Are Cat Litter Boxes Recyclable? Let’s See If You Can Use It Twice Here

Cat litter boxes are a necessity for every cat owner. It gives the cat a private place to rest, spend some alone time, and answer to nature’s call.

But every year, one must get rid of the litter box and replace it with a new one. It is the rule of thumb that every cat must have at least one litter box of its own.

According to a survey, about 74 million cats are living with humans in the USA. If every cat needs a new litter box every year, that results in a considerable amount of waste.

Plastic is the main constituent of most litter boxes, and this can have adverse effects on the environment. This is why we need to start recycling litter boxes, and we are going to discuss that here. 

Are cat litter boxes recyclable?

Yes, most of the litter boxes that cat owners use are recyclable. If the litter boxes are made of cardboard, one can quickly go to the nearest recycle center and give the old cardboard litter box for recycling. However, if they are made of plastic, then they can be recycled or repurposed.


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How to figure out if a litter box is recyclable or not?

One can understand effortlessly whether a litter box is recyclable or not. You just need to know these three simple steps to recycle a litter box.

  • Look for the recyclable label
  • Understand the recycling direction
  • Preparing your litter box for the recycle center

The easiest way of knowing whether the litter box is recyclable or not is by looking for the recyclable label. For recyclable litter boxes, there will be a worldwide recognized recyclable mark below. Generally, all the cardboard litter boxes are recyclable, and one can recycle it at local recycling centers.

Every recyclable label has a recycling method written on them. If cardboard litter comes with the label having a “paper box” written below the symbol, that means the paper is the main constituent of the material used in the litter box, and one can recycle it with other cardboard or paper products at any recycling locality.

However, if “Check Locally” is written below the recyclable symbol, one needs to make sure that the local recyclable center can recycle the cardboard. 

When one is sure about the recycling facility, one needs to start preparing the old, used litter box. As many people use cardboard recyclables as food containers, most of the centers might not want to recycle them.

One needs to clean the litter box properly so that it gets accepted at the recycle center. Also, one should make sure that the cardboard is not wet when one gives it for recycling.

If one is using a plastic litter box, it is harder to recycle, and it is worse to cause landfills if dumped. In recent times, upcycled or repurposed products have gained popularity.

When the litter box is old and full of scratches, paint and use it as gardening buckets, flower pots, storage containers, and in many other ways. You can repurpose the old litter boxes in the following ways –

  • Storage for pet food
  • Completing your gardening projects
  • Decorations
  • Make picnic baskets
  • Recycle bins
  • Making newspaper or vinyl racks
  • Storing kids’ toys
  • Cat feeding station

What are the types of litter boxes available in the market?

There are several litter boxes available in the market, and one can choose the one which suits them best for household. We have curated a list of all the types of litter boxes you can buy online or at pet stores –

  • Self-flushing cat litter box
  • Self-cleaning cat litter box
  • Enclosed cat litter box
  • Top entry litter box
  • Dome-shaped cat litter box
  • Corner-shaped litter box
  • Little trays

A self-flushing cat litter box is one of the most expensive cats litter boxes in the market. It can separate the waste from litter and wash, although it needs a regular water supply and electricity to operate.

Self-cleaning cat litter boxes come in two variants. It can be automatic where the machine starts operating after the cat leaves. The other variant is manual, where the device must be switched on manually.

Hooded or enclosed litter boxes are one of the most preferred litter boxes among cat owners due to their affordability. Cats also like enclosed places for privacy.

Top entry litter boxes are like the enclosed boxes. The only difference between them is the top entry litter box has an opening on the top. If one has both dogs and cats in the household, this type of litter box is necessary.

Another enclosed litter box variant is a dome-shaped litter box. Many owners prefer this type of litter box due to its unique look & you will find options available in the market.      

Corner-shaped litter boxes are triangular boxes so that they can fit neatly into a corner. This type of box is not costly and very space-saving.

Litter trays or pans are the most ordinary litter boxes out there. Cats who like open spaces will love this type of box. This is very cheap and easy to replace. 

Now you should have an idea about all the types of litter boxes that are used by cat owners. But it is a difficult job to choose the best one for your furry friend.

The most common type of cat litter box is a hooded litter box. It is used by most pet owners, and you can try the same. 

Recycling the old litter box can be a huge step forward towards reducing the dumping of plastics. While one can recycle the cardboard litter boxes at various recycling centers, others can upcycle or re-purpose their plastic litter boxes to make beautiful household objects.

Choosing the best litter box for the cat is also a crucial aspect, as it is a significant investment. Replace the old cat litter box with the perfect one and recycle the old one to help the environment.  

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