Are Ragdoll Cats Easy To Train? Here’s The Answer

Ragdoll cats are famous for their loving and affectionate nature. They have an elegant semi-long coat that enhances their charm.

However, there is another characteristic of Ragdoll cats that make them a desirable choice for any household.

They are popularly known as ‘the dogs of the cat world.’ While it entitles a variety of behavioral features that they share with the dogs, the Ragdoll cats’ trainability might be one of the best things about them.

You can train them to do several eye-catching tricks and teach them to behave themselves around others. So, we often come across Ragdoll owners asking if they can train them effortlessly.

This article will primarily deal with the same question and provide you with crucial tips for making your Ragdoll perform tricks.

Are Ragdoll Cats Easy To Train?

Are Ragdoll Cats Easy To Train? Yes, Ragdolls are easy to train because of their loving behavior and high intelligence. You can expect them to pick up the tricks pretty effortlessly.

You have to maintain patience and perseverance in the process. However, the personality of the cat should be a significant factor in the trainability of the cat.

In general, the Ragdolls are easy to train, but if you have difficulty achieving this feat, you can try the tips in the later sections of this article to be successful.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Ragdoll Cat Trained?

The time duration that the Ragdoll can take to undergo all the training exercises depends on the cat itself.

If you have a highly intelligent cat, and it listens to you, you should be done with the training early. However, a stubborn Ragdoll can prove this scheme more cumbersome than it is in the general scenario.

You have to be thankful that Ragdolls are generally brilliant and affectionate apart from being one of the expensive cats.  If you are patient and determined, you can finish this training period in a short time.

You have to remember that patience is the key while dealing with a cat.

Tips For Training Your Ragdoll Cats:

Teaching tricks to your Ragdoll cat can be an easy feat if you are lucky. If the breeder did not bless you with a well behaved Ragdoll, you could resort to the following tips to make the learning cycle fast.

Treats for Tricks:

Positive reinforcement works when you are teaching a cat new behavior brilliantly. Most of the time, cat owners use treats to impact the cat positively.

You have to make sure that your cat loves the food that you are choosing for it.

This treat will serve as a good memoir for every time it performs a task. It will become a habit for the cat, and it will perform the trick in the expectation of a treat.

Cat Clickers:

Cat clickers act as a kind of notification module for the cat. The click should induce a reaction from the cat right away.

The simple routine of performing a trick after hearing a click and finding food for the simple job becomes a habit for the cat.

You can also chain multiple clicks to choreograph a series of tricks one after another. It is one of the most used devices for the cat show participants.

Fun And Interesting:

The idea of a treat should work initially to train the cat, but you have to make the activities as much fun as possible to hold its attention.

You should organize and model the activities in such a manner that your cat wants to participate.

If your cat is still adamant about not participating, you can start the training regime just before their snack time. In that way, they will be more interested in the treats and learn the tricks fast.


You can expect a cat to remember the real trick at one shot. You have to repeat each routine at least ten times during the practice sessions to make it perfect. You can change the number of times depending on the cat’s stamina and the difficulty of the trick.


Indeed, the cats can not possibly make out everything you are saying, but they have a great sense of sound.

They will remember the cue words and perform tricks as per the uttered words. Try to make the cue words short and as different as possible. However, you have to teach the catchphrases after you teach the trick entirely.

Cat’s Needs:

The cat’s reaction to your training sessions should be a crucial aspect in this case too.

If your cat gets annoyed or irritated with a particular trick, you can try another time to teach the cat. If the problem persists, you can move onto a new artifice altogether.

How Do You Discipline A Ragdoll Kitten?

Discipling a cat is a controversial topic. You can never hurt the cat in any way possible. So, we need to find some simple ways by which you can tell the cat that it has done something wrong.

You can always start with the soft methods, like taking the cat away, finding an alternative relaxation method, or keeping a close look at it.

You have to know that eliminating the principal cause of the problem should do the trick. Otherwise, you can use the following techniques:


The most effective way is to spray a little cold water at the cat whenever you need to discipline it. Cats hate water, and they will know that an unwanted activity will result in that.


Scolding is another effective way to discipline a cat. If your cat does something wrong, a firm ‘No’ should do the trick.


In this article, we talked about the trainability of Ragdoll cats. It should be clear by now that the dog-like nature of the cat will help you in the venture of making the cat an eye-turner.

You have to be patient and calm with the Ragdoll while training them. It will also make sure that you have a loving bond between you and your Ragdoll.

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