Are Pitbulls Good With Kids? [ Know The Truth Here ]

Pitbull is a muscular breed of dog that gets used as a hunting species. However, it is medium in size yet powerful enough to participate in sports like high jump, long run, and many more.

It has gained an image of being dangerous and dominating. Most of you might have read some news articles or publications about the problems created due to pitbull’s anger issues.

Due to all these, people worry whether pitbull is a safe breed to adopt or not. The study of characteristics, traits, and tendencies of pitbull is significant to answer this question. Keep reading to know everything that needs your attention.

Are Pitbulls good with kids?

If trained well, Pitbulls are great with kids. Dogs are very social and loyal to their owners. You need to train them appropriately from a young age. The same goes for Pitbulls as well.

They are affectionate towards their owners and kids as well. Even after being a large breed, Pitbulls love to play and cuddle. It makes them a perfect companion for kids.

You might have heard about the aggressive incidents of pitbull or have seen a dominating pitbull. It is because some owners train their dogs to remain aggressive.

If you give similar training to even the most friendly dog breeds like Labrador or Golden Retriever, they will not show their loving traits.

A child learns what you will teach them from childhood. The same goes for the dogs as well. Wrong training will lead to a negative image of Pitbulls around kids.

No family should change their plan of adopting a pit bull just because they have kids. Pitbulls are long known for their roles as protectors of babies and toddlers.

If your child interacts with the pitbull from day one, no one can stop them from being great friends. This breed loves to play around and cuddle.

They not only accept but also give kisses and cuddles to children.

Just like any other dog breed, kids and Pitbulls can become best friends. So if you are planning to buy a pitbull, be ready because the dog will give more attention to your child than you can ever receive from him.


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Why can a pitbull be good with kids?

There are several reasons why Pitbulls can be good with kids.

1. Family pets

Pitbulls can be great family pets, being affectionate towards members of all ages. History has proved that people earlier have used pitbull as nannies to their kids. Dogs and children grow and learn together. They have a bad rap, and apart from that, they are great as a family pet.

2. Health

Pitbulls are healthy. They do not have weight issues and are also less prone to diseases when compared to other dogs. They have a short coat, ensuring you do not have to groom them much.

Also, the short coat assures that hair does not fall everywhere in the house. There is no risk of your child getting any infection from a pitbull if you take good care of his hygiene.

3. Friendly traits

Yes, you read it right! Pitbulls have friendly traits because they like to cuddle and play around.

They please humans as well as like getting pleased. There are times when all a pitbull needs attention. Do not worry if you do not have time because your kids and dog will have a great time together.

4. They are active

They are exceptionally active dogs. It is an athletic breed and so craves for walks.

Getting a pitbull will also increase the outdoor activity of your child. Both of them can go out and play together. We advise that young children should not be sent out alone with dogs. We will always recommend accompanying a guardian.


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What are the safety measures to take to protect your kid from a pitbull?

Pet dogs do not intentionally harm your kid. However, go out while they hang out together. We understand that parents can be busy, and always keeping an eye can be difficult. Here we have written some precautions with which your little distraction will not lead to a mishap.

Do not leave your child and your pitbull unattended.

Parents must never leave their kids and dogs unattended for long. People get busy with their phones, work, or life in general, not paying attention to them.

Pitbulls never attack kids intentionally, but sometimes playing with dogs can get harmful.

They have long nails and sharp teeth that can accidentally harm your kid. Also, toddlers can unknowingly throw something at the dog. So, always keep your kid within arms reach.

Do not put your crawling baby on the floor with the pitbull.

If your baby crawls, then you should not put him down in front of your dog.

We all have seen videos on the internet where babies and dogs crawl together on the floor, but it is not a good idea. Pitbulls hug, even though lovingly, can harm your baby. Also, a baby’s startled actions can panic the pitbull.

Do not let your child disturb your sleeping pit bull.

Ensure that your kid does not disturb the pitbull while he sleeps.

Just like humans, dogs too can get startled in their sleep. It is unsafe for your pet as he might get panicked. It can also make him aggressive or angry. Give him a comfortable place to sleep that will not be within access to your kids.

Never let your child throw things at your pitbull.

Toddlers have the habit of throwing their toys here and there. But they should never throw things at your pet. Teach them from a young age that it is not okay to hit or sit on dogs. Teach them to respect animals to get love in return.

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Can Pitbulls suddenly snap my kid?

