Are Huskies Good Service Dogs? Here’s The Exact Explanation

I must admit, Siberian Huskies are one of the most interesting breeds. In fact, nowadays people like to pet them very much like other breeds. But do they also good enough to become a service dog? From their look and appearance, it is tempting to move them to a service dog instead of a pet dog. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly this query and let you know – ” are huskies good service dogs or you should not take a risk. Let’s get into it.

A Husky can be a great addition to one’s loving home. The majestic fur, big blue eyes, and wolf-like appearance made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Service dogs help owners in several tasks and provide assistant to those in need. Huskies are well-known for its loving nature, and attention towards their owner at all times.

So, one might ask the chances of Huskies being good service dogs. The answer surprises many husky owners because Husky does not make good service dogs in general.

However, they make good sled dogs because of their hard-working nature. In this article, we are going to cover all the details that you need to know before choosing a service dog for a loved one or yourself.

Are huskies good service dogs?

Huskies can be great sled service dogs but huskies are not suitable for other types of services because they tend to seek attention and emotional support. Being a service dog is not in their nature and they can get behavioral issues if you train them to become a service dog.

There are several types of service dogs, including assistant dogs, rescue dogs, emotional support dogs, PTSD dogs, personal guard dogs, estate dogs, and sledge dogs.

In Siberia, locals used to breed Huskies because of their ability to pierce through the snow with heavy loads.

As a result, people consider Huskies to be good service sledge dogs. However, new transportation has made such animal-drawn carriages obsolete.

So the importance of service sledge dogs has decreased dramatically in recent times, and as a result, Huskies are not needed for this purpose anymore.

Huskies are not suitable for other types of services either because they tend to seek attention and emotional support.

One cannot train Huskies to be good service dogs because it is not in their nature. The friendly nature of the Huskies might suggest the idea of making them an emotional support dog.

However, Huskies themselves need extensive emotional support, and not having that can cause behavioral problems.

People in need of emotional support cannot have Husky as their pet. The high intellect of Huskies should make them a good service dog, but the high maintenance restricts them from becoming so.


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What’s the definition of a good service dog?

Knowing that Huskies do not make good service dogs, may not be enough for many. So, one might ask what exactly is the definition of service dogs.

Experts say dog instructors train service dogs to help human beings with specific tasks like finding an object for a person with a locomotor disability or helping a blind person cross a street.

There are several qualities that a good service dog should have. We are going to point out each and explain their importance.

1. Confidence:

Every service dog should have this quality. High confidence helps a service dog stay calm in stressful situations and lets them deal with the anxiety issue effectively.

2. Intelligence:

Service dogs perform several tasks for the person in need which regular dogs can’t. Dog coaches train them from their childhood to perform complex tasks swiftly. Having a high level of intelligence is a must for any service dog.

3. Friendly Nature:

affectionate, and loving towards its owner. Having such qualities is imperative to become a service dog. However, overprotective nature can make them unsuitable for the job as it can hamper their judgment. They make a good watch, but not a service dog. One good example of that kind of dog is Husky.

4. Calmness:

A certified service dog should not get distracted by the surroundings or the passers-by and maintain a composed attitude at all times.

The nature of their work makes them stay in public places, and staying calm is of prime importance.

5. Workaholic:

Service dogs need to be attentive and up for work all day. The owner might need its help any time of the day, and the dog should be able to assist the person. The service dog should maintain a desirable work ethic.

6. Bonding:

Service dogs and the owner form a sacred bond through companionship and struggle. Like friendliness, this quality is essential to make the dog attentive to the needs of the owner.

Can we trust a husky fully?

One should be aware of the qualities of the service dogs by now. We can discuss the prospect of making a service dog out of a Husky.

We should start by saying Huskies do not make the best of service dogs, and dog trainers often avoid Husky because of their inability to be good service dogs.

We can not question the intelligence of Huskies, as they learned to be adaptive since the time Siberians used them from sledges.

However, their stubborn and independent nature makes them unreliable. One should not expect a Husky to behave accordingly in case of emergency.

Huskies lack the quality of staying calm in stressful situations. They are a highly anxious breed, and they fail to act naturally when one leaves them alone. These two traits do not work in favor of being good service dogs as well.

One may think that the friendly nature of huskies should make them a great emotional support dog. But Huskies are a very anxious breed, and they need pampering from their owners.

The high maintenance nature of Husky makes them unsuitable for becoming emotional support dogs.

However, there is a service where they excel with flying colors. Their hardworking nature and ability to withstand a cold climate make them an excellent choice for service sledge dogs.

Locals in deep tundra’s can use Huskies to transport crucial goods across the frosty lands in case of emergencies.

Husky Temperament – Things you need to know:

While choosing a dog for the household, one should always focus on the temperament of a particular breed first.

One needs to talk to Husky owners, who have taken care of a Husky for years, and learn the common traits of Huskies.

Every dog is different in one way or another, but here are some of the most common habits of a Husky:

1. Working Dogs:

Huskies are a powerhouse if one compares them with any other dog breeds in the world. These majestic-looking furry canines belong from the sledge dogs in the cold tundra’s.

If one keeps a husky indoors all time, it will be unhealthy. One needs to dedicate an hour to aerobic exercise every day.

If the Husky does not get sufficient modes of releasing this energy, it can get destructive, and no dog owner would want that.

2. Pack Dogs:

Huskies have always been the definition of pack dogs. They are great around other dogs and humans. One can appoint a Husky in a puppy socialization class to make them comfortable in any social condition.

Huskies prefer to stay with humans as much as possible. They are great around kids, and they always want to be in the pack.

Having said that, if one cannot give sufficient time to the dog for any reason, don’t adopt a Husky for the household. They have extreme separation issues, and they feel anxious if they don’t find anyone to be around.

3. Prey Drive:

Huskies can have a strong prey drive and can disrupt a peaceful home if it has a cat, rabbit, hamster, or any other small animal.

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There are cases where the Husky and small animal maintains a harmonious relationship among them, but one should not take the risk of putting them in the same room.

4. Family Dogs:

Huskies are the definition of family dogs. They are fun to be around, and they maintain a lively, playful environment.

Huskies can be jumpy or nippy around children, but it shows the general apathy of the owners. One should take care of the Husky properly and keep an eye on the activities.

In general, Huskies make a beautiful bond with respectful kids, and one should not worry while leaving the kid with a Husky.

Can Husky be a good watchdog instead?

Huskies might not be a good service dog, but they can be a good watchdog for many pet owners. Watch Dogs alert the owner if it detects the presence of anyone in the surrounding.

Huskies are very vocal, and they loudly howl whenever it feels like some stranger is in the vicinity. This trait makes them a suitable watchdog.

However, Huskies are not good guard dogs. They will howl at the sight of a stranger and approach it as soon as possible.

But the loving and friendly nature of the Huskies makes them a terrible guard dog. They will jump on the stranger not to attack, but to lick their face and get more affection.

They can befriend anyone in their surroundings because of their friendly nature. So, we can say that Huskies make a good watchdog, but a terrible guard dog. Just make sure you feed them enough good food.


Huskies are one of the best dog varieties to be around. Their loving, affectionate, and caring nature make them an astonishing breed to be around.

However, the high maintenance of a Husky also reduces the chances of becoming a good service dog.

Their friendly nature makes them an astounding addition to the family, and they are great with kids. Service dog or not, Huskies are one of the best dog breeds in the world.