Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Cats?

There are two things that you will find the most common in pet households. The first thing is unconditional love between the pets and their parents.

The other common thing, unsurprisingly, is a strange odor. Almost all pet homes are filled with a funny smell that may come from your pet’s poop or pee or sometimes from your pets itself.

If your pet has had a fun time snooping in dirty places or rolling around in the mud, then it means a tough time for you while cleaning and bathing your pet as well as getting rid of the unwanted odor that fills up both your house and your nostrils.

Pet parents try different methods and types of equipment to eliminate this odor. Room fresheners and come in handy at this point.

However, sometimes humans do not realize that the room fragrance, which is pleasing for us, might be harmful and toxic for pets.

What is bath and body works wallflowers?


Bath and body works wallflowers are room fresheners that promise to fill your home with a sweet and robust fragrance and eliminate foul odor from your home.

These are air fresheners plugins that come in various fragrances and scents and contain certain essential oils that fill your home with a pleasing aroma for up to 30 days.

Are bath and body works wallflowers safe for your cats?

In case you do not want to read the whole article, here’s the short version:

Are bath and body works wallflowers safe for your cats? The answer is No. Bath and body works wallflowers are not safe for your pets. It contains toxic chemicals and may harm your pet.

Instead, I use this product, and it’s working well for me. You can give it a try, and pretty cheap, in my opinion.

Using air fresheners and room fragrances is an easy way to make your home smell clean and fresh. Humans may love these sweet and strong fragrances and put them in a good mood, but for your cat, room fragrances might be toxic and harmful and will put them in a bad, irritable mood.

Animals feel the most at ease in a natural habitat. They are not used to artificial surroundings, mostly synthetic fragrances.

The reason why bath and body works wallflowers are not safe for your cat. Cats are susceptible animals, and toxic chemicals used in room fresheners(1) can be harmful and unhealthy for them.

They are highly susceptible to airborne toxins. A lot of pet parents have reported that the bath and body works wallflowers did not go well with their cats, and they started puking.

Unlike humans, cats have a powerful sense of smell, and the chemicals used in room fresheners can do a great deal of damage to these sensitive creatures.

Most of the fragrance devices claiming to eliminate the unpleasant smell in your homes contain highly toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds, benzene parabens, styrene, formaldehyde, and other such poisonous compounds that damage and pollute the air that you and your cat breath in.

Bath and body works wallflowers room fresheners are no different than any other room fragrance available in the market. It is not safe for your furry friends.

Vets have suggested that artificial and strong room fragrances can trigger asthma attacks in cats and coughing spasms as the toxic compounds have a harmful effect directly on the respiratory systems of your cats.

Along with breathing, air fresheners may irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, cancers in the nose and throat, tissue damage, lung and kidney failure, and other harmful reactions.

The volatile organic compounds (VOC) can have more fatal side effects in cats, such as nausea, vomiting, liver and kidney damage, and other harmful effects.

Pet parents are suggested not to be fooled by the essential oils that are used in room fresheners. While these essential oils may have a slightly less effect on humans, it can be hazardous for your cats as they often lick their fur and body to heal and groom.

The essential oils used in the bath and body works wallflowers are not safe for your cat. Even if your cat does not show any symptoms, it is advisable to switch to other ways of making your home smell nice.

How to spot if it’s toxic for your cat?

Pets demand a lot of care. Unlike fellow human beings, they can not come up to you to tell what’s bothering them.

Always be watchful of any weird or unusual behaviors or symptoms. Not all of us are vets and can understand the language of cats or even deal with them.

It gets difficult at times to figure out if something is wrong with your pet.

Here are some tips as to how you can make sure if your bath and body works wallflower room freshener is toxic for your cat:

1) Cats have a strong sense of smell, and they will instantly shy away from any strong smell that might be unpleasant to their nose.

The easiest to look out for any potentially odd behavior in your cat is to see if she hesitates to be in a closed room, which has an air freshener plugged in and instead prefers staying outdoors.

2) Does your cat cough or sneeze every time she enters a room with an air conditioner plugged in? You might want to throw away the bath and body works wallflower freshener you bought for a pleasant smelling home.

3) Check for other symptoms such as vomiting, irritation in eyes or nose, loss of appetite(2), mood swings, diarrhea(3), or any other signs of illness.

4) Does your cat have asthma(4)? Have you been using bath and body works wallflower room freshener or any other artificial fragrance product for that matter?

If the answer to both the questions is yes, stop using the freshener right away and observe if your cat feels any better.

Few ways to get rid of pet odor in your home

Getting rid of pet odor can be an extremely tough task. Bath and body works wallflower that comes in various pleasant smells may be an easy option but not an effective one.

It causes more damage than pet parents are aware of. For the well-being of both you and your cat, go for natural ways to get rid of the odor. I have listed a few ways below through which you can have a clean and fresh-smelling home.

  1. Clean your cat frequently. Cats groom themselves and do not require bathing often. However, you can clean your cat with a soft cloth or towel to ensure that the dirt and particles that get stuck to your cat’s fur are removed.
  2.  Regular bathing will keep your pet clean and free from any smell.
  3. Clean the litter box more frequently. The unpleasant odor mainly comes from litter boxes.
  4. Get rid of any old carpets, rugs, or blankets that are used by your cat. If your cat has a habit of peeing on doormats or mats, wash them often.
  5. Keep baking soda in a container and put it in the corner of your home away from the reach of your cat. Baking soda naturally absorbs any bad smell and makes the air fresh and clean.
  6. Look for pet-friendly room fresheners in the markets.


Keeping a cat in your house requires an extra level of care. Infinite love alone will not suffice. Be sure to remove anything that may be even slightly dangerous for your cat.

It will be difficult at first, but your pet’s well-being and happiness surpass all other things. Right? So, if you are using any room freshener to keep your house odor-free, make sure it does not contain any toxic and harmful chemicals.

Instead, try other natural ways and products to fill your house with a pleasant smell. Observe how your cat responds to it. Choose what suits her the best.

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