Are Ragdolls Dumb Or Intelligent? [ Know The Truth ]

Despite the aloof nature of the ragdoll cats, if you can capture the attention of the ragdoll cats for a very long time, you will realize that the ragdoll cats are very smart and intelligent compared to ordinary cats.

These cats are not affectionate, unlike the other cats, but they are indeed very intelligent.

The strongest areas where the ragdoll cats show their intelligence is their ability to adapt to their surroundings, their ability to be trained, and their quick mode of communication.

The ragdoll cats can be typically trained to fetch things. If you consider the areas of survival or hunting, you cannot consider the intelligence of the ragdoll cats, but if you consider the other aspects, they are excellent.

This is the only reason why Ragdoll cats are considered indoor cats. There is no comparison with the memory the ragdoll cats possess.

Are Ragdolls Dumb?

Ragdoll cats are not dumb. They lack specific skills which other cats might have. Ragdolls are great at communicating with humans and other cats, they are also great at asking their needs or asking affection, and they also engage with other human activities.

Still, it will be a bit difficult for them to survive outside. Ragdolls are primarily indoor cats, compared to other cat breeds (ragdolls cannot survive outside as they lack particular abilities present in other cat breeds).

Ragdolls are playful, affectionate, snuggly, and cute, making them the best fit for the home. To test your ragdoll’s intelligence, you can bring some games and then see how fast their memories can be.

They have an excellent memory, mathematical abilities, and learning capacity, which will help them solve multiple puzzles and many other human activities.

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Are Ragdolls Intelligent?

Yes, they are knowledgeable. They are always interested in spending time with their owners. Their intelligence is marked above average, making them fun to be around the home.

If you can invest time in your cat by treating them gently and training them regularly, then you might achieve greatness and excellent results. The most important fact is that they are brilliant in their emotional intelligence.

They are known to be capable of communicating and asking for affection from their masters. Ragdolls are great at communicating with humans and other cats.

They are also great at asking about their needs or communicating and asking affection, and they also engage with other human activities. Still, it will be a bit difficult for them to survive outside.

They are also known to have greater social intelligence than other cats and are great at communicating needs. Ragdolls are speedy learners; you will learn about their intelligence when you let them play games (which requires strong memory or physical activities).

These cats were bred for being indoor cats, and that is why they don’t have excellent survival skills; your ragdoll might not find its way back to your home if lost) but your ragdoll is smart. Hence if you train it like that, it might be a way out for your ragdoll.

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How To Find If Your Ragdoll Cat Is Dumb Or Intelligent?

Social Ability

Does your cat show social skills? Dogs are known to be the fittest for social skills and are very social and playful animals, dogs will love to interact with you and do whatever you desire, but this trait should not be mistaken as intelligence.

Many celebrities like Britany Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, and many more have claimed that they said “people own dogs,” but “cats own us.”

Your cat’s intelligence test: Does he come when being called? How social can your kitty be? Does he plop next to you? If yes, then you don’t have a social and joyful cat. If not, then training them for a few minutes a day will help your cat develop all those qualities you desire or need.

Survival Skills

In human statistics, when you see a dog lost, a stranger often becomes worried about its whereabouts, but it is not the same case as cats because humans know that cats do survive.

As an experiment, if a cat and dog are left out for ten days, the cat will return fat and happy, but the dog won’t, cats are known to be more self-reliant, have a knack for taking care of themselves and they are more innovative.

Your cat’s intelligence test: When you plan an outing without your cat, do you have to keep a babysitter for them? Or Do you have to worry about their food and litterbox training? If not, then you have a pretty self-reliant cat, and you don’t have to worry about them. They are pretty intelligent.


Cats and dogs have sound memory systems. Werber (A award-winning doctor) has 6 cats, and all of them feed at the same time, but all of them eat at different places (they program themselves in that way, and in this case, they know where to line up for food).

These cats line up simultaneously every evening and without any delay. Many cats also know when to wake up or at what time people wake up in the morning. Most of the cats program them like that.

They adapt themselves to the schedule. Cats are very punctual in time and breakdown when there are any schedule changes or any kind of delay in food.

Any routine breaks or feeding them at different times, different shifts, or even changes in sleeping schedule can turn out harmful for your cats, and they might become upset and won’t go over it.

Your cat’s intelligence test: Does your cat remember about the time you feed her? Does she remember the place where you feed her?

Does she remember where her litter box is? Does she remember where the staircases lead to? Also, try giving her some training about your home location so that if she gets lost, she can return home on her own.


If the right cat is given suitable reinforcements and trained regularly, it can do various tricks and many other exciting things. Experiments and training show that dogs give their best when they receive treats in exchange for the hard work they put in.

Other than the food, dogs also appreciate some cuddles or head pats. Similarly, cats also become motivated when they are trained by cat treats.

Cats do not find head pats or other physical touches as a reward. If you can invest time in your cat by treating them gently and training them regularly, then you might achieve greatness and excellent results.

Many scientists say that it can also become a sign of higher intelligence.

With proper training and regular maintenance, many cats can perform several other tricks like sitting on command, lying down, lifting a paw, etc. (almost like a dog). And again, if you provide her with proper training and the proper diet, you can achieve more remarkable results.

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Under great observation and significant rain, your cat can do wonders.

Even if your cat is not a quick learner, there are ways to make your cat more efficient. As already mentioned, you can provide some toys which require mental activities so that your cat can achieve the desires you want!