Another Cat Is Bullying My Cat : What Should You Do?

Bullying can be a significant problem among cats. Another cat might bully your beloved kitty in your home or a stray neighborhood cat.

Such an experience can be utterly stressful to the cat and might instill fear in their minds. You must follow specific measures to curb your cat’s bullying and ensure that they have a safe environment to live in.

Another cat is bullying my cat: What to do?

Sometimes cats do not get along well with each other, and they tend to fight a lot. If you notice that your cat is being bullied by a stray cat or a neighbor’s pet, your cat will likely have entered their designated territory.

You can simply choose to keep your cat away from its bully as much as possible. You could also mildly scold the cat that is bullying your cat, although it might not be quite useful.

You need to ensure that your cat is not stressing out the other cat in any way.

If you want the bullying to stop, you might need to interfere between the two cats from time to time and might also need to act as a mediator to bring them into friendly terms with each other.

Signs of bullying in cats

It is not always easy to detect whether another cat is bullying your cat or simply engaging in a playful fight.

But, you can look for certain signs that would help you to assert that your cat is being bullied. Playful fights usually involve hitting each other with the paws.

Their sharp claws are not out when they are playing with each other. If another cat is attacking your cat without any provocation, it might be a clear sign of bullying.

You need to notice whether such attacks are frequent to identify if your cat is being bullied or they are simply friends.

Playful cats do not usually hiss and growl at each other. Such sounds are a sign of aggression in cats. If the cats are engaging in a playful fight, you will often notice them cuddling with each other after some time.

If they are good friends, they might also groom each other’s fur. But, if you find that the cats’ fights involve scratching each other violently and growling at each other, it might indicate that one of them is undoubtedly bullying the other.

In such cases, you will also notice that their fur is puffed up, and they will keep showing their teeth to the other. Such fights only end when one of them has injured the other or successfully scares the other cat away.

If another cat is bullying your cat, you will notice that your pet will always be scared to visit the areas frequented by their bully.

It might also run away as soon as they see the other cat. If the bullying becomes intense, your cat might be very stressed out.

They can start to poop and urinate everywhere out of fear, and their regular eating habits might be affected.

If you notice any sign of anxiety or disruption in their daily routine, it might be a sign of bullying, especially if your cat frequently visits the outside world.

How do you get a cat to stop attacking another cat?

1. Give them their personal space


Cats are territorial creatures. They usually do not entertain another cat in their territory. If the cat starts to bully another cat, it has most likely entered their territory.

It is crucial to remove the other cat from their territory as it might lead to violent fights.

If you two cats living under the same roof, you can designate a new space ( like a corner of the house, a hammock, a bench, etc.) for the other cat so that one of your cats does not feel threatened and starts to bully the other.

2. Get them spayed or neutered

Cats that have not been neutered or spayed tend to be more aggressive than others. Sterilizing them would reduce their sexual tension, which would ultimately help them to cope with aggressive behavior.

It will prevent same-gender cats from attacking each other to establish superiority. If you have a female cat, it will also help prevent a litter’s chances of being born inside the premises of your house.

3. Separate the resources

If one of your cats tends to bully the other cat, it is best to separate their resources. You can place their food bowls in different rooms to not have to face each other frequently.

Separating their food bowls, litter boxes, and bedding will also ensure that the cat does not feel threatened by another cat’s presence in the house. It will give both the cats some amount of personal space despite being under the same roof.

4. Reintroduce the cats

If the bullying becomes intense, it might require you to interfere between the two cats. You need to attempt to introduce them to each other once again.

It might take some time, but it will surely help them come to friendly terms.

It will help the cat understand that the other cat is not a threat to their territory or resources but simply a new friend.


Cats are naïve creatures and cannot distinguish right from wrong. If you notice that the bullying gets worse, it might need your interference.

You can try to use the mentioned ways to bring the cats on friendly terms. It will surely help your cat feel less stressed and anxious around other cats.

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