No, Pitbulls do not snap suddenly on kids. You have raised your pitbull as well as your kid. Your behavior determines your actions. The relationship that they share must be a two-way process. You cannot expect a pitbull to be calm when your child beats him. Train your pitbull well and also teach your kids to be respectful.

Pitbulls, like all dogs, showcase their anger towards human beings in several ways. Some of these are barking, snapping, snarling, growling, nipping, or even biting.

Have you ever seen a person being mad for no reason? No, right? Likewise, Pitbulls do not snap suddenly at anyone. When they are happy and playful, they are not dangerous to kids or anybody.

One primary reason for snapping is fear.

When a pitbull sees a potential threat to him, he might have such behavior.

Look into the matter to find out what made him fearful. If any activity of your kid was responsible for this insight, you must ask him or her not to repeat it. It will avoid future incidents.

Health issues can also lead to aggressiveness amongst dogs. Conditions like dementia and canine cognitive dysfunction can lead to behavior issues in older Pitbulls.

Other diseases like tumors, previous trauma, and thyroid issues can affect puppy Pitbulls also. Look for signs of vomiting, diarrhea, and laziness, and take him to your vet immediately.

If your dog is aggressive and snaps without any reason, then it can be alarming. In such a case, when a pit bull gets too angry, your dog might need behavior training.

Take your pet to a specialist for this. It is also possible that you cannot identify the root cause of this sudden change in his behavior. Your veterinarian will again be your savior.

Are babies safe around a pitbull?

Yes, babies are safe around trained Pitbulls. When you welcome a new human into your house, your pitbull accepts the person as a family member. Pitbulls consider themselves as their elder ones, automatically taking the place of a protector.

You might have seen thousands of pictures of babies with Pitbulls on social media. People give these pictures and captions of nanny dogs, and they are not lying.

Pitbulls are great with babies, and you can read thousands of testimonials stating the same.

When you already have a pitbull, and when you plan a baby, you must let him feel the presence of a new member. Pitbulls are intelligent dogs and can feel a new being from the womb.

So while you carry the baby, they also build a bond with their human sibling, who will arrive soon. After delivery, introduce the baby to him slowly.

Pitbulls lick babies but do not fear, and it is their way of showing love. Some parents make the mistake of not letting their pets meet the babies from a young age.

It is not a good idea because they might not be able to build a bond later on. Let them enjoy their company from the very beginning. As long as you bathe your pitbull well and keep him hygienic, there is no fear of a spread of infection from him to the baby.

All you can do is wipe the baby’s skin gently after the pitbull licks him. It is needless to say that someone must always be around the two. Never leave your pitbull and your baby alone, far away from your reach.

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Can Pitbulls get jealous of babies?

Pitbulls can exhibit jealousy just like other emotions. Animal psychologists say when owners display affection towards other animals, kids, or new partners, Pitbulls can get jealous. They might feel that their attention will get divided on the arrival of a new member.

When the younger sibling arrives, the elder one feels jealous. The same is in the case of dogs. Pitbulls have been domesticated for thousands of years now.

But then also they get territorial and may fight for food, dog toys, and the owner’s attention.

It is where your role comes into play as the guardian of your baby and pitbull. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pitbull does not feel neglected on the arrival of the baby.

Emotions like jealousy cannot get generalized based on a breed. Your dog can either be a flood of emotions or might also be practical. You have lived with him, and so you must identify his traits.

If your dog has shown jealousy earlier, like barking or getting angry when around other dogs, you must not neglect it. Take into account the following considerations.

  • Try to get his behavior right, seek help from a professional.
  • Start doing furniture changes months before the baby arrives so that your pitbull adjusts with them.
  • Make sure that your pitbull has been into the nursery of the baby. This way, he will take the scent of all baby items like cradles, blankets, etc.
  • Do not compensate for his space in the house because of the baby. Do not use his sleeping or eating area for storing the baby’s things. This way, he might feel that his territory is given over to somebody else.
  • Give time to your pitbull as you introduce him to the baby. Let him lick the baby and identify the kid as a person.


Pitbulls are often mistaken to be aggressive dogs. They were once used as cop dogs not because they caused harm to humans but because Pitbulls were great protectors, and they still are.

More than genetics, the behavior of your pitbull depends on the kind of atmosphere he lives in.

Train him well from when he is a puppy, and you cannot get a better friend than him for your kid.

Pitbulls are good with kids, and there is no reason to not adopt them as a pet. All you need to do is keep an attentive eye during their playtime.