbent clay particles. The patent for this type of cat litter was developed by a businessman called Edward Lowe, who used absorbent, granulated clay earlier used as an industrial absorbent to replace the existing litter boxes for the cats.

They are known for their ability to absorb moisture.

The traditional form of clay-based cat litter makes up about 40% of the current cat litter market. This type of litter keeps the roaches away but needs to be cleaned frequently.

2. Silica-based cat litter


This reasonably new variant of cat litter is made from silica gel – a component of quartz. It is an absorbent gel and very helpful for odor control.

The silica gel used in these litter boxes is in crystalline form and known for its capacity to absorb the cat’s urine effectively.

It is a good alternative for clay-based litter. Unlike clay-based litter; it produces much less dust and debris.

Silica is a moisture-absorbing agent and a chemically inert substance, making it very safe for the cat.

It is also better for the environment since silica has a higher absorbing capacity than clay, which decreases the rate at which it becomes unusable and eventually ends up in the garbage.

This type of cat litter is also helpful in keeping roaches and other pests away.

Are cockroaches harmful to cats?

Cockroaches are typically harmless for cats. They tend to stay away from places frequently visited by the cat.

However, it is not entirely safe for your cat to be around cockroaches. These pests have a hard exoskeleton that can severely affect the cat if they ingest the insect.

These exoskeletons may cause indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems. It can also trigger allergies in your cat and cause irritation in the mouth and lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or other stomach problems.

The exoskeleton also tends to break down into small fragments inside your cat’s mouth. If the cat does not chew the roach properly, these pieces can get stuck in their throat or other organs of the digestive system.

It might ultimately lead to vomiting, or your cat might choke. In rare cases, the exoskeleton’s microscopic fragments can travel with the cat’s blood into its heart or lungs and might cause serious complications.

Otherwise, it’s impossible for a cockroach to harm a cat as they generally stay away from pets. Even if they manage to get near your cat, the cat’s fur protects it from the pest.

It cannot bite or irritate the pet as it cannot come into direct contact with their skin.

Cats are also very vigilant creatures, and they would surely know if a pest is lurking around them. They would either kill the pest or get away from it as much as possible.


Roaches can be found around anything dirty, including your dirty cat litter. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the litter box frequently to avoid dirt and pests from accumulating in the box.

You should use litters that are safe for cats and help to keep cockroaches and other pests away.

Frequent cleaning will indeed prevent pest infestation and reduce the risks of various diseases transmitted through these pests.


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